How far can it go, before it’s GONE? Lean, Pisa, Lean

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Text of How far can it go, before it’s GONE? Lean, Pisa, Lean

  • How far can it go, before itsGONE?Lean, Pisa, Lean . . .

  • This is your WebQuest:Your job is to determine the actual angle that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning at. You will be researching this significant architectural marvel on the internet, and . .

  • . . . using your knowledge of right triangles to determine its current angle, and through your research, you will determine how much more it can lean before it is FINITO!SOL targetAuthor Information

  • Menu of Options:Right Triangles Defined

    Pythagoras Was a Guy . . . .

    How Much More?

  • Right TrianglesRemember, the properties of a right triangle: A right triangle has one angle that measures 90 degrees. Click triangle to go to next slide

  • The longest side is opposite this angle, and is called the hypotenuse

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  • But, the tower isnt at a right angle, so now what? Official Pisa websiteBack to menu

  • Pythagoras was a guy:

    Well, hes pretty famous for discovering the famous and VERY USEFUL formula:Click triangle to go to next slide

  • A squared plus B squared equals C squared!

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  • Hes an interesting guy. See for yourself About Pythagoras

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  • What is the current angle of the Tower? A look at the following website, will help you with that: Pisa informationClick triangle to go to next slide

  • With the information on the Tower, draw a triangle to represent the tower as it is today.Click on picture to go to next slide

  • Using the information we have, how much more can the Tower lean? more Tower info

    Your final project is:

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  • Final project:

    Construct your own Tower, and lean it enough to make it fall. What is this angle? Click the sun for references

  • List of references:Many thanks to the following websites: (the OFFICIAL Tower website) (about Pythagoras, courtesy of St. Andrews College, Scotland) this website is courtesy of NOVA. Fantastico! This will help you with the angles

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  • Objectives of this presentation:This presentation is designed to address the Virginia SOL G.7: The student will solve practical problems involving right triangles by using the Pythagorean Theorem, properties of special right triangles, and right triangle trigonometry. Solutions will be expressed in radical form or as decimal approximations. back to description

  • Author Information:Mrs. Landefeld is a first-time teacher of geometry, and has yet to be scared off!!Her objective with this presentation is to give her students a fun, interesting project. Che buono! back to description

  • THE END!