HOLIDAY HOMEWORK: Class 7 Summer Vacation, 2017 COORDINATOR HOLIDAY HOMEWORK: Class 7 Summer Vacation, 2017-18 HOLIDAY HOMEWORK: Class 7 Summer Vacation, 2017-18 SUBJECT: English

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    Summer Vacation, 2017-18


    Summer Vacation, 2017-18

    SUBJECT: English

    Whats a Holiday without


    Summer is here and with it come

    your amazing holidays! But whats

    a holiday without some

    homework? So, weve decided to

    give you a fun filled activity this


    Work Specification






    Once you are back from the summer vacation you will have to cast your ballot for the BOSCAR

    Awards which is to be held on 27 June17. The categories that will be awarded will be based on

    your vote so the more you read, the more you will be able to enjoy the upcoming BOSCARS.


    1. Given below is a list of books. Choose any two of them (Ideally, you must choose one from each genre).

    Genres Books


    1. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins 2. Percy Jackson series or Kane Chronicles (The Red Pyramid)- Rick Riordian 3. The Harry Potter series JK Rowling 4. The Room on the Roof Ruskin Bond 5. Doctor Thorne-Anthony Trollope 6. Indian Summer- Alex Von 7. Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy

    Autobiography 8. The Test of My Life Yuvraj Singh 9. Open Andrew Agassi 10. Captain Cool: M S Dhoni


    11. Hounds of Baskervilles- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 12. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold - John le Carr (Penguin Modern Classics) 13. Billionaire Boy - David Walliams 14. Any one of the short stories by Agatha Christie

    Science Fiction 15. I, Robot Issac Asimov 16. Journey to the centre of the earth- Jules Verne

    The Classics

    17. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Wordsworth Classics) 18. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (Penguin Classics) 19. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bront (Wordsworth Classics) 20. Tom Sawyer Mark Twain

    Comedies 21. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (Gollancz) 22. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 by Sue Townsend (Penguin) 23. Thank You, Jeeves by P G Wodehouse (Arrow)

    Short stories 24. The Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield (Wordsworth Editions) 25. Short stories-Guy de Maupassant 26. Collection of 22 short stories Arvind Gupta (PDF available on internet) 27. Short stories of Rabindranath Tagore

    Indian Writers 28. The Shiva Trilogy- Amish Tripathi 29. Five Point Someone- Chetan Bhagat 30. Interpreter of Maladies- JhumpaLahiri

    Suggested movies you can watch during the summer holidays.


    1. School of Rock 2. The man who knew Infinity 3. Karate Kid 4. Finding Nemo 5. Bend it like Beckham 6. Maze Runner 7. Finding Dory 8. Jungle Book


    9. Mary Poppins 10. Troy 11. Robinson Crusoe 12. Beauty and the Beast (Disney) 13. Robinhood Prince of Thieves 14. The hundred Foot journey 15. Julius Caesar/Hail Caesar 16. Journey to the centre of the earth

    The BOSCAR Award Categories:

    1. Best hero in a book

    2. Best heroine in a book

    3. Best Villain in a book

    4. The funniest book character

    5. The most loved book of Sopaan

    6. King reader(student award)

    7. Queen reader(student award)

    8. Best writer International

    9. Best movie based on a book

    10. Best autobiography

    11. Best Indian Writer

    2. Share your holidays with us, and write a journal of at least a fortnight of your holidays. You can

    supplement it with photographs and souvenirs from your trip. E.g.: If you visit the beach you can stick

    shells into your journal or if you went to a mountain you can stick a fern or a flower to support your

    work, even a ticket stub would be nice.

    Use a small notebook (60 pages) and cover the book with special designs of your choice (think scrap book journaling). It will be evaluated on the basis of:-

    1. Cover page and creativity-----------------------------------3 marks

    2. Content and Material----------------------------------------5 marks

    3. Finish learning WORDS I MUST KNOW along with their meanings and usage all 100 of them.

    (The word list was given in February and is attached to your notebook)


    Supplementary reading

    A MUST READ.Once you are back from the holidays you will also be quizzed on the following

    book to evaluate your reading skills


    Total marks to be awarded- 20

    Date of Submission 26th June 2017



    Summer Vacation, 2017-18




    Specification :

    1- f oKk iu &ys[ku A 2- esjs iUu s Mk ;jh&y s[ku 3- i= &ys[k uA

    Instructions / Guidelines :

    General Guidelines for Students:

    1- f o Kki u& ys[k u&f o Kki u& ys[k u&f o Kki u& ys[k u&f o Kki u& ys[k u& fdUgha ikp ?kjsyw mRiknksa tSls& nar eatu] lkcqu] dsk rsy] [kkn~;&lkexzh vkVk] ?kh] rsy vkfn fctyh ls pyus okys midj.k Vh-oh-] jsfM;ks] eksckby vkfn dks ysdj vf/kdre 50 kCnksa esa foKkiu cukb,A foKkiu dh Hkk"kk ljy] lqcks/k] lVhd o Lrjh; gksuh pkfg,A ftu ikp mRiknksa ij foKkiu cuk;k x;k gS muds fp= vo; fpidk, ;k Lo;a fp= cuk Hkh ldrs gSaA leLr dk;Z fganh O;kdj.k dkWih esa gh djsaA izFke i`"B ij viuk uke] d{kk o oxZ fy[kdj xzh"ekodkk x`gdk;Z vo; fy[ksaA nwljs i`"B ij lacaf/kr vuqef.kdk vo; cuk,A rhljs i"B ls ifj;kstuk dk;Z e ls izkjaHk djsaA 2---- esjs iUus&esjs iUus&esjs iUus&esjs iUus& vius tUefnol ds lq[kn iyksa dks Mk;jh fo/kk esa fy[ksaA vkius vius tUefnol ij tks rS;kfj;k dh] tks Hkh vuqHko fd;k ml fnu ds lq[kn {k.kksa ds ikp iUus fy[ksaA tUe&fnol ds iwoZ o ml fnu lqcg ls jkf= rd rFkk vxys fnu rd tks Hkh vkidh xfrfof/k;k o vuqHko jgs mUgsa e ls fy[ksaA Mk;jh&ys[ku O;kdj.k dkWih esa gh djsaA eq[k i`"B vkids n~okjk fpf=r fd;k tk ldrk gS fofHkUu jaxksa o fp=ksa dk lekosk fd;k tk ldrk gSA


    fon~;kFkhZ Lo;a dk fp= Hkh yxk ldrs gSa fdarq eq[k i`"B dk uke ^esjs iUusesjs iUusesjs iUusesjs iUus**** gh j[ksaA Mk;jh&ys[ku gsrq Hkk"kk o.kZukRed gks ldrh gSA ;FkklaHko vaxzsth Hkk"kk dk iz;ksx ugha fd;k tk,A Hkk"kk ljy] lqcks/k] lVhd o Lrjh; gksuh pkfg,A izR;sd iUus esa vf/kdre 50 ls 60 kCn fy[ks tk ldrs gSaA 3- i=i=i=i= &y s[k u&y s[k u&y s[k u&y s[k u & & & & v iuh ; k= k ds ckjs e sa cr krs gq , v ius f iz; f e= d ks 120 kCn ksa esa ,d i= v iuh O ;kd j.k d k Wih esa f y [ksaA

    Rubric :

    : izLrqrhdj.k & 04 vad ] Hkk"kk&kSyh & 04 vad] fo"k;oLrq & 04 vad] jpukRedrk & 04 vad ] f;kRedrk & 04 vad

    Date of submission 26th June 2017

  • HOLIDAY HOMEWORK : Class 7 Summer Vacation, 2017-18




    Specification :

    [Part A]Make an animated power point presentation on the topic CIRCLE[

    Sector, segment, tangent, secant, arc, and cord]

    [Part B] Solve the given worksheet in your HW notebook.


    Required : Computer (MS-office), HW notebook.

    Instructions /

    Guidelines :

    General Guidelines for Students:

    [part A]

    (i) The power point presentation should not exceed five slides. (ii) In each slide there should be animations.

    [Part B]

    (i) Solve all the questions in your HW notebook.

  • DATE OF SUBMISSION: - 26th June 2017


    Worksheet [ Part A] 10 mark

    Power point presentation [ Part B] 10 Mark

    TOTAL 20

    Class 7

    Summer Homework Worksheet 2017-18 Question 1

    Complete the following.







    Question 2

    Solve the following.

    a) 16 2 = _______ and 62

    = ____

    b) 18

    = _______ and 19 2 = _____

    c) 27

    = _______ and 45


    Question 3

    Fill in the blanks.

    a) 6 cm = __m

    b) 1.23 kg = __g

    c) __ 1000 = 6.3

  • d) 78 mm = __ km

    Question 4

    State true or false.

    (a) 17 + 15 = 15 + ( 17)

    (b) 64 (+ 64) = 0

    (c) [( 17) + 8] + 20 = [8 + ( 17)] + 20

    (d) ( 54) + 0 = 0

    Question 5

    Fill in the boxes with appropriate answers.

    Base Exponent Expanded form Value

    a) 5

    b) 2

    c) 6

    d) 7

    Question 6

    There are 120 seats in the balcony of a theatre. If this is

    th of

    the total seats, what is the total number of seats in the theatre?

    Question 7

    In a class of 50 students,

    of the total play football,

    of the total

    play cricket, and the remaining play basketball. Find the number

    of students who play:

    a) Basketball b) Football c) Cricket

    Question 8

    Samson carries a bag weighing 5.5 kg. How many grams is it?

    Question 9 Shaloo purchased three books at Rs 37.60 each and five pens at Rs5.15 each.

  • She gave the shopkeeper a five hundred rupee note. How much money did she

    get back from the shopkeeper?

    Question 10

    The sum of two integers is - 123. If one of them is 325, what is

    the other number?

    Question 11

    (a) Write the following in ascending order:

    (i) 0.4, 0.7, 0.3, 0.9

    (ii) 0.3, 0.21, 0.6, 0.41

    (b) Write the following in descending order:

    (i) 0.31, 0.4, 0.087, 1