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The Northwest Missourian's Homecoming guide

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  • Homecoming 09mnmissourian

    Where a kid can be a kid

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  • First United Methodist Church wishes Students, Faculty & Alums

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    Heritage Worship Sundays at 9:00 am Jubilee Worship Sundays at 11:10 am

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  • Thursday, Oct. 225 p.m. - Homecoming Buffet, Union 7 p.m. - Variety Show, Houston Center 9 p.m. - Royalty Crowning, Houston Center10 p.m. - Bowling, Bearcat Lanes All Day - Homecoming Archives Display,

    Library All Day- Penny Wars, UnionFriday, Oct. 23

    8:30 a.m. - Bell Ringing, Bell Of 48 8:30 a.m. - Golden Years Class Reunion, Alumni

    House 10:15 a.m. - Installation Ceremony, Houston

    Center 11 a.m. - Homecoming Golf Classic, Mozingo 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Walk Out Day Celebration,

    Colden Pond Noon- Open Houses & Academic Showcases,

    Campus-wide 2 p.m. - Flag Raising Ceremony, International

    Plaza 3:30 p.m. - Renovation Dedication, Valk Center4 p.m. - Inauguration Grand Reception,

    Administration Building.

    6:30 p.m. - Golden Years Reception, Alumni House

    7 p.m. - M-Club Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Union

    7 p.m. - Variety Show, Houston Center

    7 p.m. - Volleyball Match, Bearcat Arena

    All Day - Homecoming Archives Display, Library

    All Day, Penny WarsSaturday, Oct. 24

    8 a.m. - Homecoming Welcome, Alumni House

    9 a.m. - Parade 11:30 a.m. - Soccer Match, Bearcat

    Pitch 11:30 a.m. - Bearcat Zone, College

    Park 1:30 p.m. - Football Game,

    Bearcat Stadium 6 p.m. - Volleyball Match, Bearcat Arena All Day - Homecoming Archives Display,

    Library Sunday, Oct. 25

    1 p.m. - Awards Ceremony, Ballroom



    ThursdayOct. 22, 2009b4


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    Homecoming Schedule of Events

    photo courtesy tower yearbook

    PHI MU MEMBERS Amanda Arthur and Catherine Euwer shouts to the crowd as she walks in the parade last Homecoming. This years parade begins at 9 a.m. Saturday.

  • Missourian


    ThursdayOct. 22, 2009 B5


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    Barbers of the Ville Olio Act

    Bobbys First Girl Boy PartySigma Sigma Sigma & Alpha Gamma Rho

    Bobbys First Girl Boy Party Olio Act

    Malibu Maryville Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Kappa Lambda

    Zeta Phi BetaOlio Act

    T.O.Y.S. Phi Mu & Tau Kappa Epsilon

    ZiggidaBuzz, Olio Act

    Bobbys Adventure Through TV GuideAlpha Sigma Alpha & Phi Sigma Kappa

    Chacey Steen and Friends Skit Olio Act

    The Magic CookiesSigma Kappa & Phi Delta Theta

    Bearcat SteppersOlio Act

    Bobby and Teds Excellent Adventures Olio Act

    varieTy show

    organizations come together to entertain

  • Missourian


    ThursdayOct. 22, 2009b6


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    Welcome BackAlumni


    nighTly acTiviTies

    PalmsFriday, Oct. 23

    Friday Happy Hour-Bud Promotion-In-troducing Bud Light Golden Wheat

    Friday night band: Eliminator- ZZ Top trib-ute Band

    Saturday, Oct. 24

    Saturday after the game: Dustin Baird

    Saturday night band: RetroActive- 80s cover band

    BurnysFriday, Oct. 23

    Friday night: DJ

    Saturday, Oct. 24

    Saturday morning: Bis-cuits and gravy

    Saturday night: DJ

    The OutbackSaturday, Oct. 24

    Saturday morning: Kegs and Eggs

    Heres a list of fun stuff to do that the University didnt tell you about

    file photo

    MARC HAWKINS SITS at the Palms bar last Mardi Gras. Many local busi-nesses are offering spe-cial events in honor of homecom-ing.

  • Missourian


    ThursdayMarch 19, 2009 B7


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    hoMecoMing Parade 08

    a Look Back

    Left: the Marching Bearcats performed in last years homecoming parade. the theme for homecoming was Lights! camera! Bearcats!

    right: BJ DU-VaLL WaLKs around in the oompa loompa costume for Phi Delta thetas theme of Willy Wonka and the choco-late factory at last years homecoming parade.

    photos courtesy tower yearbook

  • starting at 8p.m. on Friday Oct. 23



    ThursdayOct. 22, 2009b8


    walk ouT day

    Students celebrate long time traditionBy Kylie GuierAsst. News Editor

    The University has numerous traditions dur-ing Homecoming week, and Walkout Day is one of the most prominent.

    Every year on the Fri-day prior to Homecoming, all classes are cancelled and the flags are raised on the International Plaza.

    History and humani-ties associate professor Janice Brandon-Falcone wrote the book Transi-tions, A Hundred Years of Northwest which details the tradition of Walkout Day.

    According to the book, the tradition started in 1915 when students from

    two literary societies qui-etly made plans to walk out of class. The Eurekans and Philomatheans duti-fully showed up for their 8 a.m. classes, when sud-denly a bugle sound