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Class XII Computer Science Higher Order Thinking Skills 2009-10KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN CHENNAI REGION


Salient features of this HOTS study material1. This study material is in the form of question bank comprising of both solved and unsolved questions from each chapter of the syllabus. 2. It is a collection of a number of challenging questions based on High Order Thinking Skill of students. However, it shall prove to be a helping tool for all types of students. 3. It aims at providing help to very high scorer students who may miss 100 out of 100 because of not being exposed to new type of questions, being used to only conventional types of question, and not paying attention towards the topics which are given in the reference books and syllabus of Computer Science as per CBSE guidelines (For example Relational Algebra in database concepts and extraordinary questions based on pointers in C++ programming). 4. It contains guidelines, hints, and solutions for really challenging questions and topics. 5. It contains a number of fresh/new questions(solved & unsolved), which shall increase the confidence level of the students when they solve them. 6. Such questions shall draw the attention of both the students and the teachers, and the preparation to achieve 100% shall be boosted. ALL THE BEST TO ALL OUR STUDENTS.


INDEXS.No. Type of Questions 1. A. B. C. D. E. 2. A. B. 3. A. B. C. 4. A. B. C. 5. A. B. C. Programming in C++ 1 Mark Questions 2 Marks Questions 3 Marks Questions 4 Marks Questions Programming in C++ : Answers Data Structures 4 Marks Questions Data Structures: Answers SQL and Database Concepts. 1 Mark Questions 6/8 Marks Questions SQL: Answers Boolean Algebra 2 Marks Questions 3 Marks Questions Boolean Algebra: Answers Communication and Network Concepts: 1 Mark Questions 4 Marks Questions Communication and Network Concepts:Answers 120-120 121-125 126-128 111-112 113-113 114-119 100-101 102-107 108-110 78-84 85-99 5-12 13-23 24-36 37-51 52-77 Page No.


1 Mark Questions Programming in C++1. Observe the program segment carefully and answer the question that follows: class item { int item_no; char item_name[20]; public: void enterDetail( ); void showDetail( ); int getItem_no( ){ return item_no;} }; void modify(item x, int y ) { fstream File; item.dat, ios::binary | ios::in | ios::out) ; item i; int recordsRead = 0, found = 0; while(!found &&*) &i , sizeof (i))) { recordsRead++; if(i . getItem_no( ) = = y ) { _________________________//Missing statement File.write((char*) &x , sizeof (x)); found = 1; } } if(! found) cout