How to Import Music from iPad to PC

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To import music from iPad to PC, iPad to Computer Transfer software is a good choice. It can help you copy music from iPad to computer easily and fast.


<p>How to Convert YouTube to MP4</p> <p>All rights reserved</p> <p>How to Import Music from iPad to PC?</p> <p>Have a lot of wonderful music on your iPad and want to transfer them to your computer for viewing? You may be oppressed by how to copy iPad music to computer. Here is a good news.</p> <p>With the aid of iPad to PC Transfer, you can easily import songs from iPad to computer. It is professional content management software designed for iPad users. It can transfer music, movies, photos and more from iPad to computer in a few clicks. Moreover, it supports iPod and iPhone as well. This guide will show you how to easily import music from iPad to computer. Free download this software and learn the steps of how to operate and get iPad songs on local computer.</p> <p>Step-by-step Guide:</p> <p>Step 1: Run the installed software and connect your iPad to computer. Once that's done, the software will automatically scan your iPad.</p> <p>Step 2: In the left playlist, click the "Music" item. Then select the songs which you want to transfer to computer in the right window and check them without loss.</p> <p>Step 3: After selecting, click button. In the pop-up window, choose "Export to Disk Only" button to import music from iPad to PC.</p> <p>Here is the end of the guide how to copy songs from iPad to computer. Why not try this software by yourself now?</p> <p>More Guides: Transfer Movies from iPad to PC, Copy Files from iPad to Computer</p>