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  • International Visitors Council of Los Angeles

    I salute all citizen diplomats as, day by day, community by community, they build and maintain the people-to-people bridges that in these troubled times are so critically important.

    - Walter Cutler, U.S. Ambassador to Zaire, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia

    Religious Tolerance Womens Issues & Gender Equality Environmental Sustainability Law & Justice HIV/AIDS Human Trafficking Counter Terrorism Disaster Preparedness Education for At-Risk Youth

    Become a citizen Diplomat anD make a Difference in the worlD!

    As an IVCLA Citizen Diplomat you are a part of our work welcoming international emerging leaders to the Los Angeles area. Our visitors speak candidly with business and civic leaders in their offices, share a meal with our members in their homes, and see Los Angeless rich cultural mix first-hand. We offer a tangible way to make a difference in international relations. Our Citizen Diplomats open their offices or sit at their dining tables making friends with people who just might become a future world leader. These types of experiences help our visitors see the true Los Angeles - the true United States - and form their own opinions of us. Opinions important to our security - opinions they will share back home.

    IVCLA Citizen Diplomats have the unique opportunity to meet with opinion leaders from around the world who are tackling important issues such as:

    IVCLA is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a member of the National Council for International Visitors. It is funded by individual and corporate donors and grants from the U.S. Dept. of State, the County of L.A. and the City of L.A.

    International Visitors Council of Los Angeles Hundreds of former International Visitors have risen to important positions in their countries. Among the alumni are more than 300 current or former Heads of Government or Chiefs of State who include:

    Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan (87) Alvaro Uribe Velez of Columbia (98) Nicolas Sarkozy of France (85) Yukio Hatoyama of Japan (98)

    Mwai Kibaki of Kenya (99) Helen Clark of New Zealand (98) Abdullah Gul of Turkey (95) Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom (84/92)

    Get involved as a Citizen Diplomat!

    Each year IVCLA arranges professional meetings, cultural visits and home hospitality for nearly one thousand emerging leaders from more than one hundred countries. They are carefully selected by overseas American Embassies to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program. IVCLA also arranges programs for other government agencies and private institutions. Our visitors include prominent educators, government officials, journalists, scientists, business professionals and artists. All have one thing in common: to seek a greater understanding of the United States, our people, ideas, attitudes and lifestyles.

    International Visitors Council of Los E-mail: info@ivcla.orgPhone: (213) 388-1428

    The International Visitor Leadership Program offers priceless opportunities to understand the United States and the American people through direct experience, and to make valuable contacts I am immensely grateful for the insights into the U.S., which this exchange scheme provided. I have drawn on them regularly since then. - Tony Blair (86/92) Former British Prime Minister

  • Connecting with International Emerging Leaders:Developing Long-lasting Relationships

    Thank you so much for organizing such a program! Every

    meeting and conversation was very useful. They changed my impressions and

    ideas about the U.S. We should work further. Dreams come true!

    - Shamgiya Akhmetova,IVCLA Alumna - 2009

    From Russia

    Our children grew up having people from all over the world in our home, sharing a mealand life experiences. We feel very fortunate for ourselves and our children to have these opportunities to meet so many interesting and wonderful people.

    The Allawos Family IVCLA Citizen Diplomats

    Sharing Meals: Building FriendshipsAround the World

    Enhancing Global Awareness:Enriching L.A. Youth

    The opportunity to meet and talk to filmmakers from

    around the world is an experience unlike any other. Because I get to hear personally about

    their world, it gives everything the touch of human complexity not found anywhere else.

    - Cathy Quyen Nguyen LeMedia Academy Student

    Cleveland High School

  • Participating Volunteer - $75 Home Hospitality: You will have the unique opportunity to host international emerging leaders for dinner and conversation in your home. Home Stays: Hosting an international visitor in your home for a few days or a week is an incredible opportunity to learn about another culture. Most visitors stay in local hotels, but occasionally a home stay is a cultural component of their program. Annual Members-only Fulbright Luncheon IVCLA visitor alumni contacts you may get in touch with when traveling abroad A subscription to IVCLA Citizen Diplomacy Newsletter Invitations to IVCLA events at the member rate

    Contributor - $125 All Participating Volunteer benefits Complimentary admission to one IVCLA reception (excluding the Citizen Diplomacy Celebration) Patron - $500 All Contributor benefits Invitations to special VIP Receptions One complimentary admission for the Annual Citizen Diplomacy Celebration Business card tribute in the IVCLA Directory of International Visitors

    Benefactor - $1000 & Above All Patron benefits Two complimentary admissions to the Annual Citizen Diplomacy Celebration Quarter-page tribute in the IVCLA Directory of International Visitors Listing on the IVCLA website Advanced monthly notice of arriving international visitors

    As a Citizen Diplomat you play a crucial role in the mission of IVCLA. Not only will you help support IVCLA, but by welcoming future international leaders into your home, you will help strengthen Los Angeles relationships with the rest of the world. IVCLA Citizen Diplomats are internationally minded volunteers, who enjoy meeting people from other countries and understand we all share more commonalities than we do differences.

    Membership Levels

  • International Visitors Council of Los Angeles

    International Visitors Council of Los Angeles 3540 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 910, Los Angeles, CA 90010Phone: (213) 388-1428 Fax (213) 388-5879 Email:

    I would like to become a Citizen Diplomat with the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles. Enclosed is my tax deductible donation for my one-year membership.

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    City State Zip Email Membership Level Participating Volunteer Contributor Patron Benefactor

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