How alcohol rehab could change your life

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How Alcohol Rehab Could Change Your Life

Trevor and Blake were lifelong friends who grew up together on the same Liverpool street in the early 1970s. They played together as children, they went to the same schools, they even attended university together and dated two girls who were also friends. Well into their 20s, their lives were remarkably similar. Then things changed. Today the two men are on decidedly different paths because of one single factor: alcohol.

The university years were a time of heavy drinking for Trevor and Blake. Binging on weekends was as common as going to classes during the week. By the time the two men graduated, both were alcohol abusers in desperate need of help. Blake got the help he needed by going to rehab; Trevor continued to deny he had a problem until, at age 39, he was diagnosed with liver disease.

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse and dependence can cause significant damage to the body that cannot be reversed. Trevor will be dealing with the complications of liver disease for the rest of his life, which, quite possibly, could be cut short due to his refusal to attend alcohol rehab.

Rehab Your Best Option

The stories of Trevor and Blake are a perfect illustration of how two very similar people can end up in two distinctly different places based on the decisions they make regarding alcohol. If you find yourself at a point in your life where regular abuse of alcohol is common, you might want to rethink how you view excessive drinking.

Alcohol rehab clinics exist to help people struggling with abuse and dependence problems overcome. Agreeing to seek help from such a clinic is a decision that could ultimately change your life, the same way it changed Blake's life. Rehab can help you get sober and then teach you how to live a full and rewarding life without alcohol.

Do not make the same mistake that Trevor made in refusing to seek help. Alcohol rehab is your best option for overcoming your problem. The professionals providing care in rehab know just what it takes to successfully recover, but they cannot provide that help until you are willing to participate.

What You Can Expect

The process of recovering from alcohol abuse and dependence is known as 'rehabilitation', or 'rehab', because it is a long and slow process that takes time to complete. It is very rare that someone can completely conquer an alcohol problem just by going through a seven-day detox programme. Most people require additional psychotherapeutic treatments that directly address the emotional, mental, and psychological aspects of substance abuse.

If you are willing to seek help for your drinking problem, you can expect a detox period followed by an extended period of counselling and support. You will probably receive one-on-one counselling, group counselling and other types of therapies that are best suited to your personality and circumstances. And of course, you will probably become part of a group support fellowship where you can be encouraged and supported by others.

When your rehab programme is complete, you will have all the tools you need to remain alcohol free for the rest of your life. That is the decision Blake made years ago, and it is a decision that changed his life for the better. Alcohol rehab can change your life as well. Please give serious consideration to attending rehab if you are struggling with alcohol abuse or dependence.