How to optimize your Adwords PPC campaign

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Useful tips on how to create and then optimize your PPC campaign to work better


  • 1. PPC OptimizationMiles @mewoolgarEmail:
  • 2. Keyword Research Backup everything Put existing campaigns on pause Keyword spy, spyfu, semrush Adwords Keywords Tool Negative keywords Spy on competitors
  • 3. Know Your Product& Market Think of the audience coming toyour site & what you can offer them. 80+ Yrs olds + Relatives +40 Yrs Which products to sell best sellers,high margins etc. Seasonality, TV ads and other off-lineactivity All impact your campaigns
  • 4. Creating AdsSearch Network - Text AdsText be inspiredTarget emotionsPeoples pain pointsTarget unique selling pointsLook at manufacturers sales literatureUse qualifiers to get rid of time wastersCampaign structure +broad +match+modifier & [exact match]
  • 5. Creating AdsPlacement Ads (on display network)Dont mix Display & Search Network Ads need to stand out i.e. colour, designAds need to deliver the messageCreate all possible ad sizes
  • 6. Placement Ads Themed Ad Groups be creative Many keywords about 30/ad group Use broad match keywords Automatic placements 2weeks
  • 7. Placement Ads
  • 8. Exclude placement ads
  • 9. Identify sites thatdont work
  • 10. Placement Adsin Google Analytics Sites with high bounce rates Visits but no conversions (Rev + soft goals) Sites that work move to manualplacements
  • 11. Lets Play! Let things settle 1 2 weeks Check bids everyday Adjust your bids - position 2 - 3. You have to bid for number 1 position forimage ads or they dont appear
  • 12. Quality score move poorly performingkeywords into new ad groups Break up bloated Ad Groups 1000 impressions but = 15 However, conversions = revenue
  • 15. Use Filters2. Expensive Keywords> Cost >= 100Cost/Conv > 10Avg position > 2 Could reduce position to improve Cost/Conv
  • 16. Use Filters3. Failing KeywordsCost >= 100Conversions = 0 Consider pausing these for now. You can alwaysrevisit these keywords e.g. seasonality
  • 17. Use Keyworddiagnosis
  • 18. Low Budget Ad scheduling Geo targeting Match type broad match modifier &exact match or only exact match Low positions = fewer conversions
  • 19. When Things Go Wrong Test new text ads duplicate & thenturn off old ads to remove history Track competitor prices - Look at Google shopping Check for double serving Check bid position Look at landing pages
  • 20. Use Google AnalyticsUse Actionable KPIsRevenueRevenue per clickAverage valuePage ValueCampaign, Ad Group &Keyword bounce rates
  • 21. Segment or die Where is your traffic coming from? Quickly identify if conversions have unexpectedlydropped off for a particular traffic source Branded vs. non-branded New vs. Returning visitors
  • 22. Look at Revenue & Goals Use customized segments
  • 23. Where Do People GoAfter Landing?Landing page ReportWhat people do next after landing on yourPPC pageEntrance Paths report (Content/LandingPages/Entrance Paths)
  • 24. How Do PeopleNavigate YourSite?All Pages ReportLook at the Navigation summaryreport(Content/Site Content/All Pages)Discover how people go throughyour site
  • 25. Where Are PeopleDropping Out? Set up Goal Funnels Revenue, downloads,signups etc.
  • 26. Track EventsVirtual pageview tracking for linksTrack event for downloadsHTC brochure
  • 27. Conversion Optimization Qualaroo questionnaires & nudges Live chat - Olark Are you looking at the right chart? Revenue vs. Lead generation?
  • 28. Lessons Learnt Understand your audience & products Stalk your competitors Be creative think out of the box Understand your Adwords account Use Google Analytics everyday Look at Conversion Rate Optimization
  • 29. Miles @mewoolgarFB: mileswoolgar@gmail.comLinked In: