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    ENGLISH Q1. 'The Canterville Ghost' by Oscar Wilde is a novel based on forgiveness and redemption of sin. Read the novel and also, watch the movie. Analyze the difference in the presentation of the story and plot between the novel and the movie. Write the review with reference to the protagonist and supporting actors. Q2. Design a folder with a collection and clippings under the following categories from the newspaper and magazines. 1. Advertisements 2. Invitation 3. Posters 4. Articles 5.Speeches Q3. Write your experience that you share with your grandparents, supporting your relationship/bonding (with 2-3 pictures) as evidence.

    Q4. Write an Essay on the topic, Why I want to visit South Korea in 300-500 words.

    Selected Entries will be sent for International Essay competitions, Exciting cash prizes

    and foreign trips awaits the best and creative entries.


    Prepare a project on any one of the following topics:- 1) Sets 2) Trigonometric functions 3) Permutations and combinations 4) Sequence and series 5) Probability Parameters of the project are: 1) Why have you selected this topic? 2) Who all (mathematicians) have contributed about this topic? 3) What are their contributions? 4) How & Where are these topics useful in higher studies? 5) What are the applications in daily life?


    Q1. Give the historical development of model of atom (discovery of sub atomic particles,models of atom ) Q2. Arrange the following in order of their increasing masses in gms a) one atom of silver b) one gram atom of nitrogen c) one mole of calcium d) 1023 atoms of carbon e) one gram of iron Q3. Commercially available conc HCl contains 38% by mass a) What is the molarity of the solution. Density is 1.19g /cm b) What is the volume of conc HCl is required to make 1.00 L of 0.10 M HCl

    Q4. Commercially available concentrated Hcl contains 38% Hcl by mass.

    a) What is the molarity of this solution the density is 1.19 gm l-1

    b) What volume at concentrated Hcl is rearise to make 1.00 at 0.10 m Hcl.

    Q.5 500 ml ot 0.250M, NA2SO4 solution is added to an aqueous solution of 15.00 g

    BaCl2 resulting in the formation of the white precipitate of insoluble BaSO4. How many

    moles and how many grams of, BaSoH are formed.


    (I) Answer the following question in a well presented manner along with illustrations. 1) State the law of conservation of energy. Give some examples in which this law is obeyed. 2) Why do we call Physics an exact science? 3) How is science different from technology? 4) Name the four basic forces in nature. Arrange them in order of their increasing strength. 5) On which scientific Principle, calculators and computers are based? 6) What does the word LASER stand for. On what principle does it work? 7) Name the scientist who received Nobel Prize twice in Physics?

    (II) Prepare a project on any one of the following: -

    1) Mechanics 2) Nanophysics 3) Optics

    4) Rotational Physics 5) Thermodynamics

    The project should include the following heads: -

    1) Basic concept

    2) Scientists contribution

  • 3) Latest researches

    4) Applications in Daily Life

    5) Conclusion

    6) Bibliography /Bibliography


    Q1. Prepare a herbarium (Any 10 plants) (Compulsory) Q.2 (Any 2) a). Prepare a report on cell; the basic unit of life. Discuss its structure and functions. Explain the various organelles of a typical plant cell and animal cells. Draw the diagram of a typical cell. b). Prepare a project report on photosynthesis. Describe the site; magnitude and history of the process. explain the mechanism of this process. What is photorespiration? Mention it importance. How is photorespiration different from photosynthesis? c). Study the Human Skeleton. Classify the axial and appendicular Skeleton and describe each type of bone with example. Define joint and explain the various types of joints with examples. d) Propagation by Plant tissue culture and the importance of vegetative propagation e). Explain the process of Decomposition and its importance in an ecosystem.


    Q1. Make a project report on any one I. Aid to trade, for example insurance and gathering information on the following aspects 1. History of insurance Lloyd's contribution 2. Development of regulatory mechanism 3. Insurance companies in India 4. Principles of insurance 5. Types of insurance. Importance of insurance to the businessman 6. Terminologies used [premium , face value , market value , maturing value, surrender value] and their meanings careers in insurance


  • II. Visit to a departmental store The students are required to observe the following 1. Different departments and their layout 2. Nature of products offered for sale 3. Display of fresh arrivals 4. Promotional campaigns 5. Spaces and advertisements 6. Assistance by sales personnel 7. Billing counter at store- cash, credit card/ debit card, swipe facility, added attractions and facility at the counter. 8. Additional facilities offered to the consumers



    ACCOUNTANCY Collect the following banking documents and paste it in a scrap file neatly. Also write briefly about all the documents 1. Cheque 2. Pay-in-slip 3. Withdrawal slip 4. Saving bank account opening form 5. Locker requisition form 6. Demand draft requisition slip 7. KYC form

    POLITICAL SCIENCE Q1. Prepare a project report (10-15 pages) on any one of the following topics: a) Values enshrined in the Indian Constitution b) Indian Judicial System with special report on judicial review and judicial activism with at least two examples each c) Development v/s Environmental degradation d) Peace and Cooperation: India's Endeavors. e) Comparison of economic prosperity: Democracy v/s Dictatorship v/s Communism (India,North Korea and China respectively) Q2. Develop a habit of reading newspaper daily. Collect news on various events (national &international), that is concerned with any field of political theory, and can be further referred as current examples concerning:

    The Parliament & the two houses

    Power sharing among various organs & levels of government

    Governmental policies to overcome societal inequalities

  • Vocational Skills training


    India's foreign relations(meetings of various dignitaries)

    Environmental issues

    Assembly elections

    Various forms of governments in different countries

    Meetings of various international agencies such as UNO, NAM, BRICS, SAARC, EU, ASEAN etc.

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION Q1. Define physical education and explain its aim and objectives in detail. Q2. Elucidate the coaching career in detail. Q3. What do you mean by concept of integrated physical education? Describe its principles. Q4 How can health threat be prevented through lifestyle change? Discuss in detail. Q5 Define physical fitness and wellness. Elaborate the importance of physical fitness and wellness. Q6 Discuss the components of positive lifestyle. Q7 Explain the origin of Modern Olympic Games. Q8 Write down a detailed note on Ancient Olympic Games. Q9 Write a detailed note on Indian Olympic Association.


    Topic Internet of Things Objective To make a powerpoint presentation on :- - What is Internet of Things ? - Application , Trends and Characteristics of Internet of Things. NOTE :- Submission in the form of Printouts

    IP Prepare a project file on IT applications covering the following areas:

    a. E Business b. E-Governance c. E- Learning