How to create websites and make money on Google.

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Google RankingProducts, Tools,and Tips!By Justin McDonaldThe Author of this eBook grantsyou free giveaway rights. Feelfree to share this eBook withfriends, family, social networks,blogs, and websites.All rights reservedThe contents of this eBook belongs to the author and no part of it may bereproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from the author.Disclaimer While the results or claims in this eBook may seem average orabove average there is no guarantee of results. The contents of this eBook is forinformational purposes only, and not to reflect your own individuals results. Theauthor does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities, harm, damage,financial loss, or any unknown dangers resulting from the use of this information.While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information,products, and potential results from this eBook. The author cannot assume anyresponsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people ororganizations are unintentional. The first you need to know about ranking google is that your going toneed to use tools or outsourcing to help you. Some tools are free and someare paid tools. I highly recommend the paid tools because there a lot moreeffective. I listed some great tools and outsourcing below and I also brieftlycover them in this ebook. Free Tools: Google Adwords planner, Blogger, Ezinearticles, and GoArticlesPaid tools: Semrush, Godaddy, Fiver, Google Sniper, Affilorama, SenukeXcr, and Freelancer. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of google and the moneyyou can make from it on a daily basis free. Instead of seeing the potentialGoogles organic traffic has, most people simple ignore the whole idea ofranking at the top of google because of how difficult and time consuming itcan be to get on the first page. But I think that most people forget that its free autopilot traffic (no out ofpocket cost). Basically all you do to get the traffic is setup your website,video, or blog up on google once, and it can potentially pay you very goodmoney on a monthly basics without you doing any work for the traffic whatso ever and you can make money for months even years to come. Google is the most high traffic number one site on the internet today andnot to see the potential it has is just foolish to me, and yet a lot of peopleignore it and I dont know why. Everyone is thirst for money, and Google isan ocean of money and yet nobody wants to drink from it! To me it doesntmake any sense what so ever. The usual excuse people come up with is that its too hard to find goodkeywords to rank for in google. When things are hard in life most people giveup way to easily, and its a real shame to because had they mastered googlerankings they would probably be having floods of cash coming in onautopilot right now. The mistake I see most people make is that they try and rank for high competition keywords that take a lot money, backlinks, work, and pretty much forever to rank. If you have a website, blog, or video that youre trying to rank on the first page of Google, you want to target complex unknown keywords or niches that get a lot of searches. As an example of what Im talking about Im going to use the make money online niche. Now this is a very competitive niche to be in. The fact that its very competitive decreases your odds of finding a good keyword to rank for, because the difficulty level of finding a good keyword is high, you want to use complex keywords that no one would think of. Most people would use keywords like how to make online, easy ways to make money,or quick ways to make money online. All of these keywords are being usedby thousands of others and is over saturated. Instead you want to use more complex keywords. As an example Im goingto made up a keyword like, 5 ways to make money online on a notebook laptop. This keyword has three different angles to narrow it down. It has the number 5 it has ways to make money online and it has on a notebook laptop. A keyword this narrow will most likely have next to no competition. The only downside to using this keyword is that it probably doesnt get a lot of monthly searches, but because its targeted traffic it doesnt matter. Although you do want to try your best to find a keyword that gets at least 1,000 monthly searches.While the make money online niche is very competitive and requires complex keywords to rank Google, there are thousands of other niches that are not nearly as competitive and much easier to rank. Some crazy examples of low competition keywords would be glue, doorknob, measuring ruler, pencil, map, blue flowers, concrete, carpet, circus clowns, uniform, cookout, orange carrots, and etcThese are all crazy examples of keywords I came up with from the top of my head, and while all the keywords I listed are things that people do in everyday life. There all niches that competitors would mostly never think of or wouldnt bother pursuing. This gives you the open playing field to rank these keywords with little difficulty and best of all these are keywords that gets thousands of searches every month. While your competition is trying their hardest to rank tough keywords in competitive niches you will be ranking high traffic keywords in other niches easily. This is a great strategy thats an absolute no brainer when it comes to ranking keywords on Google.When doing keyword research you want to use Google AdWords keyword tool, its a free tool that has data about keywords and how many monthly searches they get. A much better and advanced tool I highly recommend is Semrush. Its a keyword tool that requires payment, but its a lot more advance and has a lot more data than Google AdWords tool.Backlinks is a very important part to ranking your website, video, or blog. Their like the backbone of getting good rankings. You want to have more backlinks than the websites you are competing against to rank out them. I recommend three sites for getting backlinks, they are Fiverr, Senuke Xcr, andFreelancer. Let's start with Fiverr, it's a marketplace where you can buy backlinks and many other services for $5, this is a good option if you want someone else to do the work. Senuke Xcr is a backlink service that allows you to set up backlink campaigns, this is a very good option if you want to set up the campaigns yourself.Freelancer is a marketplace where you can hire someone to give your website backlinks, or any other services. Freelancer is just like fiverr, but with a much larger marketplace in my opinion. On this website you can literally hire people for anything that's related to work online. You can even hire someone to build your website and rank it on google for you if you want.Just make sure that when you hire someone on this website that they have done work in the past and that they have good reviews. Because you don't want to hire some unknown newbie. That's not to say that a new person to thesite can't be good or that they haven't done work in the past. But the problem with hiring a newbie is that your basically rolling the dice and you don't wantthat. You want someone who has done a hand full of jobs in the past and has good reviews.To learn a lot more about making money online I highly recommend purchasing Google Sniper and Affilorama. Both products are full with a lot more information. Google Sniper has a lot of great information about creatingprofitable small niche websites that rank well in google and make money. Affilorama has great information about SEO, affiliate marketing, and just about everything else you need to know about making money online. Blogger, Ezinearticles, and GoArticles are free ways to write articles or blog and have them rank on google. All three of them are great websites in which you write articles or blog and get plenty of traffic from google. However I highly recommend Godaddy it's a paid way to get your own website and Domain name and I also recommend using wordpress as your website. When you have your own website you can design it however you want and it's a lot easier to rank in google in my opinion.In this EBook I have covered some tips and tricks to ranking on the first pageof google. Use this information to better your business and online success. In conclusion I would like to say thank you for reading my eBook. I hope you got some great value out of it that can help you grow your business. Feel free to share this eBook with friends, family, social networks, blogs, websites, emails, and all around the internet. I wish you the best of luck, to your success!Justin McDonald