HOLIDAY HOMEWORK CLASS 2 - .HOLIDAY HOMEWORK CLASS 2 Dear Students, Holidays are always a welcome

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    CLASS 2

    Dear Students,

    Holidays are always a welcome break from the normal routine and we all look forward to them. It gives

    us the opportunity to pursue all those activities that we enjoy but never find enough time to indulge in.

    Here are the ways by which you can make your holidays fun and learning at the same time:

    Go for a walk, talk about things you see around.

    Play indoor games like ludo, carromboard, scrabble etc.

    Help parents in small household chores like dusting of the house, cleaning wardrobes and watering the


    Speak in English as much as possible.

    Use the golden words sorry, please, thank you and excuse me extensively.

    Read extensively and here are few suggested titles:

    a. Rumpelstiltskin

    b. Beauty and the Beast

    c. The Frog Prince

    d. The Ugly Duckling

  • e. Sleeping Beauty

    f. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

    g. The Gingerbread Man

    h. Pinocchio

    i. Ali Baba and the forty thieves

    Suggested TV channels: Animal Planet, POGO, Discovery Channel, Disney, Nickelodeon

    Suggested places to visit: Zoo, Railway Museum, Lotus Temple, Traffic Training Park, Qutub Minar.

    Complete all the activities during the vacation.

    All the work should be handwritten.

    Original drawings / illustrations and creative use of material will be appreciated.

    Parents are requested to just guide the children to complete the task on their own.

  • ENGLISH 1. From the story books you have read display the new words you have learnt on a Word


    2. WORD CHOP: The table below contains words that have been chopped in half. Find the pieces that fit

    together and write them in the answer area below:

    To make a Word Tree:

    Take a small, old bowl and fill it with mud.

    Now fix a twig or a branch of a tree in it.

    Cut leaves out of different coloured A4 sheets.

    Write one word that you have learnt on each leaf. Stick these

    leaves on to the branches of your Word Tree.

    Attach at least three leaves every week of your summer


  • 3. Kangaroo Words: Make as many words as possible from the following words and display each one of

    them in the form of a wall hanging.




    d. NOTICES


    General Instructions:

    Take the print out of the following and solve:




    The Season is_____________

    a. How many days are there in October? _______

    b. On what day did October end? ___________

    c. What was the day on 1 November 2015? ______________

    d. How many Sundays are there in the calendar given above?


    e. What was the date on the second Saturday? _____________

    f. What was the date 3 days after the 7th of October? ____________


    Make a wall hanging using any four geometrical shapes with their

    properties written on it.

  • E.V.S.

    Mention five ways each in which you plan to clean your surroundings and

    save water during the holidays. Click pictures and paste them in your scrap


    Grow any one plant in your garden. Click photographs of the different stages

    and paste them in your scrap file.

  • Make an Animal Pictionary. Write facts about any five animals and paste

    their pictures in your scrap file. Example :- their food, habitat, general

    characteristics (3-4 lines).

    Note:- Same scrap file can be used for the homework given above.

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    . . . . .


    . - :-

    __________ _________

    ________________ | |

    _______ |














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  • ART : Do pgs. 11 and 15 CRAFT: Do pgs. 8, 12 and 36

    COMPUTER: Make a scene in MS Paint, take out a coloured print out and paste it

    in your computer notebook.