How to develop positive thinking?

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Are you looking for some tips to improve positive thinking? Here Find tips that how to improve positive thinking by trivedi effect.


  • How To Develop Positive Thinking?

    How and whether are the words that seem to haunt us or a regular basis, because if there is one thing that constantly bothers us is about the future? This constant fear many a times is the root cause for our minds to be flooded with negative thoughts. However, in the current day scenario wherein life is filled with challenges and uncertainty the only tool that promises to help us get over all sorts of worries and tensions is Positive thinking. Positive thinking is practical style of thinking that helps you realise your abilities and what you can achieve thereby removing all the possibilities of dreaming high. Also, this great emphasis on positive thinking is also for the fact that, what we get in life is greatly dependent on what we think. In other words, we become what we think. Therefore, considering this immense power attached to our thoughts, various health experts suggest that to lead a happy and peaceful life, one must always stay occupied with positive thoughts.

    Considering this serious relationship between thoughts and universe many think that positive thinking is tough to learn. However, the fact lies that all of us have the positive thinking ability in us, but because of our fears and inhibitions we dont allow it to expand. Thus, with constant tensions and stress many may be haunted by the question, how to improve positive thinking? So, for all those who wish to learn this powerful life changing thinking process, here are some tips to achieve it:

  • 1. First work on yourself: You need to be healthy and fit to control and manage your mind. Therefore, have exercise routine, eat healthy food, ensure to get good sleep and dress well. Following these points would infuse you with a fresh source of energy

    2. Focus more on things you are grateful of: Life is filled with good and bad things. The sad part we constantly think of the bad. Instead, start focusing more on the goodness and things that you cherish and feel blessed to have.

    3. Fear is the killer of positive thinking. Stop imagining and start believing in facts and trust your experience. This change in thought only when you are confident about yourself. Thus, stop thinking what if things go wrong, instead be confident that you are capable of handling the future.

    4. Stop complaining: Life is full of ups and downs. When you face your low, stop complaining or cribbing about it, instead think that you can overcome it and find ways of overcoming it.

    5. Eliminate the ANTs: We human are inbuilt with ANT i.e. developing Automatic Negative Thoughts. This sudden pop up of negative thoughts is involuntary. In other words, they pop up because our mind has these reactions since ages like: getting a call late night signifies problem etc. Whenever you are facing ANT, control yourself and try to flush out the thought.

    However, there are many who feel improving positive thinking cannot happen through self help tips. For all those, attending a Trivedi effect session is the best solution.

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