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  • 2Edited by HIRSCH Armbnder GmbH, 9021 Klagenfurt, Austria

    Text by HIRSCHLayout by sternenklar

    Photos by Jost & Bayer, KlagenfurtSatz und Repro by sternenklar, Klagenfurt

    Print by Carinthian Bogendruck, KlagenfurtAustria 2011

    This catalogue is valid from April 2011 onwards. All previous catalogues expire by same date.

  • 3HIRSCH Bracelets for watchesFor generations, HIRSCH has been setting the international quality standard for bracelets for watches. Each bracelet is made in original HIRSCH quality from precious materials, ensures aesthetic visual impression and durability and is a pleasure to wear.

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  • The bracelets developed and manufactured by HIRSCH are the finest, the most advanced and the most richly detailed in the world. The aim of all our development activity is to ensure longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all the situations in which a watch is worn by our customers.

    Hirschs knowledge of and feeling for bracelets for watches enables it to support the development activities of the watch making industry and specialist watch retailers as a professional partner. HIRSCH embodies a bracelet culture that is carefully safeguarded and passed on from generation to generation.

    The HIRSCH performance commitment


  • HIRSCH Quality system

    Strict selection criteria, precise checks of materials and assessment of suppliers, as well as stringent production inspections are the pillars of the outstanding reliability that has been HIRSCHs trademark for generations. Both external and in-house inspections ensure the high quality of all HIRSCH products.

    The certification according to ISO 9001 is more than a compulsory exercise. Our customers worldwide justifiably rely on the quality standards that HIRSCH sets in the production of bracelets.

    Perfected production technologies and centuries of experience in the processing and refinement of leather are guarantors for quality and functionality that exceeds conventional bracelets by far:

    Every HIRSCH leather bracelet is ...

    ... rembordedThe Rembord technology invented, patented and continuously developed

    further by HIRSCH, joins upper and lining leather without any seam. HIRSCH

    bracelets are thus perfectly protected from external influences, highly resistant

    to wear and very long-lasting.

    ... water-resistantHIRSCH bracelets are not at all afraid of water! They are generally water-

    resistant and dry more quickly than conventional bracelets. Even if they get

    wet, their visual appearance, suppleness and functionality are by no means


    ... sauna-testedSweat is genuine leathers biggest enemy! Conventional bracelets often

    become brittle after a short while or break even! HIRSCH bracelets, however,

    are sauna-tested. Even the combination of heat, moisture and perspiration

    does not harm them. They stay in shape, remain supple and pleasant to wear.

    A long-lasting adornment for any watch.


  • 100 m


    HIRSCH Quality system

    HIRSCH 100 m Water-ResistantThe models of the HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant range are the first leather

    bracelets that can be worn in the sea, down to a depth of 100 metres, without

    losing colour, shape, suppleness or visual appeal.

    HIRSCH 100 m Water Resistant bracelets may get moist, but thanks to the

    HIRSCH Rembord technology and water-resistant padding material made

    from leather fibre they absorb significantly less water and dry much more

    quickly than bracelets made from conventionally tanned leather.

    HIRSCH No Allergy SystemIn 1980 as a result of its cooperation with the 1st Vienna University Clinic for

    Dermatology HIRSCH concluded the development of a No-Allergy coating

    for leather bracelets. The result is sensational: With the No-Allergy coating

    used by HIRSCH worldwide, nearly 100% of allergies caused by wearing

    leather bracelets, can be prevented following medical criteria.

    In addition, all metal parts of the bracelet and the buckles in particular are


    HIRSCH Premium CaoutchoucHIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc is considered to be the best material for

    functional bracelets anywhere! Only high-quality natural caoutchouc is

    used and refined with HIRSCH-specific additives. The material guarantees a

    considerably longer service life and makes the bracelets much more pleasant

    to wear than bracelets made from conventional synthetic materials. HIRSCH

    caoutchouc bracelets are highly elastic, tear resistant, gentle on the skin (no

    allergy caused by latex) and resistant to external influences, such as water, UV

    light or chemicals.

    HIRSCH Alligator embossedPerfect alligator effect the alternative to genuine alligator! A very special

    embossing process creates the natural Louisiana alligator grain on particularly

    fine calf skin. The characteristic alligator grain effect is achieved with the

    variation of dark and light shades between the scales.

    HIRSCH Alligator embossed is also available as 100 m Water-Resistant!

    HIRSCH Aloe VeraHIRSCH Aloe Vera bracelets are a veritable world novelty. The lining leather of

    the bracelets is treated with the pure sap of aloe vera; these bracelets gently

    caress their wearers skin while soothing it with the essences of aloe vera at the

    same time.

    HIRSCH Nature LineHIRSCH Nature Line bracelets are treated with vegetable tanning agents only.

    Suitable, sturdy types of leather are used for these bracelets that develop their

    very own patina over time, reflecting the lifestyle of the wearer.

    HIRSCH Scratch ResistantHIRSCH Scratch Resistant bracelets are highly resistant to scratches; particularly

    sturdy raw hides are given a special HIRSCH scratch-resistant finish that

    protects the bracelet from abrasion.

    Many HIRSCH bracelet models have other extraordinary functionalities that make them ideal for very specific occasions. The pictograms below help you find the perfect bracelet for every customer:


  • Leather is one of the noblest and at the same time most versatile materials. Man has been using it for thousands of years. As a natural product, leather is, however, subject to environmental influences and thus to an ageing process even when treated with traditional procedures to make it durable.

    The Rembord production technology patented by Hans Hirsch joins upper and lining leather seamlessly and ensures a quality standard for which HIRSCH leather bracelets are renowned the world over. This HIRSCH quality meets many physical requirements, such as tensile strength, suppleness, resistance to perspiration, colour fastness or water resistance and makes HIRSCH leather bracelets much more long-lasting than traditional watch straps.And yet sweat, hand cream, perfume and other influences may wash out the tanning agents and thus reduce the bracelets quality.

    Protect your bracelet and give it a long life!Regular care of your bracelet can extend its life. Rinse the bracelet under lukewarm running water and then dab off the water with a cotton cloth. Or let the bracelet dry on your wrist.Please note. The hides used for HIRSCH bracelets do not require any application of grease such as shoe cream, for example. Using shoe cream or dubbin on your bracelet may trigger undesired chemical reactions with the tannins which could lead to a loss of quality.

    Leather care


  • Yours, Robert Hirsch

    HIRSCH is the only manufacturer of bracelets for watches to grant a one-year warranty for leather bracelets.

    Leather is beautiful because it is a natural, living material. Over time, however, a natural product of this kind begins to show signs of wear. If you wanted to avoid wear at all you would have to do without leather.

    The precise leather working, the many years of production know-how and skills, the selection of particularly suitable materials and the perfect craftsmanship and love of detail make it possible for us to offer our customers the following warranty:

    HIRSCH will exchange each bracelet showing a manufacturing fault within one year of the date of purchase free of charge.

    We are able to grant this warranty, because jewellers and watchmakers have the technical skills to precisely distingu-ish between manufacturing faults and normal wear.

    We are proud to have you as a customer and wish you every success in selling HIRSCH quality bracelets.

    HIRSCH warranty


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