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    Hitachi Data Systems

    Hitachi Data Systems Storage Solutions for Financial Services

    Today, financial services firms face greater uncertainty than the industry has seen in decades. As regulations continue to change, business models rapidly evolve and custom-ers make new demands, financial services organizations are faced with increasingly complex management dilemmas. They have to determine how much time and money should be devoted to short-term versus long-term strategies. And as the pace of business quickens, they have to balance current pressures for cost optimization with the ever-increasing need for innovation.

    Hitachi Data Systems provides a broad range of storage solutions that can help financial firms address both existing and emerging challenges. Enterprise-level storage management solutions deliver unified management of the entire storage infrastructure, so firms can manage data growth more efficiently, improve IT agility and reduce the storage total cost of owner-ship (TCO). Most importantly, Hitachi Data Systems solutions help financial services companies address the 3 market drivers that are now shaping the future of the industry: customer acquisition and reten-tion, risk management and regulatory com-pliance, and core system modernization.

    As every sector of the financial services industry emerges from the eco-

    nomic downturn, it faces new challenges. Each sector, from commercial

    and investment banks, to insurance companies and brokerage and

    investment firms, also faces unprecedented opportunity to drive com-

    petitive advantage. Storage systems and solutions from Hitachi Data

    Systems help financial firms to expand during these uncertain times

    by making the data center virtualized, automated, cloud-ready and

    sustainable. We help you transform your data center by keeping data

    continually available to drive business growth. We centralize storage

    management to support risk management and regulatory compliance,

    and protect valuable information for maximum business resilience.

    Scalable Hitachi Storage Systems Drive Customer Retention and Simplify Risk Management

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    Market Driver: Customer Acquisition and RetentionCustomer service has been identified by Gartner, Inc., as one of the key drivers for financial firms looking to differentiate them-selves from competitors. Todays customer opportunity is not only to improve service lev-els, but also to find new ways to acquire and retain customers by providing higher-than-ever levels of customer attention. Customers in mature markets such as North America and Europe are demanding more custom-ized services or theyll quickly move to competitors who provide them. Customers in emerging growth markets such as Latin America, Africa and Asia are looking for new banking services such as mobile access where branches are not available.

    To meet these demands, Hitachi Data Systems provides a variety of enterprise storage solutions, products and services that can improve customer acquisition and retention by helping firms:

    Ensure high availability and business continuity through real time storage synchronization

    Prevent failure of customer-facing ser-vices and applications through robust, high-availability storage platforms

    Respond faster to customer demands through systematic electronic document management systems

    Market Driver: Risk Management and Regulatory GovernanceA key outcome of the global financial crisis has been an increased government presence in the sector, including a grow-ing number of regulations. These include Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and SEC Rule 17a-4 in the United States, Basel III internationally, Japans Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (FIEL) and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). To increase transparency and ensure compliance, firms need to take a holistic, integrated approach to managing risk exposures. This approach needs to be tightly aligned with broader corporate objectives.

    Hitachi Data Systems offers storage solutions and systems, as well as professional services designed to address the heightened need for increased risk management and regulatory governance to help firms:

    Comply with continually evolving industry and legal data storage regulations

    Streamline backups and speed recoveries by protecting less active content sepa-rately from new and changing data

    Improve reporting, trending and forecast-ing with advanced storage solutions

    Provide retention and disposal manage-ment services to automatically govern how long content is kept and how it is deleted

    Market Driver: IT Infrastructure and Systems ModernizationToday, firms are returning to core modern-ization projects to increase agility, transpar-ency and cost-efficiency, and compete more effectively during the growth ahead. Big Data (data sets that are too big and awkward to work with standard data man-agement tools) is driving infrastructure trans-formation in many organizations. Modernized core systems are imperative for meeting the challenges of Big Data with institutional asset management systems, lending systems, retail core systems, and treasury and trading systems. A modernized core system can impact payment products and services that

    Major Trading group TransforMs iTs daTa CenTer wiTh hiTaChi VirTual sTorage plaTforM

    Following the integration of 2 major European banks in 2009, a newly formed banking group emerged as one of the worlds largest retail banks. In order to ensure its Wholesale Markets and Treasury and Trading (WMTT) department could operate at an enterprise level, the division consolidated and integrated its storage infrastructure by virtualizing its SAN behind Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V and VM systems. It followed the success of this project by deploying Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform to ensure its most important database and the applications it supports are always running at peak performance.

    To address the key drivers

    influencing financial services orga-

    nizations, Hitachi Data Systems

    offers a closely integrated set of

    storage solutions that create and

    sustain a consolidated virtual

    storage infrastructure.

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    are critical to relationships with consumers, merchants and corporate customers.

    Hitachi Data Systems offers a variety of solu-tions that can support the modernization of core systems and help financial services firms:

    Improve data protection and manage-ment with a common virtualized storage platform

    Centralize management of distributed storage environments with highly granular control

    Improve infrastructure optimization through virtualization, dynamic provision-ing and other advanced solutions

    Increase application and data mobility through online migration between storage tiers

    Reduce cost of multiple stove-piped infrastructures and applications with a common virtualized platform for all data

    Enable use of core systems as a utility or service model

    Transform Your Data Center into a Powerhouse Information CenterTo address the key drivers influencing financial services organizations, Hitachi Data Systems offers a closely integrated set of

    storage solutions that create and sustain a consolidated virtual storage infrastructure. These solutions help to transform your data center and enable your organization to accelerate improvements in customer service. They help you to reduce trading latency, comply with regulations and modernize your core system to decrease storage and administrative costs while improving application performance.

    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) provides a foundation for a fully virtualized storage infrastructure. Its unique 3D scaling architecture scales up for unmatched performance, scales out for greater capacity, connectivity and processing powers, and scales deep by facilitating data migration from external storage devices.

    Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) 2000 family adds low cost and energy savings to storage for midsized financial services organizations and departmental applications.

    Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) forms the core of a sound compliance solution as a platform that not only achieves compliance, but goes far beyond, help-ing to share information, simplifying management and reducing costs.

    Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS), pow-ered by BlueArc, adds scalability and performance to general-purpose NAS workloads that build up in financial services IT environments.

    Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) works with all Hitachi storage systems and solutions, as well as third-party systems to simplify infrastructure management and make the most of IT resources.

    Hitachi Data Systems Global Solution Services (GSS) helps financial services organizations realize the full benefits of a virtualized storage infrastructure with services that range from design to day-to-day management.

    Modernize Your Data Center with Hitachi Virtual Storage PlatformEnsuring high availability, supporting business continuity and responding faster to customer demands requires transforming traditional data centers into providers of agile and flexible IT resources. While some solutions enable scale-up as I/O or bandwidth require-ments increase, this single dimension is not enough for todays Big Data challenges. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform simplifies storage consolidation with its unique 3D scaling. It supports all data types with a

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    single fully virtualized platform to overcome Big Data challenges. 3D scaling describes the storage platforms unique abilities. It can scale up perfor


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