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  1. 1. How Do You Get Success?Lesson to successWe all want to succeed in life definition of success can vary widely depending on whom you ask. Isit money, power, respect, freedom or celebrity?What is Success for you?For me success is a business that allows methe time and means to experience life andenjoy it short time I have on this earth,spend time with my family and people whoare important to me. Life is too short tospend it always working...Some of us fail to reach it because they thinks,that the word success difficult and impossibleto be. In fact, we might be neglected reasonsfor success. Success is your aim. It is good for the better. If you heard someone says to you: "I get to myGoal in life" know that he had begun to turn down, and his mission for success.Here is some thought and ideas about how to get success in life and, businessLesson to successFill your heart with love. .. Love renew youth, and prolong life, and give you nonviolent... And hatredyour hearts unhappiness and misery... Mark at home what is sufficient for the love of your family and.Love heal the wounds, and resurrected in the heart.Do not shed tears for what has passed those who shed tears on their bad luck like cry over spilled milk...But do my extra effort to pay off milk which you were lost.Make yourself more optimistic. If you optimistic look at the night sky, and see beauty of Moon.Pessimistic look to the sky and sees only the cruelty of darkness. Be more optimistic than you, optimisticattracts the love of others...Be confident, and identify your weaknesses, Certainty if you got rid of your weaknesses are you closer toyour dreams. Remember your mistakes to get rid of your weaknesses, Certainty if you got rid of yourweaknesses are you closer to your dreams. Remember your mistakes to get rid of your weaknesses.Forgive errors of brothers and friends in order to keep them.
  2. 2. Do not make Despair a path to your heart, Despair blind the eyes and you cant see the doors open andoutstretched handsIf approached to the top of the mountain, do not let vanities loses patience, dont think that those whostand at the foot are dwarfs. To be happy and pleased Try to Make all around you happy, you cannotlaugh between tears You cannot enjoy the lightand around you who live in the dark.Failed Marks one of life experiences that precedeevery success and victory ... night no matter howlong it must dawn will always break. Someone said:Success is a ladder that cannot be climbedwith your hands in your pocket -!When there was despair in the dust bowl anddepression across the land, she saw a nation conquerfear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a...This ideas about how to get success and there is a lot of other peoples ideas about ginning success. Butwhat are your Ideas about success? This is your place to share your ideas with all the visitors to this lens