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    HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2017-2018)




    Q1 Mr. Subramanian, a banker, and Dr. R. Madhavan, a peditrician, roamed the streets of Chennai every morning with their cycle filled with saplings. Armed with a desire for green Chennai, they would give these saplings to people to plant in their homes. They started the Global Greenways. They have personally planted 25,000 saplings. They are planning to celebrate the Green Week. Make a poster for putting up in various parts of the cities inviting people to this event. Invent all the necessary details.

    Q2 You are Vasundhra, a student of Class XI of Golden Era Public School. You have

    lost two books issued in your name from school library . Draft a notice to be put up on the school notice board regarding the books, in not more than 50 words

    Q3 Write a factual description of the muti-storeyed shopping mall in your locality.

    Describe details of layout, special facilities of ATM, restaurants, escalators etc. Q4 You are Anoop, studying in class XII. Browsing through your younger sibblings

    books has really impressed you. The new books published by N.C.E.R.T are not only pathbreaking, colourful, imaginative but they also contain information about the latest trends and people. Write a letter to the Editor of a daily newspaper, expressing your views regarding this encouraging trend.

    Q5 Read novel Up From Slavery by Booker T Washington. Attempt the character

    sketch of all the prominent characters in your note book


    Q: 1) A college awarded 38 medals in football, 15 in basket ball and 20 in cricket. If these medals went to a total of 50 men and only five men got medals in all the three sports, how many received medals in exactly two of the three sports?

    Q: 2) If A = { x : x = 4n + 1, n 5, n N } and B = { 3n : n 8, n N }, then find : (i) A (A - B) (ii) A (AB) (iii) (AUB) (AB). Q: 3) Illustrate by means of Venn diagrams that: (i) A (B U C) = (AB) U (AC) (ii) A (B C) = (AB) (AC) (iii) A (BC) = (A B) U (A C) (iv) A U (B C) = (AUB) (AUC) Q: 4) Let A, B and C be three sets such that A U B = C and A B = , then prove that A = C B.

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    Q: 5) Two finite sets have m and n elements. The total number of subsets of the first set is 56 more than the total number of subsets of the second set. Find the values of m and n. Q: 6) In a survey of 600 cadets in a school, 150 students were found to be interested in joining IAF and 125 interested in joining only IN. Find how many students were interested neither in IAF nor in IN? Q: 7) Solve the following system of linear inequalities graphically: x + y 4; 3x + y 4; x + 5y 4; x 3, y 3, x 0, y 0.

    Q: 8) Find the linear inequations for which the shaded area in the figure given below is

    the solution set


    Q: 9) For any two sets A and B prove by using properties of sets that:

    (i) (AUB) - (AB) = (A B)U(B A) (ii) (AB) U (A-B) = A (iii) (AUB) A = B A

    Q: 10) A survey 500 television viewers produced the following information; 285 watch football, 195 watch hockey, 115 watch basketball, 45 watch football and basketball 70 watch football and hockey, 50 watch hockey and basketball, 50 do not watch any of the three games. How many watch

    (i) all the three games

    (ii) exactly one of the three games

    (iii) exactly two of the three games

    (iv) hockey and football but not basketball

    (v) atleast one of the game.


    x = 2y



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    tension and m is mass per unit length of

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    Q1. A sample of nickel weighs 6.5425 g and has a density of 8.8 g/cm3. What is the volume? Report the answer to correct decimal place.

    Q2. Express the following in S.I. base units using power of 10 notation (a) 1.35 nm (b) 0.0426 in (c) 1 day (d) 48g .

    Q3. Calculate the number of atoms of the constituent elements in 53 g of Na2CO3. Q4. A solution of oxalic acid is prepared by dissolving 0.63 g of the acid in 250 cm3 of the

    solution. Calculate molarity of the solution. Q5. If 20.0 g CaCO3 is treated with 20.0g of HCl, how many grams of CO2 will be

    produced? Q6. A golf ball has a mass of 40g and speed of 45m/s. If the speed can be measured

    within accuracy of 2%, calculate the uncertainty in position. Q7. The energy associated with the first orbit in the hydrogen atom is -2.18x10-18 J

    atom-1. What is the energy associated with the fifth orbits? Q8. Write the electronic configuration of the following elements:

    (i) Fe 2+ (ii) Cr3+ (iii) N3- (iv) Mn2+

    Q9. Write all quantum numbers for the last electron of Cu. Q10. Prepare a chart on any one of the following topics:

    (i) Structure of atom (ii) chemical bonding

    (iii) photo electric effect (iv) cathode ray tube.


    Q1 Define the following terms

    (i) Abstraction (ii) Bluetooth (iii) Compiler Q2. Convert the following numbers. Show all your working steps

    a) (111101.1111)2 (?)10 b) (FABA . DAD)16 (?)8 c) (34.765)10 (?)16 d) (377.345)8 (?)2 e) (00011100 .101010)2 (?)8 f) (17456. 4567)8 (?)16

    Q3 Write twos complement of the following numbers

    (i) -22 (ii) +16

    Q4 Write the equivalent C++ expressions for the following - (1) p=2(L+B) (2) z=2(p/q)2 (3) s=1/2mv2 (4) x=-b+(b2-4ac) /2a


    (6) | ex 4ax|

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    Q5 Give header files for the following functions :

    cos(), fabs() , clrscr() , pow() ,gets( ), getch()

    Q6. Rewrite the correct code and underline each correction:

    int main( ) { coutvar sqrs=var*var cout

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    7. How could you keep yourself healthy against modern lifestyle changes ?

    8. How does participation in games and sports helps in developing physical fitness?

    9. Last year, our school organized a programme Run for Unity. All the students and

    teachers of ours school were involved in this race. Such runs promote unity, peace

    and harmony among the people. After covering a distance of two kilometers, one

    student felt chest pain spontaneously. He complained to a teacher regarding pain.

    Immediately some of the teachers, who were running beside him, took him to the

    doctor for necessary check up. His blood pressure was measured and ECG was

    also performed. Doctor said that it was not the case of heart problem. It was surely

    the problem o second wind which is a usual phenomenon for individual who does not

    practise to run a race.

    Based on the above passage, answer the following questions:

    1. What is the purpose of run for unity? 2. What values did the teachers show by taking the student to the doctor immediately? 3. Was the student enough physically fit?


    Q1 Anish wants to start a wholesale business of readymade garments, but he is

    hesitating as it involves various problems such as customers for moving goods from place of production to market, informing customers about new designs and varieties added every season, threat of loss by fire or accident, storing the excess stock of goods, etc. He approaches his friend Sandeep who explained him about some branches of commerce, which can help Anish to overcome his hesitation.

    a) State the type of business Anish is planning to start.

    b) State which dimension of commerce can help Anish to overcome his problems.

    Quote the line for each type from above para.

    Q2 Explain the factors to be considered before starting a new business. Q3 Earning of profit cannot be objective of business anymore than eating is the

    objective of living. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons to support your answer.

    Q.4 Why is commerce considered as backbone of industry and other business related activities?

    Q5 Harish the farmer produces wheat for selling in the market. He also sold his old car at a profit. Can these activities be termed as a business activity? Explain..

    Q6 Rajiv is the sole owner of a shirt manufacturing factory. He took loan of Rs.30 lakhs from Jain finance company for expansion of his business. In beginning business was running well but later on he started facing losses and due to continuous losses he was not able to repay the loan. After receiving many reminders from finance company, Rajiv planned to close the business. He sold all his machines and other assets and collected Rs.20 lakhs. He requested the finance co. to settle the accounts by taking Rs.20 lac. The finance co. refused and plans to file a case against him in court. In court,Mr.Rajiv gave the argument that he has sold all his business assets and loan was taken by him for business and not for personal use. So finance co. must settle the account by taking Rs.20 lac.The court did not agree

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    with the argument of Rajiv and gave the decision in favour of finance company and order Rajiv to pay full loan amount by selling his personal asset.

    a) Name and explain the form of business carried by Rajiv? b) State the feature of business form which is kept in mind by court while taki