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Horror Genre Conventions Callum Carmichael

Horror Genre Conventions

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  • 1. Horror Genre Conventions Callum Carmichael

2. Setting Conventions Isolated Area Urban Area Dark Streets/Alleyways Ghost Towns Woodlands Empty House/Cabin/Hotels Basements Run down cities Countryside Asylums Abandoned area Lakes Roads 3. Conventional Technical Codes High and Low Angles to connote fear and power Point of View allow audience to see through the person viewand put you into the world of there terror Handheld Shots creates a more terrifying experience andbring the audience into the action Sound Effects an extremely important feature to create fearthrough diegetic sounds such as heartbeats Editing creates mood through build up from slow cutting andtransition to action through quick cuts and transitions 4. Iconography Visual Often dark tones and highlights within the visual style of horror as well asconsistent relations between red and black to connote fear and death within the filmitself a common convention of the horror genre Lighting Lighting is a very important component of the iconography of a horrorfilm/trailer due to the way in which it expresses fear and horror. Low lighting is mainlyused within the horror genre to represent the unknown and create shadows to sparkthe audience imagination and create fearful emotions Props Props are used within the horror genre to help identify the particular genre andthe style of horror common props associated with horror are religious symbols, knivesand masks which connote the fearfulness and horror of the movie and represents thehorror genre through its common convention Monsters The monsters iconography within the horror movie connote the fear,disgust, supernatural and extreme nature of the horror movie and the frighteningemotions that are portrayed within the movie 5. Narrative Todorov narrative structure suggested that conventional narratives are structured infive stages and these are common with horror movies: A state of equilibrium at the outset; A disruption of the equilibrium by some action; A recognition that there has been a disruption; An attempt to repair the disruption; A reinstatement of the equilibrium In Overcoming the Monster stories which is very common within the horror genre thehero/heroes must overcome a dark evil creature/person/entity that has exerted an evildestructive force over a place, persons or people. Levis-Strass Binary Opposition Theory of Good v Evil is also a very common conventionwithin the horror genre and used within the films and film trailers. 6. Themes Good vs. Evil Religion Supernatural Revenge Death Zombies Nightmares Psychological Gore Insanity Suicide Fantasy Thriller Fear Terror