How to Engage on your Website

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Tips for revamping and enhancing your Joomla website to engage your visitors


1. How To Engage On Your Website 2. Your platform: JoomlaUser-friendly back end and online supportExamples of nonprofit Joomla sites 3. Joomla ExtensionsEnhance Your Site and Engage Visitors 4. CalendarsInstall JCalProto keep the community updated about upcoming events 5. TestimonialsInstall JE Testimonial to showcase what supporters have said about Community Bridges 6. PollsInstalls Nice Ajax Poll to get feedback from your community 7. Communicate with newslettersInstall ccNewsletter to create and send newsletters easily, directly from your Joomla platform 8. ImagesInstall Simple Flash Image Gallery to make your website more inviting with image galleries 9. YouTube IntegrationInstall YouTube Channels to feature videos from the Community Bridges YouTube Channel to your website 10. Facebook IntegrationInstall FacebookFanBox Pro to invite website visitors to like Community Bridges on Facebook 11. SharingInstall the AddThispluginto include a simple, elegant button on your site for visitors to share pages with their networks 12. Remember, create web-friendly content that is compelling and concise