Holocaust Genocide of Jews 2. Define genocide 1. Dates of the holocaust Add at least one ”summation” 3. picture to this slide

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  • HolocaustGenocide of Jews2.Define genocide1.Dates of the holocaustAdd at least one summation 3.picture to this slide

  • WHY?German SupremacyHitler would create a PURE GermanyComprised of the Aryan race*1Aryan race *2Jews were not German*3WealthierHomosexuals, disabled people and Gypsies were also eliminated from Germany

    4.Define term. Be sure to give 5.physical characteristics.Add at least one 6.picture and a 7.map of Germany

  • HOW?8.Create a heading for Dachau concentration camp9.List 2 facts about Dachau concentration camp*1Go to KACV WWII interview segments from Meryl Barnett and display a 10.fact about WHY the general did not want people entering or leaving Dachau 11.list a quote stating what was inside the train carsGo to KACV WWII interview segments of Rosa Brewer (liberation and living)12.and list at least 2 quotes or facts from Mrs Brewers interviews

  • HOW?13.Create a heading for Auschwitz concentration camp14.List 2 facts about Auschwitz concentration camp15.Include a picture and explanation for the ovens at Auschwitz16.Include a picture of a Holocaust prisoner

  • HOW?*1Listen to Eddie Moores eyewitness account from the KACV WWII video clips and create a bullet for his 17.experience at the concentration campMiscellaneous experiences of TX PANHANDLE VETERANS*2Listen to Bill Rices eyewitness account from the KACV WWII video clips and create a bullet for his 18.experience at the concentration camp*3Listen to Joe Glovers eyewitness account from the KACV WWII video clips and create a bullet for his 19.experience involving the concentration camps20.Summation picture /background

    *Students will use their text book or simple google search to complete this slidesummation it should try to express the mood / overall feeling of the Holocaust. It may be a picture, symbol or a background just something that represents the holocaust to them. EXAMPLE a bright yellow background w/a rainbow would probably not be a choice. You might choose to illustrate(add picture/bckgrnd) this slide LAST**1 Friedrich Schlegel, a German scholar came up with theory that this ancient term meant an honorable people

    *2 Jews in Germany as the main non-Aryan people because of their Semitic roots; a distinction thus arose in their minds between Jews and the true Aryan Germans, a distinction that later furnished unfortunate fodder for the racial theories of the Nazis. http://www.answers.com/topic/aryan*3 Jews tended to be more successful in business adventures, therefore made more money. Some scholars believe that the German people did not gripe so much about the removal of the jews because Hitler took the jewish belongings/property and spread it around to the less wealthy people. Hitler's Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State by Gotz Aly

    **1 the address below is the internet interview : web address for online interview of Meryl BarnettThe students should listen to Mr Barnetts story then chose a quote to type into this slide as part of the presentation. BE SURE the quote is in quotations followed by : Meryl Barnett **

    *1 internet address for Eddie Moores interviewTo create a BULLET use your format button the BULLET is not necessary. I would just like to see some brief facts about what these hometown heroes witnessed*2 internet address of Bill Rices interview*3 internet address of Joe Glovers interview