How Digital Photography can Enhance Learning in Kindergarten

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How Digital Photography can Enhance Learning in Kindergarten. Sharon Blair April 14, 2007. Introducing Digital Photography in Kindergarten. Subject Area Language Arts (Concepts About Print) Specific Lesson Using Digital Photos for Classroom Books Choice of Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How Digital Photography can Enhance Learning in KindergartenSharon BlairApril 14, 2007

  • Introducing Digital Photography in KindergartenSubject AreaLanguage Arts (Concepts About Print)Specific LessonUsing Digital Photos for Classroom BooksChoice of TechnologyDigital Photography in Combination with Computers

  • Digital PhotographyRequirements for using this technology Proper training on use of the equipment Materials are necessary, for example, digital camera, PC, printer, photo paper, ink cartridges,etc

    Donations of materials may be required

    Why digital photography?Age appropriate Recognition of real life images enhance reading strategies

    Easy, efficient and user friendly

  • Using Digital Photos for Classroom BooksTake digital photos of individuals and/ or objectsChildren engage in selecting photos for pages of bookChildren will cut photos and paste on pageChildren will label the photos using appropriate tools

  • Using Digital Photos for Classroom Books Children will use digital photos to create front and back coverWith assistance, children will bind bookChildren will present finished book to classmatesChildren will read book(s) during Literacy Center time (Books that Weve Made)

  • ConclusionUsing digital photography can enhance learning by using photographs of real life imagesBeginning readers use pictures to figure out words, real photographs enhance this type of learningKinesthetic learners will take pictures. Visual learners will help set the photos. Logical learners will help organize the photos. Linguistic learners will write about the photos. All students will work together to learn with and from each otherAlthough materials and supplies can be costly, there are resources such as Costco Photo Center that offer reasonable printing options, often parents belong to Costco and are willing to assist with payment

  • Student book example: Student rubric:

  • BibliographyMark and Cindy Grabe, 2007, Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company


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