Holocaust & genocide

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Holocaust & genocide. The Holocaust, Residential schools in Canada, & the Zulu kingdom War. Table of contents. The German Holocaust The Residential Schools in Canada The Zulu Empire Similarities and Differences The 8 stages of Genocide Conclusion. The holocaust. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Holocaust & genocide

Holocaust & genocideThe Holocaust, Residential schools in Canada, & the Zulu kingdom WarTable of contentsThe German HolocaustThe Residential Schools in CanadaThe Zulu EmpireSimilarities and DifferencesThe 8 stages of Genocide Conclusion

The holocaustIt began with a simple boycott of Jewish shops and ended in the gas chambers at Auschwitz as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers attempted to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe.Adolf Hitler came into power of Germany in January of 1933.Jewish people were slowly forced out of German society due to the numerous laws the were put in place, culminating in the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 which deprived them of their German citizenship and forbade intermarriage with non-Jews. They were removed from schools, banned from the professions, excluded from military service, and were even forbidden to share a park bench with a non-Jew.Jewish people in the Nazi Reich were rounded up and sent to ghettos, labour , and concentration camps.Four million Jewish people were gassed in the death camps and another two million were either shot or killed in the ghettos.Seven months later, the Nuremberg War Crime Trials began, with 22 surviving top Nazis charged with crimes against humanity.

Residential schools in canadaThe first residential facilities were developed in New France by Catholic missionaries to provide care and schooling. The death toll was over 3,000.Children in the schools were abused, verbally, sexually, and physically.In 1884 the Indian Act was amended to include compulsory residential school attendance for status Indians under age 16. The Roman Catholics operated three-fifths, the Anglicans one-quarter and the Methodists and Presbyterians the remainder. Students were forced to speak English or French, and were punished if they spoke their own native languages. The last Indian Residential School was closed in 1996.

The zulu kingdom warShaka was the founder of the Zulu Empire.The death toll was around 2 million.Shaka rose to power among the ranks in the Mthethwa Empire, soon to assume the throne at the death of ruler Dingiswayo, who had been killed in battle at the hands of Zwide, the king of Ndwandwe.From the 1810s until its destruction by the British in 1879, the Zulu kingdom was the largest in southeastern Africa.Prisoners of war, women, children, and even dogs were killed. Shaka became a symbol of African barbarism.Some people saw Shaka as a heroic figure, yet many others South Africans have seen Shaka as an oppressor who indiscriminately slaughtered not only his opponents, but also innocent noncombatants, including women and children..

similaritiesThe Holocaust and the Zulu War are similar in that they were both in a war time, and that many people killed in the genocide were killed through war.The Holocaust and the Residential Schools in Canada are similar in that the people being prosecuted were lied to and told they were being protected, when really they were abused, starved and or killed.The Zulu War and the Residential School System are similar in that they were both people who had taken over another country and tried to make the native people of those countries adopt the invaders culture and abandon their own.

differencesThe Holocaust and the Zulu War were different in that the Nazis were trying to eliminate an entire group of people in order to create what they called the Master Race, and the Zulus were just creating a huge empire and killing anyone who got in their way.The Holocaust and the Residential Schools were different in that the Residential School System was put in place to try and assimilate the Aboriginal peoples of Canada into European culture, not to exterminate them like the Holocaust.The Residential Schools in Canada and the Zulu War were different in that The Zulus were waging a war against the South of Africa, and people were brutally murdered in the course of this, where as the Residential Schools were supposed to be good for the children who attended, when really they were being horribly abused and mistreated.

8 Stages of GenocideClassificationSymbolizationDehumanizationOrganizationPolarizationPreparationExterminationDenial

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