How to Interpret Employment Through Horary Astrology - Astrology & Horoscope

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    How to interpret employment through horary astrology - Astrology ...

    1 of 6 13-Feb-14 12:52 AM

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    How to interpret employment through horary astrology - Astrology ...

    2 of 6 13-Feb-14 12:52 AM

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    How to interpret employment through horary astrology

    Last Updated: 11/15/2010 1:40:35 PM

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    S N Rao

    One of the facets of modern life that affects most of us in some form or the other is employment. Employment gives us a

    framework around which we schedule and build our lives; and it is the direct route to solving many of our material and social


    Astrologically, employment is seen from the 6th house. It is also seen for the health of our physical body. As we all know, a

    troublesome job can make us physically ill. To understand the mental and physical health we should look in to the divisional

    charts also. Anyone trained in horoscope interpretation will find job charts fun to read and a source of some very useful


    A chart cast for the time when an employment begins is a viable horary chart that can be used for both analysis and

    prediction. The easy availability of exact times for these charts is remarkable when you consider how difficult it is to get

    reliable times for other kinds of charts, such as those for countries or individual births. In many cases, this horary chart can

    be dated by a time clock. In other cases, you can simply note the time at which one began to get paid.

    The exact time that a job really starts is the critical moment. Interviews don't count, for they only exist in the realm of

    possibilities; the start of the paid job is the real thing. There can be a discrepancy, however, regarding the actual moment

    that one begins the job experience and the moment from which one gets paid according to the financial records. My

    experience indicates that the critical moment is when the actual work experience begins -- not any pre-work socializing, but

    when training, or problem-solving, or the activity of the job begins. Most jobs will have a specific start time in the job

    description (which is recorded), and most people will remember their first day of work. Because of this, job charts are often

    easy to obtain.

    This horary horoscope can give insights into several things. First, it describes the job experience in the widest possible sense.

    It shows how the job grows, changes, and functions in general. The horary chart will describe the degree of compatibility

    with others at work, and it will point out problem areas on the job. For example, a strong Saturn in the horary chart will

    coincide with a work situation that is dominated by the rules made by old men, or something along those lines. If this Saturn

    is afflicted, it could mean that these rules and old men are a real pain in the back. With a powerful transit to this job chart's

    Saturn, a real crisis could arise, one in which a definition of reality is probably being forced onto the relatively powerless

    person who is the employee.

    Horary charts allow for the prediction of promotions, raises, conflicts, and social events that occur during the employee's job

    experience. The transit of Jupiter over the horary chart's 10th cusp brings promotions during the job tenure. Thus, if you or

    your client were considering asking for a raise or promotion, this kind of information would be quite helpful. With it you could

    How to interpret employment through horary astrology - Astrology ...

    3 of 6 13-Feb-14 12:52 AM

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    select a favorable and appropriate time to spring such requests on the boss. Like other astrology charts, this horary chart can

    be analysed with various astrological techniques, such as divisional charts and dasha prediction system.

    For analyzing employment by horary horoscope, the following is a list of the houses and how they might be interpreted:

    1st house - The general conditions of the job; the social and physical environment.

    2nd house - The paycheck, payments, and available funds; afflictions here may indicate problems such as pay cuts or no

    raises. The sign on the cusp may say much about the regularity of the paycheck. Fixed signs suggest a stable pay schedule;

    mutable, irregular pay; and cardinal signs, frequent alterations in pay.

    3rd house - Communications on the job, use of the telephone, computer, etc.; commuting and other transportation issues.

    4th house - The building or location of the workplace; the office space itself; weather conditions on outside jobs.

    5th house - Re