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1 - Part One


1 - QuotesA and B


A or B


Inventions reached their limit long ago, and I see no hope for further development. - Julius Frontinus, 1st century A.D.

Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible!- Physicist, Lord Kelvin, President, Royal Society, [ENGLAND] 1885. Only time is wanted to make cars disappear Scientific American Editorial, 1895 All attempts at artificial aviation are not only dangerous to life but doomed to failure from an engineering standpoint. editor of 'The Times' of London, 1905 Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value. Marshal Ferdinand Foch, professor of strategy, Ecole Superiure de Guerre, 1911 We do not consider that aeroplanes will be of any possible use for war purposes - Richard Haldane, British Secretary of State for War, 1910

Deregulation will be the greatest thing to happen to the airlines since the jet engine.--Richard Ferris, CEO United Airlines, 1976Airbus will never launch the A380 airliner, and we will built the Sonic Cruiser Phil Condit, former Boeing Co. CEOAviation Quotes

Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. Socrates "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return." -- Leonardo da Vinci It's only the beginning but the implications are terrific. Gerald Sayer, first flight in the Gloster-Whittle E28 jet, 1941.

A mile of road will take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere. -- AnonymousAviation Quotes

The English, a haughty nation, arrogate to themselves the empire of the sea; the French, a buoyant nation, make themselves masters of the air. The Count of Provence (afterward Louis XVIII of France), Impromptu on the first successful balloon ascension by the brothers Montgolfier, 1783. In original French, "Les Anglais, nation trop fire, S'arrogent l'empire des mers; Les Franais, nation lgre, S'emparent de celui des airs."

Aviation Quotes

Arthur C. Clarke The only way to test the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible When an elderly but distinguished scientist says something is possible, he is probably right. When he says something is impossible, he is very likely wrong

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Aviation Quotes

2 - Great Inventions

Great Inventions

Aviation Quotes

Ancient World1,000,000 B.C. Patterned tools 360,000 B.C. Camp fire 20,000 B.C. Arrow and Bow 9,000 B.C. Agriculture 6500 B.C. Wheel 6000 B.C. Beer (Sumerians) 5000 B.C. Irrigation 3500 B.C. Fixed Wheels on Carts (Chariots) (first wheeled vehicles in history) Riverboats 2800 B.C. Egyptians devise the 12-month, 365-day calendar. 2600 B.C. Abacus Literature 1800 B.C. Mathematics and Astronomy 2000 B.C Horses are domesticated (and used for transportation)

1700 B.C. Windmills 1450 B.C. Sundial 700 B.C. Musical notation Gunpowder 640 B.C. First Library

400 B.C.Two Greeks invent the catapult, the first artillery weapon 100 B.C. Astronomical calculator

Great Inventions

100100-1700 A.D.105 A.D. Paper invented in China by Ts'ai Lun 180 A.D. Wheelbarrow 700 A.D. Block printing 770 A.D. Iron Horseshoe 1023 First paper money printed in China 1025 Optics 1249 Roger Bacon gives earliest European recipe for gunpowder 1335 First public clock 1455 First Gutenberg Bible 1485 Leonardo DaVinci designs the first parachute 1494 Whiskey 1500 Flush Toilets 1514 First bullet 1590 Compound microscope 1609 Galileo's Telescope 1621 First blast furnace 1650 First air pump 1656 Pendulum clock 1663 Reflecting telescope 1676 Universal joint (Robert Hooke)

Great Inventions

17001700-19001700 Steam boilers 1760 Benjamin Franklin invents the bifocal lens 1765 Steam engine 1796 Inoculation/vaccination 1800 First suspension bridge 1801 First electric arc lamp 1804 Steam-powered locomotive 1809 Aerodynamics (George Cayley) 1816 Stethoscope 1820 Electromagnetism 1831 Electric generator 1837 Telegraph 1839 Daguerreotype camera Vulcanized Rubber

1846 Sewing Machine 1860 Pasteurization 1867 Dynamite (Alfred Nobel) 1876 Thomas Edison 's incandescent bulb Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone 1877 Edison 's gramophone and phonograph 1885 Benz's automobile 1886 Coca Cola 1888 Eastman's camera 1893 Edison's "movies" 1895 X-Rays 1899 Tape recorder Practical airship (Santos Dumont)

Great Inventions

19001900-19491900 Escalator 1901Vacuum Cleaner Assembly Line

Radio 1903 1904

Electrocardiogram Remote Control (Leonardo Quevedo)

Ice Cream Cone

1905Theory of Relativity (Einstein)

Popsicle 1906Airplane (Santos Dumont)

1907Paper Towels

1910Neon Light (Georges Claude)

1912Shopping Bag

1920 Band-Aid Hair Drier 1922 Radar 1923 Hearing aid Traffic lights 1924 Liquid fueled rocket 1926 Quantum Mechanics Galactic Rotation 1927 Television 1928 First differential analyzing computer Bubble Gum Yo-yo 1932 Electron Microscope Remote-controlled model airplane 1935 Ballpoint Pen 1938 Monopoly Nylon Stockings Teflon (Roy Plunkett)

1913Bra (Mary Phelps Jacob) Auto Mass Production (Henry Ford)


1940 Modern Helicopters Color Television 1942 Nuclear Reactor Duct Tape 1943 Synthetic rubber 1944 Blood Banks 1945 Microwave Oven Tupperware Atomic Bomb 1946 Disposable Diapers The Bikini 1947 Transistor Holography Instant Photography First Supersonic Flight Kitty Litter 1948 Scrabble Velcro 1949 LEGO

Great Inventions

19501950-19701950 Credit Card (Diners) Frisbee 1951 Business Calculator Liquid Paper Superglue 1952 Mr. Potato Head Diet Soft Drink Hydrogen Bomb Tranquilizer 1953 Black Box (airplanes) Radial Tires 1954 Milk Carton Oral Contraceptives Non Stick Pan Solar Cell Genetic Code 1955 Fiber optics TV Remote Control 1956 Computer Hard Disk Scotch Guard 1957 Soviets send Sputnik to Space Fortran Aluminum Cans for Soft Drinks 1958 Integrated Circuit Hula Hoop Modem 1959 Microchip Internal Pacemaker Barbie Doll 1960 Laser Halogen Lamp 1961 Valium 1962 Audiocassette Silicon Breast Implants SpaceWar (first computer game) 1963 Videodisc 1964 Acrylic Paint BASIC 1965 Hand Held Calculator Astroturf Soft Contact Lenses 1966 Electronic Fuel Injection 1968 Computer Mouse Microprocessor RAM (Random Access Memory) 1969 First Man on Moon (Apollo XI) Arpaned (first internet) Artificial Heart ATM Concorde Boeing 747 1970 Bar Code Scanners Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Floppy Disk

Great Inventions

19711971-19851971 Kevlar Dot matrix printer food processor VCR Compact disc Word Processor 1973 Ethernet network Lighter (BIC) Gene Splicing 1974 Post It Notes Rubiks Cube Liposuction 1975 Betamax and VHS Laser Printer 1976 Ink Jet Printer 1977 Apple personal computer PC Modem Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 1972 1978 VisiCalc (First Spreadsheet) Jarvik-7 (artificial heart) 1979 Cellular Phones Cray Supercomputer Walkman Roller Blades Disposable 1980 Hepatitis-B vaccine 1981 MS-DOS IBM-Personal Computer Space Shuttle 1982 Human Growth Hormone genetically Engineered 1983 Soft Bifocal Lenses Cabbage Patch Kids Virtual Reality Compact Disc 1984 Apple Macintosh 1985 Microsoft Windows

Great Inventions

19861986-20051986 High Temperature Superconductor Synthetic Skin Disposable Camera (Fuji) 1987 3-D video games Disposable Contact Lenses 1988 Digital Cellular Phones Dopple Radar Prozac RU-486 (abortion pill) 1989 High Definition TV 1990 HTML and HTTP Protocol (WWW) 1991 Digital Answering Machines 1992 Smart Pill 1993 Pentium 1994 HIV Inhibitors 1995 Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) JAVA (Just Another Vain Acronym) 1996 Web TV 1997 Gas Powered Fuel Cells Teletubbies 1998 Viagra 2000 Dolly the cloned sheep Honda presents its Asimo robot 2001 Near Shoemaker, first spacecraft to land on asteroid First complete genetic map of laboratory mouse Human Geonome 2003 The worlds first digital camera with a organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is launched by Kodak 2004 SpaceShipOne is the first private craft to reach an altitude of 100 km 2005 Probe Huygens of the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturns is the first one to land on Titan as well as the first on a moon outside of moon-earth system2004 - SpaceShipOne

Great Inventions

Growth of World Population and Technology Evolution

Great Inventions

3 - Flight Physics

Earths AtmosphereAircraft fly within the Earth's atmosphere, the gaseous envelope that surrounds the planet. The atmosphere's weather, temperature, and properties all affect aircraft flight, as does the way in which air, the fluid of interest to aerodynamicists, moves around and over the parts of an aircraft. The primary ingredients in the Earth's atmosphere are nitrogen (78 percent) and oxygen (21 percent). The remaining one percent consists of argon, carbon dioxide, several trace gases (extremely small amounts), and water vapor. Above about 90 kilometers from the Earth's surface, the different gases begin to settle or separate out according to their respective densities. In ascending order one would find high concentrations of oxygen, helium, and then hydrogen, which is the lightest of all the gases. The Earth's atmosphere is divided into different levels or regions primarily by temperature. The lowest region of the atmosphere is the troposphere, which begins at the Earth's surface and extends to an altitude of approximately 18 kilometers. Around the North and South Poles, the troposphere is only a little more than 8 kilometers deep. The temperature of the troposphere decreases about 2 degrees Celsius, or 6.5 degrees Celsius per 1000 m. Humans live in the