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If you are a homeowner at a busy tourist destination, enjoy good earning opportunity by turning your house into a homestay. Once you convert your house into a homestay, it important that you to do your homework to attract guests. Here is a get started guide to help you develop a popular homestay.


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    Home Owners Guide to get startedIf you are a homeowner at a busy tourist destination, enjoy good earning opportunity by turning yourhouse into a homestay. Once you convert your house into a homestay, it important that you to do yourhomework to attract guests. Here is a get started guide to help you develop a popular homestay.

    This guide tells you about

    How to develop checklist of Facilities and Amenities Activities Attractions Rates Availability

    How to Write a perfect banner for

    your listing Upload Photos

    How to Take photos of your property Make it attractive to

    travelers To convert inquiries into


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    How to write a Banner to get noticedAlthough you can change your advertisement anytime, it is best to get it done perfect the very first timeto make an impact.

    Keep it short and simple Choose your words

    carefully to make strongimpression and to capture thetravelers attention.

    Create thisadvertisement as if you aregoing to place it on a mainhighway hoarding.

    Make it uniqueSince no two homestays are similar, mention what makes your homestay unique and special. Create animpression that helps you stand out of the crowd.

    Make it seasonal If your area hosts any cultural event in the coming season, create a

    banner mentioning about that event or festival to attract the travelerswho might be tempted to explore that opportunity.

    While writing a headline, include keywords like location, category(luxury or budget), type of location (beach or city centre) and facilities.

    Describing your propertyPortray the best picture of your property; provide details

    Sell your property firstDescribe the best features of your homestay. To make it more compelling, add local area attractions too.

    Explain your property to particular traveler typeSince different travelers come with different expectations of a place, describe the benefits of yourproperty to a particular type of traveler like nature explorers, honeymoon couples or romantic couples,families with children or older people.

    Finding your property on web

    Using right keywords is of great importance while describing your property.Use the names of main tourist attractions, activities, events, restaurants inyour area.

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    Use perfect Pictures Display your property Capture different pictures of your property from different sides and upload on your HomeStay360

    listing. It increases your propertys exposure.

    Capturing different areas of your propertyTake vibrant photos of

    Living Room Dining Area Master Bedroom 2nd bedroom Kitchen Verandah

    How to take good photos Capture your

    property in best condition To make it best fit,

    use a standard landscapeformat.

    Use 500X300 sized or larger digital photos. Use your photo software to save only a JPEG digitalimage format only.

    Once you have chosen the photos to be uploaded, write a small caption for each photo todescribe it.

    How to upload your pictures online

    Follow the steps if you have used digital camera to take pictures

    Step 1 : There are a few small boxes given with each listing. These slots are for uploading photos.

    Click the link given upload a photo here.

    Step 2 ; Upload new photo screen prompts you to browse the photo stored inside your computer.

    Once you find the photo, click the open button to finally upload the photo.

    Step 3: Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until you upload all the 10 photos.

    Step 4: Click Save Changes button to save the photos. It takes 2-3 days to get your photos


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    Home Stay Checklist

    This is important to create a checklist of amenities, attractions and activities in yourarea.

    How to reach Airport Train Station Highway Bus

    Leisure Activities Sightseeing Movies Theatre Exhibition

    Tourist Attractions Historical sites Picnic Areas Museums Shopping areas Water parks Theme Parks

    Conveniences Restaurants Laundry ATM/Bank Hospital General stores

    Communication Phone Computer Internet Access

    Services Baby Sitting Spa/Beauty Food Beverages

    Entertainment TV CD player DVD player Books Video games Kids toys

    Availability Day, week, month Spring Summer Winter Year-round Holidays

    More Facilities Balcony Garden Outdoor pool Hot tub/spa Sauna

    Kitchen Refrigerator Microwave Coffee Maker

    Indoor comforts Air conditioning Ceiling fans # of bedrooms Type of beds (twin, double, queen, king) Total # of guests your home can accommodate Type of bathrooms # of bathrooms

    Guest Resources Local activities

    guide Local maps Dining guide

    Parking Garage Driveway parking On-street parking

    Luxury Amenities Car - included w/stay Daily maid service Personal chef Private staff Chauffeur Concierge

    Rental Terms Housecleaning

    included Housecleaning

    optional Cleaning fee

    Start-up Household Supplies Soap- basic Shampoo Hair dryer Toilet paper Bottled water Filtered water Laundry detergent

    Rental Rates that you charge Peak/off-peak season Weekly Weekend (2 nights) Weekend per night Nightly Extra person

    Look around to gauge competition

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    Right Pricing is the key

    Gather information about the pricing of similar properties in the area.Check listings at Homestay360 to check rates. It helps you setcompetitive rates for your property. Do not forget to check rate in thenearby hotels that are offering same amenities as hotels are yourbiggest competitors.

    Lowering of ratesIf you want your property to be booked faster than any similar propertyaround, keep rate of your property a bit low.

    Get higher ratesIf you want rent out your property at higher rates, communicate more effectively about the specialfeatures of your property.

    How to turn Inquiries into bookings

    Show ready response

    Be an early bird if you want to gain more. Be prompt to answer all queries within a days time. Homeowners, who make response within 24 hours time, get more bookings.

    Bit Tips

    Do not forget to say thanks to travelers for querying! Keep boasting about the amenities and special features of your homestay to impress travelers. Be sure to provide correct contact information.

    Keep updating calendars

    To ensure that your listing comes higher into search results, keep itscalendar updated. Travelers also check availability of property before contacting.

    So what are you waiting for?To list your property visit our website now www.homestay360.com