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High performance pays off: Kärcher commercial vehicle . · PDF fileHigh performance pays off: Kärcher commercial vehicle washes. 2 ... the RBS 6000. With the RBS 6000 ... RBS 6012

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Text of High performance pays off: Kärcher commercial vehicle . · PDF fileHigh performance pays...

  • Commercial vehicle washes

    High performance pays off: Krcher commercial vehicle washes.

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    Effective care for the largest vehicles. Performance counts with commercial vehicles. This also applies to professional vehicle cleaning. Krcher offers perfectly balanced system solutions for commercial vehicle washes where efficiency and economy are always in the foreground. Our range of products and services encompasses everything from gantry commercial vehicle wash systems, mobile single-brush wash systems to compatible cleaning agents and environmentally friendly water treatment systems. Benefit from the many years of experience and know-how of our experts.

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    Whether a haulage contractor, municipality or wash centre by choosing Krcher, you are making the right choice. Krcher has been offering reliable and efficient system solutions to suit all needs for over 75 years.

    Completely satisfied: with Krcher system solutions.

    3 For cost efficiency in municipalitiesFor municipalities, what matters most in commercial vehicle cleaning is cost efficiency. A perfectly balanced Krcher cleaning system is not only affordable, it is also cost-efficient and profitable in the long term.

    4 Versatility in wash centresWash centres must be highly versatile to cope with various cleaning activities including coping with a diverse range of vehicles. Only a perfectly balanced system can ensure a smooth process and meet all requirements.

    1 Versatility for haulage contractorsMany haulage contractors have vehicle fleets usually consisting of different types of commercial vehicles, which each place different demands on vehicle cleaning. Krcher offers a tailored solution for every vehicle type.

    2 A time-saving concept for bus companiesTime and a clean appearance are important for bus companies. The high-performance Krcher wash systems clean buses quickly and effectively with brilliant results every time.

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    5 For every bay and vehicle type The Krcher TB is variable in height and width and therefore suitable for every washing bay. With the contouring of the side brushes, even new, aerodynamic vehicles can be cleaned with ease.

    6 For individual requirementsKrcher wash systems save both time and money. Depending on the degree of soiling, the Krcher TB can be individually programmed and the wash cycle time reduced.

    7 For long-term efficiencyAll Krcher system solutions are developed for low-maintenance and economical cleaning. This quality guarantees many years of reliable service and profitability.

    8 For special tasksAs a reliable partner, Krcher offers efficient tank cleaning system solutions. Choose a solution that offers the highest efficiency for your vehicle wash.

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    Economical and reliable: the Krcher TB.

    With the Krcher TB, you can master great challenges with ease. The innovative and high-performance commercial vehicle wash system is designed for regular cleaning of vehicles of haulage contractors, contract cleaners, car dealerships or municipalities. Low-maintenance technology, ease of use and a modular system ensure reliability and versatility.

    1 The advantages of the Krcher TB

    Low maintenance: tried and tested belt or direct drives make lubrication of the system unnecessary.

    User-friendly: large and clearly arranged control panel with intuitive user guidance so rugged it can be operated with work gloves.

    Versatile: universal CAN bus control for easy installation and individual expansion options.

    2 Reliable washing processLight barrier for vehicle contour detection.

    3 Gentle vehicle wash Frequency converter for protecting the system and for gentle cleaning.

    4 High level of safetyGuard posts for safe vehicle positioning.

    5 Simple driver instructionOptional positioning light on the gantry or separately in front of the gantry.

    For further information on machines, accessories and cleaning agents, see our catalogue or visit

    CAN bus control Belt or direct drive Control panel

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    1 Adjustable in height and widthThis adaptable system is suitable for use in virtually any washing bay.

    2 Gentle brushesOptimal for buses: the tried-and-tested Carlite brush cleans effectively and is gentle on paintwork.

    3 Perfect cleaning resultsThis effective chemical pre-spray system cleans with a high-pressure pump at up to 60 bar pressure.

    4 Stability in the washing processThe control software monitors the performance of the brushes for a constantly uniform contact pressure.

    5 Easy accessibilityThe dosing pumps and cleaning agent containers are stored in the media cabinet at the front of the system for easy access.

    6 Suitable for any vehicleThe innovative side brush follows the contour of the vehicle for perfect cleaning results.

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    A Krcher achievement: innovation.

    1 TB 60 HzIn addition to the 50 Hz TB, it is also available in 60 Hz. Both versions impress with features such as a simplified and intuitive control unit, easy height and width adjustment and excellent washing parameter adjustment options.

    2 60 bar TBThe 60 bar TB features a 180 rotatable roof beam for front, rear and roof washes, a chemical prespray system and up to 3 sets of spinners on each side of the system. This allows even stubborn dirt to be removed in next to no time.

    High pressure spinners

    60 bar pressure and 6000 l/h

    per set of spinners for effective

    pre-cleaning of sides of vehicles.

    High-pressure roof beam

    Height adjustable and 180

    rotatable for front, rear and

    roof washes.

    Radio remote control

    Manual control for difficult vehicle

    contours and perfect results.

    Compatible with all existing control


    Control unit

    Equipped with a wide range of

    special functions and suitable

    for remote monitoring systems.

    Krcher offers highly innovative commercial vehicle washing stations. This is why the TB is continuously adapted and optimised to meet changing national and international market and customer requirements.

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    Masters every challenge: the versatility of the Krcher TB.

    Every vehicle fleet places different demands on vehicle cleaning. The Krcher TB is a sophisticated system solution which can be upgraded flexibly according to individual requirements. There is no challenge too great for the Krcher TB.

    The Krcher TB: Versatility and cost control right from the very start.

    Everything is taken into account. There is much to consider in efficient cleaning. In addition to different vehicles, different outside mirror variants also have to be considered when cleaning. The Krcher TB also offers maximum versatility here.


    eg. light positioning

    eg. service water operation

    eg. drying support

    eg. underbody wash

    eg. intensive pre-cleaning

    eg. high-pressure prewash

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    Highly economical for small vehicle fleets: the RBS 6000.

    With the RBS 6000, Krcher offers the ideal solution for smaller vehicle fleets. The mobile single-brush wash system was specially developed for cleaning the front, rear and sides of buses and box-type vans. A rotating brush moving around the vehicle removes the dirt quickly, effortlessly and economically.

    2 For all vehicle types Sloping vehicle noses up to an angle of 10 can be washed with the RBS 6000 thanks to vertical contour detection and brush tilting mechanism with adjusting wheel.

    3 Simple operationWith practical operating and safety handle, the RBS 6000 can be controlled effortlessly as the rotating brush assists forward movement. The brush stops rotating when the handle is released.

    4 Optimal washing resultsA dosing pump ensures that only the amount of Krcher cleaning agent actually needed is added.

    5 Full mobilityTwo track wheels and four steering rollers provide stability and ensure easy manoeuvring of the system.

    1 Intelligent designThanks to its aluminium construction, the RBS 6000 is weatherproof and easy to control. In addition, the semi-sided shell panelling reliably protects the user from splashing.

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    Technical data.

    TBTB 36 TB 42 TB 46 TB 50

    Washing height 3600 mm 4250 mm 4600 mm 5050 mm

    System height without splash guard

    4539 mm 5189 mm 5539 mm 5989 mm

    System height with splash guard

    4597 mm 5247 mm 5597 mm 6047 mm

    System widthwithout splash guard

    4830 mm 4830 mm 4830 mm 4830 mm

    System width with splash guard

    5000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm

    Fresh water supply 100 l/min/4 6 bar 100 l/min/4 6 bar 100 l/min/4 6 bar 100 l/min/4 6 bar

    Connected load 5.3 kW 5.3 kW 5.3 kW 5.3 kW

    Power supply 3~/400V/50Hz3~/220V/60 Hz

    3~/400V/50Hz3~/220V/60 Hz

    3~/400V/50Hz3~/220V/60 Hz

    3~/400V/50Hz3~/220V/60 Hz

    Compressed air 500 l/min/6 8 bar 500 l/min/6 8 bar 500 l/min/6 8 bar 500 l/min/6 8 bar

    Single-lance operation for manual washes HDS-C 8/15 E HDS-C 9/15 HD 9/18 ST-H HD 13/12 ST-H HDS 12/14-4 ST

    Flow rate 740 l/h 900 l/h 900 l/h 1300 l/h 1200 l/h

    Pressure 150 bar 150 bar 180 bar 120 bar 140 bar

    Multiple lance operation for manual prewashHDC 20/8 HDC 20/8 H HDC 20/16 HDC 20/16 H

    Flow rate 700 2000 l/h 700 2000 l/h 700 2000 l/h 700 2000 l/h

    Pressure 60 80 bar 60 80 bar 60 160 bar 60 160 bar

    Maximum feed temperature

    60C 85C 60C 85C

    RBSRBS 6012 RBS 6014

    Washing height 3645 mm 3645

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