How to Plan a Trip Around the World

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My presentation from 2010 on how to plan a trip around the world.


  • 1. Budget Travel:Around the World on a Shoestring Randy Ross, publisher,

2. Why Am I Here? Publish site for first- time world travelers. Tips/Advice blogger for Circulating novel to agents based on trip around the world. Randy Ross, Publisher, 3. Why Are You Here? Curiosity? Ready to plan a trip? Reasons to travel: Laid off with severance. Cheaper to ride out recession overseas. Relatives bet I wouldnt last 2 weeks abroad. Fianc dumped me and parents moved to Spain. Randy Ross, Publisher, 4. Format for Tonight 6:00 to 7:20: Presentation. Questions on material I presented welcome. 7:30 to 7:40 break 7:40 to 8:40 Presentation and related questions. 8:40 any remaining questions. Randy Ross, Publisher, 5. Assumptions Independent Traveler Not looking for prepackaged tour. Want to do what you want, when you want. Traveling on a budget. Starting to plan three to four months before trip. Randy Ross, Publisher, 6. Four Steps for Extended Trips I) Destinations: 3 to 4 months out. II) Transportation: flight 6 to 8 weeks out. III) Accommodations: 6 weeks out. IV) Pre-trip Preparations: 6 weeks out. All urls and resources are on my Web site -- see sign-up sheet.Randy Ross, Publisher, 7. Step I: Destinations (3 months out) Interests? Length of Trip? Budget? Solo travel? Randy Ross, Publisher, 8. InterestsSight-seeing.Exotic food, culture.Partying.Beach or mountains.Sports or activities.No idea? Try RoughGuide First TimeAround the World.Randy Ross, Publisher, 9. Sight-SeeingWorld Heritage Sites.Unofficial Web site:worldheritagesite.orgLists 878 lakes,mountains, temples,monuments, etc.Randy Ross, Publisher, 10. Parties and FestivalsRough raves towine-tastings tonudity events. Randy Ross, Publisher, 11. Sports Riverboarding Bungy Windsurfing Randy Ross, Publisher, 12. Sample pagefrom First TimeAround the WorldRandy Ross, Publisher, 13. A Word About Guide BooksOutdated/InaccurateBest I(Read: Do Travel Writersfound.Go to Hell)Heavy (almost 1lb)Expensive. ($11 - $20)A New Too much infoversionFeb 2010Not tailored to U.S.Borrow them: New Library, other travelers. 312 pagesRandy Ross, Publisher, 14. My Preliminary Destination List Windsurfing: Google search found (Brazil, Greece, Egypt). Sports: New Zealand. Cousin at game reserve in South Africa. I liked Apocalypse Now. (Vietnam, Laos) Asian architecture: Cambodia, Myanmar Partying: Beaches of Thailand.Randy Ross, Publisher, 15. Destinations: Safety State Department International Herald Tribune BBC News Oriental Expat (Asia, Thailand) Thorn Tree Travel Forum (Lonely Planet) Randy Ross, Publisher, 16. Randy Ross, Publisher, 17. Current Warning for ThailandRandy Ross, Publisher, 18. Country-Specific Info Randy Ross, Publisher, 19. Length of Trip At least two weeks in a location. Three weeks is better. Dont cram too much. Randy Ross, Publisher, 20. Budget: Destination vs CostDeveloping World ischeaper. (Asia, Africa,500KVietnameseChina, India, evenDong $26South America)50 S. African Hanoi: dorm, food, beerRand $6$18/day, $125 week,$6.5k a year.Melbourne: $55/day$385/week, $20k/yrRandy Ross, Publisher, 21. Budget: Accommodations vs Cost $500 a night (Hoi An beach, Vietnam)Randy Ross, Publisher, 22. Budget: Accommodations vs Cost $11 a night dorm room, Storms River, South AfricaRandy Ross, Publisher, 23. 4-Month Budget: Lower EndThird WorldSE Asia, India, China, parts of AfricaAirfare and insurance$3k to 3.5kDorm room$10/night (120 days)Food/ day: 2 meals and $10/day (120 days) ($5/beers from street stall. meal)20 percent contingency for $1500travel, activities, etc.TotalAbout $7,500 Randy Ross, Publisher, 24. 4-Month Budget: Mid-RangeFirst, Second, Third WorldNew Zealand, Venezuela,SE Asia*Airfare and insurance$3.5k to $5k*Rooms: singles/dorms.Avg: $30/night (120 days)*2 meals and beers from Avg: $15/day (120 days)cheap establishment.($7/ meal)20 percent contingency for$2000travel, activities, etc.Total:$12,500Randy Ross, Publisher, 25. Fine Tune Your Itinerary: Season Europe: July/August crowded/pricey. South East Asia: Monsoons June to Oct. Southern Hemisphere: (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand). Our winter is their summer Randy Ross, Publisher, 26. Good Deals Right NowLess Developed Thailand (deals oncepolitical climate settles.)More Developed Euro Countries ($1.23),Ireland, Hungary, U.K.,Australian ($.85),NZ.($.67)Randy Ross, Publisher, 27. Traveling Solo: Do it! Pros: Do what you want,when you want. Meet more people;lose fewer friends. Hard to findsomeone else withsame time off. Randy Ross, Publisher, 28. Traveling Solo: Do it! Cons: Will get lonely. Women need to be a little more careful. Single supplements. But: I met plenty of men and women ranging from 20 to 70 who were traveling alone. Randy Ross, Publisher, 29. Paperwork: Passports ASAP Go to Post Office First passport, Old passport was lost, damaged. Issued when under 16. (4 wks $100, 2 wks: $160) Mail to renew (4wks/2wks) For travel in less than877-487-2778,14 days, passport service. Randy Ross, Publisher, 30. Paperwork: Visas ASAP Some countries let you order online. (Cambodia, Australia) D.C. consulates may want passport. If time is tight, ask if you can send Xerox. Visa expediting a rip- off. Randy Ross, Publisher, 31. More on VisasPhotos: Fed Ex KinkosNot cheap: $12.95 fortwo, $5.99 for extrasets of two.Bring extra photos forvisas overseas.Randy Ross, Publisher, 32. Step II: Transportation (2 Months Out) Have a rough list of destinations. Travel in one continuous direction: Boston across Atlantic or Boston to West Coast across Pacific. Zig-zagging from northern to southern hemispheres can add to fare price.Randy Ross, Publisher, 33. Transportation OverviewHandful of companiesspecialize in, Expedia,difficult for complex,multi-stop tickets.Traveling overland orby local transport tosaves money.Randy Ross, Publisher, 34. Airfare Strategies for Multi-Stops Buy tickets upfront: Low stress, $$$ Find deal thats close enough: Low Stress, $$ Buy ticket to one city and travel. Not for newbies, $ Get best price and haggle with agent. Randy Ross, Publisher, 35. Where to Look for Office inBoston.)Only a few stops?, etc.Randy Ross, Publisher, 36. Good for 6months,flexible.Pass vs. RT Taxes?Fees? Kayak: Boston- Bangkok: 8/31-9/30 Prices about $1200 RT Check fees and taxes About 28 hoursRandy Ross, Publisher, 37. Deal #1: Interesting$1399 to $1399-Taxes:$1825 $1825 $500. Any other fees?$2,400 three regions:Asia, Middle East,Europe.Randy Ross, Publisher, 38. Deal #2: Not So Good Airfare to S.F.?$1599 to$2099Tax:$600Randy Ross, Publisher, 39. More Deals: -Note max length of trip. -Add $150 for NYC departure. -Compare to Kayak/Orbitz at $2139- Taxes or fees? (Add $125 for Boston takeFung Wa bus and train to Kennedy? plus $500or so for taxes.)- Interesting itinerary: Iceland, Moscow, SouthEast Asia, gateway to China. (Europe, CentralAsia, East Asia.)Randy Bangkok to Boston on Ross, Publisher, $1300(includes taxes and fees). 26 hours, 2 stops. 40. Interesting but lots of hiddencharges:-Old listing: add $200-Taxes and fees: $400-Baggage fees unknown-Flight leaves from JFK?-New total at least $2000 Randy Ross, Publisher, 41. www.circletheplanet.comInteresting: MiddleEast, India, SE AsiaSite made me alittle nervous: NoAbout Us page,got voice mail whenI called, unclearabout taxes andfees. Randy Ross, Publisher, 42. No Deals? Price Estimation ToolsEnter cities/pick from list.Choices appear initinerary box.Produces vague pricerange then click torequest quote.They tend to use lowertier carriers.Randy Ross, Publisher, 43. Another Tool: www.oneworld.comClick tab in middle ofpage for ItineraryPlanner.Click Create NewRound-the-worldPrice by number ofcontinents.Expensive but uses bigname airlines.Randy Ross, Publisher, 44. Now Contact Travel AgentsGet quotes,, STATravel agents. (StarAlliance, OneWorld.)Play agent pricesagainst each other.Randy Ross, Publisher, 45. Questions to Ask Travel Agents Overnights in pricey What if airline cancels a countries I can avoid? flight? (Bangkok, India) Pre-book travel dates? Can I have 4 - 5 hours Penalties for change?between connections? Names of airlines? Can I get estimate in (United vs. Airwriting with all fees? Afghanistan?)Replace flights w/ Pay by credit card?overland/open jaw?Randy Ross, Publisher, 46. Cost-Cutting: Airfare Open jaw: fly to one country and out other. Local transport/easy to book. Common routes: into Bangkok out of Singapore. Randy Ross, Publisher, 47. Open JawFly into BangkokFly out ofSingapore 5weeks later. Randy Ross, Publisher, 48. Local Flights Web sites,, work from overseas. Ask hostels, guest houses for best fares. For SE Asia, One way Bangkok to Hanoi: