How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

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How To Set-Up A Facebook Fan Page in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook is quickly becoming the next google so you better get a fan page. This is the1) Go to Click +Create Page (upper right hand side).

3.) Choose what type of Fan Page you want to create. You can create an Official Page for either a:

local business brand (such as YOU), product, or organization

artist, band or public figureIMPORTANT!!!: Before you name your page you MUST spend a few minutes and think about the name. Your Fan Page can rank in google so having keywords in your Fan Page title can actually get you to show up in Google. For example, if youre creating a Tennis Training fan page, having the words tennis training in the name will help when people search for you in both a facebook search as well as a google search. Remember, you can NEVER change your Fan Page titleso it is worth researching and thinking about the name.

Note: if you plan on using Facebook Advertising, your Fan Page Title will always be the title of your ads. It is ok if you are branding YOU and your fan page is your name. My facebook profile is Carol Mortarotti so I choose CarolMortarottiFanPage as my fan page name.

After you select the page name you will be taken to your welcome page.

Step 4. Add an image, preferably a professional looking one. Click on edit page (left hand side of the page) and fill in all your information and remember to click SAVE.

Step 5. Promote your page! On the left hand side click on marketing where you can send this to all of your friends or place an ad.

Free Tip: If you cant find your page, while you are on your personal profile, click on the Account tab (upper right), then manage pages.There you go, you are now all set-up! If you want to learn more go to my fan page and get the FREE GIFT which includes a video on facebook, or if you need consulting/coaching email me at camort13@gmail.comRemember to take action, that is the most important step.