How to Engage on your Website

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Tips for revamping and enhancing your Joomla website to engage your visitors


  • 1. How To Engage On Your Website
  • 2. Your platform: Joomla
    User-friendly back end and online support
    Examples of nonprofit Joomla sites
  • 3. Joomla Extensions
    Enhance Your Site and Engage Visitors
  • 4. Calendars
    Install JCalProto keep the community updated about upcoming events
  • 5. Testimonials
    Install JE Testimonial to showcase what supporters have said about Community Bridges
  • 6. Polls
    Installs Nice Ajax Poll to get feedback from your community
  • 7. Communicate with newsletters
    Install ccNewsletter to create and send newsletters easily, directly from your Joomla platform
  • 8. Images
    Install Simple Flash Image Gallery to make your website more inviting with image galleries
  • 9. YouTube Integration
    Install YouTube Channels to feature videos from the Community Bridges YouTube Channel to your website
  • 10. Facebook Integration
    Install FacebookFanBox Pro to invite website visitors to like Community Bridges on Facebook
  • 11. Sharing
    Install the AddThispluginto include a simple, elegant button on your site for visitors to share pages with their networks
  • 12. Remember, create web-friendly content that is compelling and concise