Hip (anterior view)

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Hip, spine and chest-test grades in 3 rd pink column- nice job  . Get colored pencils and packet out. Hip (anterior view). Ilium Ischium Pubis. Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS). Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine (AIIS). Iliac crest. Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS). PSIS dimples. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Hip (anterior view)

  • Hip, spine and chest-test grades in 3rd pink column- nice job. Get colored pencils and packet out.

  • Hip (anterior view)IliumIschium Pubis

  • Anterior Superior Iliac Spine(ASIS)

  • Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine(AIIS)

  • Iliac crest

  • Posterior Superior Iliac Spine(PSIS)

  • PSIS dimples

  • Posterior Inferior Iliac Spine(PIIS)

  • On the Ischium-Ischial spineIschial tuberosity-can palpate best with hip flexion

  • On the pubisSymphysis pubis

  • Acetabulum-socket part of the hip and is made up of the ilium, ischium and the pubis.

  • Cervical Vertebrae-(1-7)Atlas=C1Axis=C2C3-C7Big bump with neckflexion is C-7

  • Thoracic VertebraeT1-T12


  • Sacrum*5 fused vertebraes*It joins the ilium on the hip*Coccyx-2-4 tiny vertebraeFused/individualFracture=tube

  • SternumManubriumBodyXiphoid processfractured with CPR sometimes

  • Ribs 12 pairs=24 total1-7 true 8-10 false, 11 and 12 floating

  • How to remember # of vertebraes- Breakfast at 7, Lunch at 12, Dinner at 5.

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