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EM/Lector Schedule


HOLY WEEK (March 28, 29, 30) / EASTER SUNDAY (March 31) 2013 GATE OF HEAVEN / SAINT BRIGID CHURCHES HOLY THURSDAY GATE OF HEAVEN CHURCH 7:00 PM Lectors: Maureen Hurley, Kathy Sullivan Eucharistic Ministers (cup): Jean Frost, Kevin Martin, Diane Keighley, Michael Neff GOOD FRIDAY GATE OF HEAVEN CHURCH 3:00 PM 1st Reading and Voice: Bill Baldwin 2nd Reading and Narrator: Caitlin Webb Eucharistic Ministers (cup): Michael Neff, Jack Linehan, Alice McGrail GOOD FRIDAY ST. BRIGID CHURCH 7:00 PM 1st Reading and Voice: Sr. Janet 2nd Reading and Narrator: Helen Costello Eucharistic Ministers (cup): Pat Reid, Diane Keighley, Jim Fowkes HOLY SATURDAY VIGIL ST. BRIGID CHURCH 7:30 PM Readers: (Reading #1) Kevin Delehanty (Reading #3) Chris Hamilton (Reading #5) Elaine Connolly Epistle: Maureen Hurley and Prayers of the Faithful: Maureen Hurley Eucharistic Ministers (cup): Michael Neff, Ellen Contreras, Jean Frost, Paul Kasiola EASTER SUNDAY, SUNRISE MASS AT CASTLE ISLAND TIME 6:28 AM Lector: Bob Shields Eucharistic Ministers: Michael Neff, Peggy Flaherty, Pat Reid, Pat Stockbridge, Bill Watts EASTER SUNDAY ST. BRIGID CHURCH - 8:00 AM Lector: David Goodhue Eucharistic Ministers: Jim Fowkes, Sr. Janet EASTER SUNDAY ST. BRIGID CHURCH - 9:00 AM Lector: Michael Neff Eucharistic Ministers: Pat Menjin, Diane Keighley EASTER SUNDAY GATE OF HEAVEN CHURCH - 9:00 AM Lector: Elaine Connolly Eucharistic Ministers: Rachel Higgins, Leslie Coffey, Kevin Martin, Kathy Sullivan EASTER SUNDAY ST. BRIGID CHURCH 10:30 AM Lector: Nate Beecher Eucharistic Ministers: Michael Neff, Helen Costello EASTER SUNDAY GATE OF HEAVEN CHURCH 12 NOON Lector: Alice McGrail Eucharistic Ministers: Michael Neff, Paul Kasiola


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