How-to Advertise on Different Types of Vehicles

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<ul><li> 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs &amp; Banners<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. How To Advertise<br />On Different Types of Vehicles<br /> 3. Depending on your vehicle, some car signs may be better then others. <br /> 4. Trucks<br />Trucks have large, wide doors which are great for truck magnets with DOT numbers and business information.<br />Add magnets to the tailgate for highly visible signs for motorists behind you.<br />Ford F-150<br />Chevy Silverado<br />Dodge Ram<br /> 5. Full-Size Vans<br />Cargo vans are great for deliveries and work vehicles. If you own a van, consider adding ca decals to the side panels. These are eye-catching offer lots of room for advertising your business and products or services. <br />Dodge Sprinter<br />Ford E-Series<br />Chevrolet Express<br /> 6. Passenger Cars<br />Sedans and coupes are inexpensive and great on gas mileage for fleets of service vehicles. If your doors dont have trim, use magnetic signs to identify your vehicle. These are great for personal cars because they can be removed and reapplied.<br />Ford Fusion<br />Toyota Camry<br />Nissan Versa<br /> 7. Minivans / SUVs<br />Most common for SUVs and minivans are car window decals. These are rear window stickers that can cover the entire back window. Since the windows are more upright then on sedans, they work great. <br />Ford Escape<br />Dodge Grand Caravan<br />Jeep Liberty<br /> 8. Crossovers<br />Crossover utility vehicles have become very popular over the last few years, and usually have a funky, unique shape thats great for fun car graphics. Wrap your entire vehicle in car signs for highly-visible, buzz worthy signage.<br />Kia Soul<br />Nissan Cube<br />Chevy Equinox<br /> 9. Wagons<br />Station wagons and hatchbacks offer the economy of a car with the utility of an SUV. Car magnets or car window decals work great on these vehicles. The extended backs are great for magnets, and the rear windows keep the traditional SUV look.<br />Mazda 3 5 door<br />Toyota Matrix<br />PT Cruiser<br /> 10. Feel like an expert now? Great!<br />Order your car signs today at<br />Still have questions? We can help! <br />Visit us online at<br /></p>