How to Market Your Street Style Fashion Clothing Brand

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How to Market Your Street Style Fashion Clothing Brand


<ul><li><p>How to Market Your Street Style Fashion Clothing Brand</p><p>I started with fashion PR not as an internof a glossy fashion magazine publicationnor in one of the huge fashion houserunways. Instead, I chose to take the roadless traveled. I took the route where I feltI could have more creative control, so Idecided to make my entrance into thefashion world and its marketing sidethrough the more inconspicuous sidedoor that is street style fashion, or morecommonly known as streetwear.</p><p>So, how do you get your street style fashion brand off the ground?</p><p> Know All About Your Target Market</p><p>First, study the industry and study your culture. The major difference between streetstyle fashion brands and couture brands is the cultural influence of streetwear.Typically, streetwear is a deeply rooted aspect of young urban culture. By knowing anddefining your audience before you start, you are able to create a more meaningfulrelationship with your public in the future.</p><p> Stick to Your Roots</p><p>Start from the bottom up, literally. Many successful streetwear brands earn respect anda healthy following by humbling themselves. Sure, the owners may have the money to gostraight to their local Macys, but that type of commercialism isnt often accepted by thecommunity. Document your rise through the fashion ladder via a blog or a weekly e-newsletter. This helps cultivate your following and also helps to implement the earlystages of brand recognition, including making yourself into your brand.</p><p> Focus on Quality, not Quantity</p><p>The thing about us street style fashion fanatics is that we thrive on exclusivity. Wedont like wearing what everyone else has and we dont appreciate cheap materials.</p></li><li><p>Dont try to make everything available to everyone your first season and dont skim thebudget on cheap materials. The harder it is to acquire, the more publicity your brandgets. Its odd, I know, but thats how many streetwear brands are able to thrive asavailability has a high impact on pricing/profits.</p><p> Cross Promote</p><p>Its hard for a brand to get up and running without notable placements or features. Untilyou get them, collaborate with party promoters within your city to get your brandfamiliar amongst the locals. Also, offer collaborations between other well-known brands.</p><p> Guerilla Marketing is Your Friend</p><p>Stickers, buttons, free shirts, graffiti, pens, hats, heck anything considered apromotional item is definitely your friend. Give the public a memento and encouragethem to pass it along to their friends. These items keep your name in the public andmake your brand easy to recognize!</p></li></ul>