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2. Leadership Gravity 3. PPP = Engage + Lead + Results 4. Why Do People Behave the Way They Do?What drives them, what motivates them, what influences them?How can you motivate ordinary people to do extra ordinarythings, with commitment, self worth and great results?How can teams make full use of all their personal resources?Whats in it for your people to do what they do, better? 5. Develop Your People. 6. Develop Your People.Your organizations biggest asset is the people in it.Hiring the best staff is important.Looking after their interests once theyre part of yourteam is more so.For an organization to maximize its investment in itspeople, managers also have to become good coaches.They must learn how to lead and develop others. 7. How can I develop people?The answer to the question is "It depends" the mainthing it depends on is the person themselves; the bestyou can do is to adapt your approach to their needs notyours.All people have preferences for learning. You need totailor your development need to best match thelearners preference. 8. The keys to developing staff areKnowing the person and how they learn thendesigning learning to best fit with them [not you].Breaking the task down into manageable chunks thatcan de easily digested by the learner.Understand peoples personalities; their needs,differences, strengths, communication and leadershipstyle, the way they buy, sell and whats in it for them. 9. The keys to developing staff areCreate valuable Soft skills that are as important intodays world as hard skills. The ability tocommunicate at all levels is a vital business skill thatfew people have naturally, but most can learn anddevelop to personal and business advantage.Enable your People to drive the business forwards,rather than slow it down or even put it in reverse. Whatdo your people do? What would you like them to do?Developing a view of the future including clear andSMART Goals change and goal buy in, achievementand enjoyment. 10. The keys to developing staff areCreate high performing and outstanding teams.Align yourselves with the best.Develop staff motivation, so people do what they dowillingly this can be monitored with the satisfactionat work survey. Staff motivation leads to increases inoutput and productivity and decreases in absenteeism,sick days and unwarranted conflict.Develop Champion Behaviors and winning Ways.Run effective Talent Management programs toensure your biggest investment, your people, increasein value and worth for themselves and the company 11. Develop a Plan to Develop PeopleAn individual or organization must have a consciousplan in place and a determination to make thedevelopment of people a top priority.Having no plan actually stunts peoples growth.How do you encourage managers to develop theirpeople? 12. Very common problemPeople are usually recruited into a firm initially fortheir technical or financial skills. As they grow in theirjobs, more and more people managementresponsibilities are added to their work.Getting the best out of their people starts to determinethe success of their department and the success of themanager too.However, some managers may not see the need tochange and develop personally or may not know howto. They prefer to remain in their comfort zone astechnical experts. 13. Very common problemThis is a very common problem at all levels.Some companies provide promotion opportunities fortheir very best technical people to stay in theirtechnical roles through e g a "Scientific Ladder". ICIdid this. 14. What is the job of a manager?The managers job is to get thebusiness of the organization to growand prosper by working throughother people.However clever or dedicated he/sheis there is never enough time to doeverything her/himself.If the manager attempts this, the bestpeople working for the manager willleave and the manager is likely tofall ill with stress. 15. How can the organization encourage more people management?People in organizations are strongly motivated to dowhat they are rewarded for. Rewards are tangibleformal things like pay, bonus, and a nicer car.However, the more powerful positive intangiblemotivators are the interest, praise and attention thatothers give you when you go about your work. 16. How can the organization encourage more people management? It helps if people are rewarded like this for encouraging their people and developing them as well as achieving the bottom line results. Some companies, including IBM, have set one of the criteria for judging management performance to be how effectively the manager develops his/her staff. 17. The habit of developmentI did a study in a client company that showed thatpeople became developmental if their first experienceof being managed in the company was with adevelopmental manager.They acquired the habit of development through theirown experience of being developed. Perhapsorganizations should rethink their induction of staff tomake those early weeks a developmental experience bymentoring and having induction courses much moreexperiential than they sometimes are. 18. The habit of developmentPeople could have an exercise to explore theorganization in pairs and find out the values or beliefsabout what is important to do in the company to besuccessful.This would grow the candidates and it could give thetop management of the organization much food forthought too. Outsiders often get very authenticinformation because they have no axe to grind. 19. The habit of developmentYou could also consider recruiting people for theirability and willingness to learn as well as their currentskills. In this way you would have people withdevelopmental attitudes and skills coming into thecompany with the habit of development in placealready. You could design your interviewing orassessment centers to find people who can learn andenjoy helping others learn. 20. Simple practical activities that you can use This simple practical activities that you can use to help your people develop. They will also help your business because your people will contribute more and work better together. You will probably find that they save you time and effort too. Appreciation Coaching Co-consulting Counseling Delegation Developmental meetings Listening Information 21. Final MessageDevelop your people and you will develop yourbusiness. People are your business. It is people thatdrive a business forwards, slow it down or even put it inreverse.The ultimate leader is one who is willing todevelop people to the point that they surpass himor her in knowledge and ability." -- Fred A. Manske, Jr.