Honors Calculus Back-to-School Night 2015-2016. Honors Calculus  About the course About the course  About the students About the students  About the

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<p>Honors Calculus</p> <p>Back-to-School Night2015-2016Honors CalculusAbout the courseAbout the studentsAbout the instructorAbout the Course: General InformationHonors CalculusFirst semester college calculus courseLimitsDerivativesIntegralsRelated RatesDifferential EquationsParticle MotionVolume and Area</p> <p>About the Course: GradingAbout the Course: Retake PolicyGenerally, students may retake ONE unit test per marking periodReasonable exceptions will be consideredIllness, injury, family matter, etc.Students must demonstrate that they are now better prepared for the retakeAfter school help is availableDigital Office HoursAbout the StudentsHonors CalculusBack-to-School Night2015-2016About the Students: ResourcesLaptopseBookWebAssignMy WebsiteSymbalooTwitter: @MalculusSVHSeMail: jmalaczewski@pdsd.orgGraphing Calculator: TI-84CTextbook: Stewart Calculus Early Transcendentals, 7th ed.About the Students: CommunicationStudents have access to Digital Office HourseMail TwitterWebAssign Ask Your Teacher buttonActual Office HoursAfter School HelpScheduleCalendarAP Test practice sessionsMarch/April: weekend and evening sessions***ONLY IF INTERESTED IN TAKING AP CALCULUS EXAM IN MAYAbout the InstructorHonors CalculusBack-to-School Night2015-2016About the InstructorTeaching in Penn Delco since 1998Yes, longer than many of the students have been aliveStarted at Northley Middle School in 1998Transferred to Sun Valley in 2004Taught every course from Pre-Algebra through CalculusGraduated West Chester University in 1998Post-Graduate studies at Saint Josephs UniversityMarried to Ms. Malaczewski (AP Psychology)Three sons: Joey (12), Luke (8), Nicky (5)About the InstructorPBS CommitteeNational Math Honor Society ()Math ClubDepartment ChairSki ClubUltimate Frisbee</p>