Holy spirit-The Supernatural Power

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The concept of Holy Spirit is revealed. Insightful understanding of the holy spirit will bring people supernatural powers. Humility, Meditation, Love for the fellow being and above all serving other seeing themselves can help to get more understanding on Holy Spirit.

Text of Holy spirit-The Supernatural Power

  • 1. HOLY SPIRITThe Supernatural Power

2. Every human has spirit inthem but few have spirit which is Holy 3. Lack ofconcentration has led our spirit materialist 4. ...Hence unable to find theGod in ME 5. Concept ofHoly SpiritRevealed? 6. The God iswithin you 7. With Holy spirityour mind isjoined with Godsmind 8. It will Speakbehalf of you 9. How will itworks? 10. Will tell you what to say at the moment... 11. It will tell you what to do... 12. It will guideWhere to lead the life to... 13. Guide you in all themoments of your life... 14. ...a helper 15. He teaches you all thingthat are required in yourdaily activities 16. Lead you to truth 17. Your righthand, comforter and thehelper 18. Will take away all thatare negative 19. How to induce theHoly Spirit in You? 20. Have a one minute thought on the concept...