How to Develop “Iron” Students.

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How to Develop Iron Students. Physical Activity Institute July, 2005. What is Multi-Sport?. Activity consisting of more than one sport. Common Multi-Sport Activities Triathlon (swim-bike-run) Duathlon (run-bike-run) Aquathlon (combines running & swimming) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to Develop Iron Students. Physical Activity InstituteJuly, 2005

  • What is Multi-Sport?Activity consisting of more than one sport.Common Multi-Sport ActivitiesTriathlon (swim-bike-run)Duathlon (run-bike-run)Aquathlon (combines running & swimming)Winter Triathlon (run-mountain bike-ski)

  • History Of TriathlonsStarted as cross training for runners.First know swim/bike/run held in San Diego in 1974.First Ironman was in 1978 ( 12 men).First World Championships was in 1989.Became an Olympic sport in 2000.

  • Triathlon DistancesSprint 1000m swim, 10-15 mile bike, 5K runOlympic 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K runIronman 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile runKids Triathlon ( ages 7-14)100 to 400 yd. Swim1 to 6 mile bike.5 to 2 mile run

  • EquipmentStandardGogglesBikeHelmetRunning shoesOptionalWet suitClipless pedals & shoesAerobarsRace wheelsZip locks / elastic laces

  • Potential Positive Impact from Multi-Sports ActivitiesHelp curb recent trends in youth obesity.Encourage lifetime fitness activity.Provide short and long term health benefits.Emphasis on individual accomplishments.Improve self-esteem.New & challenging activity.Enhance academic performance.

  • Virginia Standards of LearningSkilled MovementMovement Principles & ConceptsPersonal FitnessResponsible BehaviorPhysically Active Lifestyles

  • Elementary School Activities1 upper body activity & two lower body activitiesPush ups/jump rope/runningThrow & catch a ball/ kick a ball at a target/ dribble a ball with feet.Scooter swim/ bicycle activity/ running

  • Secondary School ActivitiesScooter swim/ stationary bike/ runningElastic band swim/ bike ride/ runningOther sports 1 arm activity/ 2 leg activitiesPull ups/ wall squat/ step upsBench press/ squats/ leg curlsLat pull/ leg press/ leg extensions

  • Triathlon ContactsSteve Knott Virginia Beach City Public Schools (757) 263-1458 sknott@vbschools.comLiz Dobbins USA Triathlon Educational Resource Program ldobbins@sunflower.comUSA Triathlon


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