How to Engage Your Audience Through Online Polling

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There are many types of online polls you can use it to learn about and engage your audience. It all depends on what you want to emphasize and the information you need to glean from the polls, and it’s an easy process to download the poll into a Powerpoint presentation.

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Step 1: Start by Understanding your Selected AudienceAre they computer literate?Do they use the latest mobile technology?Use social media to gather information on your audience

Step 2: Decide Which Poll Types are Best and CustomizeWhat kind information are you looking to collect?Who do you want to collect it from?What sort of responses are most beneficial and timely? Multiple choice? True or False? Open ended? All three?

Find polls from existing sources to download into presenter softwareBing Pulse - Audience Response TechnologyCitizen Survey - Questions About Local IssuesUse a custom online panelLook at Entrance and Exit polls onlineLook at Opinion polls online

Step 3: Prepare Yourself & Your AudienceTest your own technology & perform a run through of your presentation.Give a brief overview of how the polling will work to your audience. Present a few fun practice polls.Encourage the audience to interact and discuss poll data.

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