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    Holiday Homework Class Nursery

    Dear Parent

    As the school closes for the summer break on May 14, 2016; we have planned some

    activities / worksheets / projects for your child to enhance his / her learning skills in a

    fun filled way.

    To encourage your childs self esteem and feeling of courage, help your child discover his

    / her hidden talents and interests. Keeping the same objective in mind we have divided the

    homework into two categories.

    1. The first category would be the Fun-Activities which can be done with your children at

    home so that you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and can be

    informative and interesting at the same time.

    2. The second category would have the worksheets which can be helpful for the little ones.

    Have a joyful time. Happy Holidays

    The wonders of where we are

    And where well be

    What we do

    And what we see.

    What we find and what we


    Not everyone knows

    And I just wonder--- mom and


    Could you spend some time

    with me!!!

    9999571658 Ms.


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    Day 1

    Every day from now begin & end your day with a Prayer

    Day 2

    Find different shapes object at home and draw.

    Day 3

    Watch a cartoon movie with family.

    Day 4

    Learn shloks.

    Day 5

    Play time!

    Catch a tennis ball with a friend.

    Day 6

    Play Carom Board with parents.

    Day 7

    Its time to write counting.

    Day 8

    Watch animal planet & learn about the animals

    Day 9

    Fitness Time! Walk & jog in the park with the family

    Day 10

    Learn to button & unbutton your shirt.

    Day 11

    Practice personal Hygiene.

    Day 12

    Practice introduce your name & surname.

    Day 13

    Practice yoga.

    Day 14

    Create one object using waste materials.

    Day 15

    Make lemonade

    Day 16

    Caring for plants- water plants daily.

    Day 17

    English notebook work

    Day 18

    Learn to tie your shoe lace.

    Day 19

    Read stories with good morals.

    Day 20

    Time to practice.

    Day 21

    Prepare a table mat.

    Day 22

    Trace the texture in art file.

    Day 23

    Paste the shape in scrap book.

    Day 24

    Use magic words daily:

    Please Sorry Thank you Excuse me

    Day 25

    Help mama fill the water-bottles

    Day 26

    Conversation sheet of interaction with grandparents.

    Day 27

    Create a loving card for your nana-nani, dada-dadi.

    Day 28

    Draw the activity you enjoyed during your summer break in art file.

    Day 29

    Have a family outing and come back & draw.

    Day 30

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