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variablesGeneral DataHotel Nameenter hotel name hereCity Statecity stateThe Prepareryour nameTitleDate:Hotel InfoNumber of Rooms100Number of BedsYear StructureYear2011MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDays in the month312831303130313130313031# of Mondays544454454544# of Tuesdays445454454454# of Wednesdays445445454454# of Thursdays445445445445# of Fridays444544545445# of Saturdays544544544545# of Sundays544454544544Variance Must be ZERO000000000000# of Rms will Sell each dayJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecin Mondaysin Tuesdaysin Wednesdaysin Thursdaysin Fridaysin Saturdaysin Sundays0. each day of the weekJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecin Mondaysin Tuesdaysin Wednesdaysin Thursdaysin Fridaysin Saturdaysin SundaysMonthly Rev$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00Rooms Sold000000000000Monthly ADR0. Phone RevenueDaily Phone Rev; most of the hotels stop charging guest for phone calls excluding international calls.1015 Vending RevenueMonthly Optimum Vending Sales = full house everyday. (see how much you make each month now X 100 / Occupancy)1016 Suite Shoppe RevMarkup Percentage1020 Store RentalMonthly rent received from storefronts in your hotel; if any.1030 Banquette% Mark up on Banquette (service fee/ the markup is taxable not the food coast if already taxed by vendor)1030 Banquette CoefficientThe percentage of the meeting events requesting banquette1040 F&B RevenueCalculated based on the cost1050 Meeting & ConferenceAverage RENT of all your meeting venues1050 Occupancy of Meeting ConMeeting and Conference Room Occupancy1052 Business ServicesDaily Revenue from Business Services, i.e., fax, copy, mailing, packing, secretarial services, etc.1055 Parking RevenueDaily Parking Revenue1060 Entertainment RevOptimal DAILY (selling all entertainment venues, every day for max rate)1060 Occ of Enter Venues1062 Casino RevDaily Casino Rev1065 Game Rooms RevMonthly Average1070 Transportation RevDaily Average1090 Yard SalesAnnual / If you are scheduled for FF&E Upgrade then you could have Yard Sale1091 RebatesRebate Percentage1092 Damage Recoveryaverage markup for damages that can be collected1999 Misc RevenueMonthly; use your last year's data or items not listed here.2010 General Managerannual2011 Assistant Managerannual2102 Front Desk Managerannual2013 Secretarialannual / Office Secretary2014 Controllerannual / in hotel not in corporate office2015 Accountantsannual / in hotel not in corporate office2020 if monthly Occ is more thanthen 2 GSRs will work on the second shift. Desk ClerksPer Hr Average / THIS IS NOT MIN WAGE.2030 Conciergesannual concierge pay2100 Vacation\Holiday Pay% of pay allocated for vacation for hotels less than a year is 0, for a hotel in second year is apprx 1% of entire payroll2102 Insurance & Benefits% of payroll allocated for Insurance and Medical - Family Benefits2120 Payroll Taxes +% payroll taxes2125 Workers Comp.% of payroll allocated for workers comp2126 Min Monthly Rev. (MMR)that makes GM eligible for bonus2126 Percentage of the variancefrom the MMR that will be dispersed as Bonus to GM0000000000002150 UniformsNumber of GSRs2160 Travel Expensesarbitrary amount. Monthly transportations, including for training / travel allowance for Admin staff2200 Office Suppliesper occupied room (all desk C/I, C/O forms, franchise required items, toners, copy paper, etc. For HIE it is apprx 0.552201 Postage (AR Stamps)number of active AR accounts2203 Cell phone & Data Svcsmonthly $ allowance for Admin staff for cell phone, efax, etc.2205 Dues and Sub.monthly $ arbitrary amount / admin journals etc. (not memberships)2310 Credit Card FeesPercentage of rev paid by CCCC transaction fee %include the flat fees / per transaction fees2311 Bank FeesMonthly fees. Not transaction fees. Standard bank fees if any.2312 Bad Debtsmonthly bad debt write off allowance.2800 FF&Eto purchase FF&E for admin offices. Repairs are entered in maintenance section.2999 Misc. Admin Expensemonthly misc adminRooms Department3010 HHKper hr3011 Inspectorsper occupied room ($0.45 per rooms if you have more enough rooms to require inspectors in addition to HHK)3020 Laundryper occupied room ($0.80)3025 Maidsper occupied room3030 Public Area Care PAYper hrPublic Area Care HRSHow many hrs a day you will need Public Area Care and Cleaning?3040 Van Drivers PAYper hrVan Drivers HRSHow many hrs a day you will need dedicated van driver?3100 Vacation\Holidaysame as ADMIN Section3102 Insurance & Benefitssame as ADMIN Section3120 Payroll Taxessame as ADMIN Section3125 Workers Comp.same as ADMIN Section3126 BonusMonthly performance bonus Arbitrary Amount (Based on QA & MPR)3150 Uniforms# of HK StaffNumber of HK staff in average (not turnover)$ Cost of HK UniformAverage cost of HK Uniforms each3160 Travel ExpensesHK Travel Monthly Travel Expenses for training3200 Office Supplies$ per Occupied Room Office supplies for HK operations and NOT inroom supplies/ includes copy paper for reports3201 Postage L&FPer Month Complimentary L&F mailing3205 Dues and SubscriptionPer Month3510 Linen & TerryPer occupied room3515 Guest Room SuppliesAmenities Cost per roomCost of Inroom Amenities PER ROOM (shampoo, soap, lotion, tp, shower caps, etc.)Coffee Cost per roomCost of Inroom Coffee (not the coffeemaker)Non Capital Room Suppliescoffee makers, alarm clocks, iron-iron board, covers, blankets etc (increases by hotel age)3520 HK Daily Suppliesper occupied room3525 HK Capital Suppliesper occupied room3525 Laundry Chemsper occupied room3800 FF&E for HK & Lndryper occupied room / noncapital items3999 Misc Room Expensesper occupied roomBusiness Services4010 Office ClerksFor hotels with staffed business centerpay per hrhrs per week4100 Vacation HolidaySame as ADMIN Section4102 Insurance & BenefitsSame as ADMIN Section4120 Payroll TaxesSame as ADMIN Section4125 Workers CompSame as ADMIN Section4126 Bonusmonthly4150 Uniformsmonthly4160 Travel Expensesmonthly4200 Office Suppliesmonthly4201 Postagemonthly4205 Dues and Subscriptionmonthly4800 FF&Emonthly4999 Misc Biz Service ExpnsmonthlySales & Marketing5010 DOS&Mannual5011 Sales Managerannual5012 Group Salesannual5013 Banquette Salesannual5014 SMERF Salesannual5015 Corporate Salesannual5016 Property Salesannual5017 Sales Office Managerannual5100 Vacation/HolidaySame as Admin5102 Insurance & BenefitsSame as Admin5120 Payroll TaxesSame as Admin5125 Workers CompSame as Admin5126 Bonus Monthly AverageMonthly Average when min rev metMin Room Rev EligibilityMin monthly Rev that must be met before bonus can be paid to sales dept.5150 Uniformsannual uniform allowance for sales department5160 Travel ExpensesMonthly sales, travel, mileage and training allowance5200 Office SuppliesOnly for office paperwork. Not sales & marketing materials.5201 PostageOffice use, marketing, mailouts, etc.5203 Cell phones & Data Svcs5205 Dues and Subscription5510 Print Advertising5515 Media Advertising5520 Outdoor Advertising5525 Promotional Items5610 Travel Agency Com.CRO Contribution0.0%% of room revenue is contributed via/by CRO/CRS based on 90% commissionable rate.5620 Franchise FeesThe percentage of the rev paid as franchise fees / except TA5670 Evening ReceptionPercentage of Rev5680 Sales EntertainmentPercentage of Rev5800 FF&EPercentage of Rev for Sales Office Furniture Purchase5999 Misc Sales ExpensesPercentage of RevF&BIs hotel full service?NY or N6010 F&B Managerannual pay for F&B Manager / not breakfast person6011 Chefsannual pay / accumulative of all chefs6012 Cooksannual pay / accumulative of all cooks6013 Bartendersannual pay / accumulative of all bartenders6014 Servers & Wait Staffper occupied room is $0.75 for full service hotels$0.006015 Breakfast Host/esses$0.00per hr/ breakfast hostess (calculates for one host only per day)6100 Vacation/HolidaySame as ADMIN6102 Insurance & BenefitsSame as ADMIN6120 Payroll TaxesSame as ADMIN6125 Workers CompSame as ADMIN6126 Bonusmonthly average / contingent6150 Uniforms hosts & serversmonthly average6160 Travel Expenses6200 Office Suppliesincludes all menus, tickets, cash machine etc.6201 Postage6205 Dues and Subscription6210 Free Breakfast Costper occupied room and only for hotels offering free breakfast6230 Suite Shoppeper occupied room6240 PCR Giftsper bag cost for each eligible PCR MemberPCR GiftsPercentage of the guests qualified to receive a PC BagFood & BeverageIn average how many customers order from your restaurant monthly ? Includes dining in, room service and take out.Food & BeverageIn average how many customers order from your Bar Monthly? Includes dining in and room service.6510 Food & Grocery (Full)Monthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6513 BeveragesMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6520 Cooking MaterialsMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6530 CookwareMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6540 ServewareMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6550 Dining Room SuppliesMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels$0.00$0.006800 FF&E Kitchen and DiningMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotels6999 Misc F&BMonthly/ Occ Room for full service hotelsRestaurant TicketBar Ticket$0.00Based on your numbers this should be your min ticket for Restaurant to break even0.00$0.00Based on your numbers this should be your min ticket for Bar to break even0.00$0$0$0Property Maintenance7010 Director of Engineeringannual pay7011 Chief Engineersannual pay7012 Maintenance Staffannual pay7013 Grounds menannual pay7050 Chief of Risk Managementannual pay7051 Safety Officersannual pay7100 Vacation\HolidaySame as ADMIN7102 Insurance & BenefitsSame as ADMIN7120 Payroll TaxesSame as ADMIN7125 Workers Comp.Same as ADMIN7126 Bonusmonthly optional7150 Uniformsmonthly7160