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Please find reference letters and my CV attached to the email.

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  • kylieryderarchitectural portfolio

  • All photographs on title pages taken by Kylie Ryder

  • contents

    about me 1manifesto 2

    2011 gallery 3

    2012 2 animals and people 5timber 6guests 7firehouse 9

    2013 city of the silent 11human rights museum 133 castles 15

    Group GSA university of wollongong 17

    Stauch Vorster Architects International oando wings 21lakowe lakes sports centre 23



  • about me

    For as long as I can remember I have had a keen interest in the built environment. As trivial as it seems, I began becoming interested in architecture when I went to nu-merous show houses around the city. In spite of always having a passion for not only architecture but art, I sometimes found it difficult to find a point to begin and to ulti-mately find my identity as an architect.

    When I started university at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, I be-gan to explore what I want to do and more importantly, find a way in which I could express myself and make an impact on other people. Over the last couple of years studying, I have been exposed to many different kinds of projects and been chal-lenged to create new and innovative forms and spaces. From a simple house in Brix-ton, Johannesburg to a large scale hotel in the heart of the city centre, I have been given the opportunity to explore different programmes and the various ways in which one can approach projects that are set before them in the working world.

    We live in a very fast paced society and I believe it is important that as architects we create spaces and forms that begin to move people in new ways; spaces that slow down a moment, even to a standstill, so at that point in time, architecture creates meaning in society.

    I hope one day that I can gain enough experience to create buildings that are meaningful and make people stop and think and at the same time continue to learn from the world around me.


    When I began studying architecture I had no idea how engrossed and passionate I would become about the field. Over the last 3 years of studying and especially this last year of practical work, I have realised more than ever that I am doing ex-actly what I should be doing- learning about and influencing the world around me, and ultimately becoming an architect.

    Many people can be an architect, but I want to be a true designer. I hope to be someone who can challenge themselves, as well as the archi-tectural community in order to create new and innovative ideas that form a part of crucial steps towards the future.

    But to be everything I hope to be, I need to keep learning and growing in order to develop myself and my identity as an architect, and my postgrad-uate studies will offer me this opportunity.


  • manifesto

    Architecture is a form that stands strong today, but stands even stronger tomorrow.

    Without light, architecture does not speak to a person. It begins to fail and dull into a fast- paced society that chal-lenges it continually. When experienc-ing a space, one should feel a sense of brightness and it should exude a quality of light that makes any person feel com-fortable and at home. One should feel as if the architecture creates a space in which they could spend a lot of time. It should not only be a feeling of imminent departure, but rather invite the person to feel content and relaxed.

    Architecture is not necessarily about designing in a specific way, but rather about designing in a way that is suitable in context of the situation. Creating a form is about fitting it into its environ-ment and it is very important that in cre-ating a space, it becomes sustainable in itself. Forms should be an expression of their surroundings and should in a way, sit lightly on the ground and not com-pete with what lies around it.

    Architecture is a form that stands strong today, but stands even stronger tomor-

    row. It is about looking towards the future and using the context as a muse. It should not age, but rather adapt with change and continuity. It is important to look towards the future and how a building is not only sustainable, but relatable in years to follow. It should display a certain extent of conscious-ness for its surroundings. Not only should it be conscious of the way in which it sits upon the ground, it should also realise the greater context in which it surrounds itself.

    Architecture is about looking deeper into a project. It should not only speak of a visible form, but also of all the small-er elements that connect together to form it. One should design keeping even the smallest element in mind, looking at the specifics that will ultimately make the project a unique one. It should be about the entirety of the project once each one of those elements are moulded and formed together. Alone they stand as a detail, but together they stand as architecture.

  • 2

  • section auniversity work

  • 2011This year was very much about beginning my architectural journey. It was the combination of understanding the concept of space and ergonomics in design, and the most critical

    basics in construction.


  • gallery

    A famous artist is visiting South Africa in a few months time. Using the Melville Koppies as your site, design a gallery and a residence for your given artist. The aim of this project is that you design a place that the artist can visit throughout the year, and use this gallery to portray his or her work for all locals and tourists to see. In addition, you must design an intervention that can work hand in hand with the gallery which will follow.

    The project must specifically relate to your artist and the work he or she does, so do not design a massive complex if not necessary. Use your time wisely to create a comfortable space comprising of a workable studio space for the artist, as well as a space that visitors feel comfortable to visit. In terms of a resi-dence, look at the artists needs in terms of space and design accordingly.



    The idea is that the building is wrapped within the landscape. It begins to speak of the work of Christo as arms extend into the landscape, securing it within its environment.

    In a way, the building is like a shell by the sea, clinging to its surroundings, unmoved, as it is constantly changing.

    Th buidling takes on an organic form that cor-responds to the artists work.


  • 4

  • 2012This year was about finding my own architectural style that would be a true expression of who i am. It was about making sure i was respectful to the context of the project and ex-

    perimenting with my own style in design , and about the development of methods and ideas in order to create detailed sets of drawings in construction.

    2 animals and people




  • 2 animals and peopleAnimals and people live in close proximity all across the world.

    This project aims for you to design a space that can provide a comfortable living space for not only two random local animals, but also for people.

    A coastal site in Croatia has been divided evenly between the second year class into 60 long narrow sites that will challenge you in terms of space and dealing with it appropriately. This entails you to be creative with the context of your brief and come up with an innovative story about how these animals came to be together with humans in this specific space, but also requires that you look carefully at the different climatic conditions of the site as they will differ to South Africa greatly.

    Two animals chosen for the project: Donkey and Shark



    This design focuses on the concept of ribs. It begins by looking at the idea of ribs as a form of protection in the human body and the application of this concept to a building.

    Thus these ribs begin to form the backbone of this building, and encompass the structure by entirely enfolding around it.


  • Draw and build a model of a partial section through a timber building you will design.

    Design the roof space to be utilized (further than ceiling void or service space) e.g. to bring in light, storage, provide additional accommodation, viewing deck, roof garden etc. This project will require you to research timber methods of construction in South Africa and come up with reasonable and appropriate solutions to the construction problems you may have.

    The minimum submission requirements are a 1:20 scale model made out of timber (preferably recycled or left over timber), and a fully annotated 1:20 hand drawn partial section as per the model.

    An axonometric drawing is welcome as the perimeter section.

  • guestsIn 2008 for the first time, more than 50% of the worlds popula-tion lived in cities. By 2011, 1 billion people lived in urban slums, a figure that is expected to be doubled by 2030. The site of this project is located in Johannesburgs central business district.

    Although considered for a long time as the most dangerous place in South Africa, it offers a variety of types of accom-modation including rental apartments of different sizes, hotel rooms and hostels which make it a unique urban fabric that is, which against all odds, is vibrant, multi cultured and exemplary in its own way.

    The recommended programme (according to context and municipal requirements) is accommodation facilities of at least 50- 60% (including rooms, toilets, bathrooms, shower), total circulation space of maximum 15%, communal space (recep-tion, hall, hospitality) of 10%, service space (storage, kitchen, office, personnel) of 10 % and trading space of 10%.

    Possible types of accommodation that studen