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  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf


  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf




    Here's what you do:1.

    Go to search the video on youtube video hosting website or usethe link below2.Click on the video you want to watch below.3.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! (You can pause and

    rewind the video.)4.Answer the listening comprehension questions below thevideo.

    5.Check your answers with your session leader.

    Adventureland Clip - Games Guy (HD)link :

    QUESTIONS: Circle one answer only.

    1. How many giant pandas is James allowed togive away?Two per dayNoneThree per day

    2. Which department does James want to work in?ridesgamesfood

    3. When the man says that James looks like more like a "games guy", hemeans that ____________________.

    James looks like he plays a lot of video games

    James would fit in better in the games "section"James looks like he plays mind games with people

    4. The general rule at the amusement park is that ___________________.nothing is freeyou can let your friends ride for freeyou can let family members ride for free

    5. The man ______________________.seems somewhat interested in James' resume

    wants to take a look at James' resumedoesn't really care about James' resume


  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf


    Talent shows real ly do work, or do they?Twenty-year-old Kelly Clarkson was acocktai l waitress at a comedy clubS in Arl ington, Texas, until she entered - andwon - the Fox TV show, AMERICAN foOL - THE SEARCH FORASUPERSTAR, Included inthe pri ze was a record dea l6 , She released an album that inc luded a single, AMoment Like This (RCA!. which is sti l l in the char ts more than s ix months afteri ts release, helped no doubt by the exposure that Kelly gained from performing

    fo r 10 weeks infront of AMERICANIDOLS 25-million TVaudience, Not badfor someone whoseoriginal intention inl ifewas to become amarine biologist,but who changedhe r mind af ter see-ing the movie,JAWS?; presumablyshe decided thatbeing a pop starwas a less danger-ous way to earn aliving,

    1 ABERDDNIAN LASS: chica deAberdeen, Scotland Class'=Scottish coiL) 2 OUTRAGEOUS: escandaloso3 TO PICK: elegir 4 DRAGONFLY: libelula 5 COMEDY CLUB: club de cabarer 6 RECORD DEAL: conrratodiscografico 7 JAWS: Tiburon

    Enter theDragonflyI fWhite Stripes have chosen theelephant as the symbol of theirlatest album, then Ziggy Mar-ley, who f ormed t he Me lo dyMakers wi th the other chi ldrenof reggae superst a r Bob Marley, haspicked3 a considerably smaller creature, He has called his solo album DRAGONFLY', which wasrecently released by the Private Music label (disttibuted by BMG), The guest list includes JohnFrusciante, Flea of the Red Hot Chil i Peppers, DJ Chris Kilmore ofIncubus and David Lind-ley,Written in Jamaica and recorded in Los Angeles and Miami, DRAGONFLY covers a range ofmusical styles, although reggae is dominant.The key tracks are True to Myself, in which Marleydiscusses his personal need for sincerity, and Salaam Shalom, which is a well-timed appeal forpeace in the Middle East.

    BARE YOUR SOULAberdonian lass1 Annie Lennox waswork ing as a wait ress in London whenshe served a customer by the name ofDave Stewart , Theywent on to fo rm TheCatch, The Tour is ts and then The Euryth-mics and the res t is h is to ry , S ince the duosp li t up, Stewart 's career has had i ts upsand downs, but Lennox has establishedherself as an international superstar,The release of he r th ird solo ef for t, BARE(BMG!. will doubtless add to the 12millioncombinedsales ofhe r previ-ous twoalbumsDIVA andMEDUSA,

    HEAVY METALLICACali fornia's f inest rock band, Metall icahave released their tenth album, ST,ANGER [Elektra!. which is said to be theirheaviest, angriest album yet. "There is nodoubt there is more o f a f ire under ou r assthan ever before," f rontman James Het-f ield told MTV, The sound quality has beencr it ised, however, but the band saythat"commerc ia l ity" was far f rom their mindduring recording and they bel ieve the ma -ter ia l to be "verystrong", The albumalso comes wi tha free bonus DVDof the band's re-hearsals and a28-page bookletwith lyrics,

    FREDDIE MERCURY,S IMPLY THE GREATESTWho was the most outrageous2 rock starof al l t ime? Elvis Presley? Michael Jack-son? NOI According to the Brit ish monthlyQ, which specialises in such things [inaddit ion to those '50 Greatest a lbumsof a ll t ime ' l is ts lovedby music magazines!.it was the grea t, l ateFreddie Mercury,whi le Jackson was arespectable second andElvis a modest seventh,

    56 SPEAK UP


  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf





    Here's what you do:

    Go to search the music video on the internet.

    Write down whatever you hear first.

    Watch the video, and pay attention to it!

    You can pause and rewind the video

    Then translate the song lyrics.

    Check with your HC session leader.
  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf




  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf


    1 Circle the correct form of the verb.

    1 He travels/ s travellinga lot for his job.

    2 When did you come/ cameto New York?

    3 She can swims/ swim 5 kilometres.

    4 We dont see/ arent seeingthem this evening.

    5 They move in/ moved intwo weeks ago.

    6 Hes going to marry/ marriedher next summer.

    7 I enjoy/ m enjoyingthis party!

    8 Where is/ doesyour brother live now?

    9 Why is the policeman talking/ talkto him?

    1 point for each correct answer

    2 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.

    bought come comes are studying Did . .. buy

    did . .. meet is staying went studies was

    is staying1 My mother _______ in our house while we are onholiday.

    2 Paul _______ French four times a week.

    3 Anna _______ to the cinema last weekend.

    4 My mother _______ from Poland.

    5 My brothers _______ modern languages in Paris.

    6 When I was ten, my parents _______ me a bicycle.7 _______ Simon _______ you a present?

    8 Where _______ your father born?

    9 Who _______ you _______ last night?

    10 Where does he _______ from?

    1 point for each correct answer

    3 Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verbs inthe box.

    be be come go live not enjoy study

    isMy name (1) __ Natalia. I (2) __________ from Mlaga,in the south of Spain. I (3) __________ a student at alanguage school in London. I (4) __________ English. I(5) __________ with an English family for three months.The course is hard work and I (6) __________ it verymuch. Next week, I (7) __________ home to Mlaga for aholiday.

    2 points for each correct answer

    4 Write the question words then match 18 with ah.

    What1 _____s this in English?

    2 ______ is your teacher?

    3 ______ book is it?

    4 ______ did you park?

    5 ______ did you go on holiday?

    6 ______ much were your jeans?

    7 ______ bag is yours?

    8 ______ s the time, please?

    2 points for each correct answer

    (1 per question word, 1 for matching)

    5 Read Ginos answers. Complete the questions.

    whats your nameA Hello, (1) _____________ ?

    G Its Gino.

    A (2) ____________ come from?

    G Im from Naples.

    A (3) ____________ live now?

    G I live in Memphis now.

    A (4) ____________ move to Memphis?

    G A year ago.

    A (5) ____________ do?

    G Im a student. Im studying music.A (6) ____________ married?

    G No, Im not, but Ive got a girlfriend.

    A (7) ____________ name?

    G Belinda.

    A (8) ____________ Belinda do?

    G Shes an architect.

    1 point for each correct answer

    6 Writenoun, verb, adjective, adverb, orpreposition.

    noun1 bread ______

    2 deliver ______

    3 hot ______

    4 never ______

    5 on ______

    6 van ______

    1 point for each correct answer







    a Its his.

    b A month ago.

    c Thirty-five pounds.

    d The small blue one.

    e Its 12 oclock.

    f Marie Evans.

    g Its a bicycle.

    h Near the station.



  • 7/27/2019 intermediate english ebook.pdf


    MOVIE MANIAHere's what you do:

    1.Go to search the video on youtube video hosting website or usethe link below2.Click on the video you want to watch below.3.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! (You can pause and

    rewind the video.)4.Answer the listening comprehension questions below thevideo.5.Check your answers with your session leader.

    The Terminal Clip - Potato Chips Scene (HD)link :

    Definition & Accent. Google these words,Afraid, chance, country, fear, ghost, order, stamp,

    Choose the right option.1. Does Mr Navorsky have any fear to return to his own country?

    Yes, He does

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