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    THEME: Blessed are the poor in spirit;Source: The Gospel according to Spiritism. , VII: 7-10 2- Matthew, XI: 25.


    PRUDENT7. At that time Jesus answered and said: I thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, because thou

    hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes (Matthew, 11: 25).

    8. It may appear quite singular that Jesus gives thanks to God for having revealed these things to thesimple and humble, who are the poor in spirit, and for having hidden them from the learned and prudent; whoapparently are more able to understand. But we must recognize that the former are those who are submissive,who humble themselves before God and do not consider themselves superior. The latter are those who arearrogant, full of pride for their worldly knowledge, judging themselves prudent because they deny God or who,when they are not refusing to accept Him, treat Him as an equal despite the fact that in ancient times learnedwas

    a synonym forwise. This is why God has left them to discover the secrets of the Earth and revealed the secrets ofHeaven only to the humble, who prostrate themselves before Him.

    9. The same thing has happened today with the great truths revealed by Spiritism. Many of those who areincredulous are surprised by the fact that the Spirits take so little trouble to convince them. The reason for thisbeing that it is preferable to look after those who seek with good faith and humility, rather than offer enlightenmentto those who suppose they already possess it; who perhaps imagine that God should be very thankful for havingmanaged to attract their attention by proving His existence to them.

    The power of God manifests itself in all things, from the smallest to the greatest. He does not hide Hislight, but rather disperses it in constant waves to every corner of the Universe, to such an extent that only thosewho are blind do not see. God does not wish their eyes to be opened byforce, seeing that they desire to keepthem shut. Their time will come. But first it is necessary that they feel the anguish of darkness and so recognize itis the Divinity and not mere chance whichhurts their pride. In order to overcome this incredulity, God uses the

    most convenient means according to each individual. It is not their incredulity that prescribes what is to be done,nor is it up to them to say: "If you want to convince me, then you must do this or that on a certain occasionbecause this is what could persuade me." Therefore those who are unbelievers should not be surprised if neitherGod nor the Spirits who execute His wishes, do not submit to these demands. Instead, they should as themselveswhat they would say if the lowest of their servants tried to impose upon them in whatever form. God imposes theconditions and does not accept those who wish to impose conditions on Him. He listens kindly to those who directthemselves to Him with humility and not to those who judge themselves greater than He.

    BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT10. It is often asked if God could not touch these people personally by means of clearly evident

    manifestations before which even the most obstinate unbeliever would be convinced.Beyond all doubt He could. But in this case what merit would be gained and more importantly, what use

    would it be? Do we not see people every day who do not bow down even before such evidence and who say:

    "Even if I saw I would not believe because I know it is impossible"? If they deny truth in such a manner it isbecause their spirits have not yet reached sufficient maturity to enable them to understand, nor their hearts to feelit. Pride is the cataract which covers their vision.

    What good does it do to show a light to one who is blind? Rather it is first necessary to cure the cause ofthe ill. This is why, as a skilful doctor, He first of all punishes their pride. He will never abandon any of His childrensince sooner or later their eyes will be opened, but He wishes this to happen of their own free-will. Then defeated

    1 Studied at Centro Esprita Joana dArc on 06/11/20072 The Gospel according to Spiritism , translated by J. A. Duncan, 1987, Printed in GreatBritain for The Headquarters Publishing CO LTD., 5, Alexandria Road; London, W 13 ONP.


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    by the torments of incredulity, they will throw themselves of their own accord into His arm, begging to be forgivenjust the prodigal son did.


    This study is quite difficult, because it is dealt from occult mysteries to the learnt and prudent, and onewonders what mysteries would those be!

    Well then, for the sequence of the following explanations, we conclude that Jesus spoke about himselfand his authority and of his mission being blessed of God, because he reveals that all things were given to him byhis Father, that nobody knows the Father except the son and he offers himself to help us with an invitation:

    "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". And explaining that hisyoke was easy and his burden light. 3

    The humble ones and the simple of heart joined themselves to Him, to learn of him and with hisinstruction to exercise their faith, and to receive from Jesus trust in God and in the spiritual things and in Jesus'presence to feel his peace and well to be feeling.

    The mysteries ought to have been also the revelations that Jesus revealed in his teachings, because,Jesus says: For I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and havenot seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. 4

    In those days the education in general, even superior studies, were done by the Tabernacles andSynagogues, the priests or the priestly hierarchy were the teachers, the retainers of the wisdom and knowledge,and they were proud of that; so much that as soon as when Jesus cured a blind man, the priests investigated himand former-blind man answered them,, I have told you already, and ye did not hear ; wherefore would ye hear itagain? Will ye also be his disciples? Then they reviled him and said, Thou art his disciple; but we are Mosesdisciples. (John, IX: 25-41).

    Jesus brought the revelation of love, that is to say, the law of love, which frees the people from thesophisticated laws of Moses, whose laws demanded by the priests, were of heavy burden, hard to accomplishand Jesus proposes and he still does propose the light burden which is love, because love accomplishes all thelaws, but as the whole society was involved in the priestly system, few dared to follow Jesus, with his renovatingand liberating ideals, the fear of the priestly persecution or of being expelled off the Synagogues was general; themost ignorant people didn't have access to knowledge which would help to liberate themselves, the Romans alsohad their oppression systems and the people lived with very care, and somebody who might have his faith orspiritual ideal, had to exercise in secret or in the secret that very faith, those were the rules of survival.

    Jesus himself was expelled from synagogues,5 misunderstood, disrespect and hated, and which isChrist's true Doctrine?

    Let us see Lenis Denis' opinion in the book' Christianityand Spiritism', IV chapter - The Spiritist doctrine, - edition ofFEB. 7th edition, 11/1978. 6

    "Which is the Christ's true doctrine?- His essential principles are clearly stated in the Gospel. It is the universal paternity of God and the

    fraternity of men with the moral consequences which from them result; it is the immortal life granted to everyoneand that to each one is allowed in ones own effort to accomplish the kingdom of God", that is, perfection, throughthe detachment of ones own material goods, through the pardoning of offenses and the love to ones neighbor.

    For Jesus, in only one word, the whole religion, the whole philosophy consists of love:"Love your enemies; do good to those who hate you and pray for those who pursue and slander you; so

    that you may be the children of your Father who is in Heaven, who makes his sun to raise on the good and on thebad, and He causes to rain on the fair and on the unjust. For if you love them which love you, what reward haveyou ? Do not even the publicans the same. (Matthew, V: 44...)."

    Of that love God himself gives us the example, because His arms are always open for the sinner.

    3 Mateus, XI: 27-30 - Lucas, X: 21-24.4 Luke, X: 24.5 Luke, IV: 14-32. - John, VIII: 59.6 This extract was translated from Portuguese by me, as I had not one alreadyavailable.


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    "So, your Father who is in Heaven doesn't want not even one of these little ones to perish.The sermon of the mountain summarizes in indelible lines, Jesus' popular teaching. In him the moral law

    is expressed under a form that it was never equaled.Men thereof learn that there are no safer elevation means than the humble and hidden virtues."Blessed are the pure in spirit; (that is, the simple and right spirits), for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted... (Mateus, V: 1-12 - Lucas, VI: 20-25).What Jesus wants it is not a pompous cult, it is not a priestly religion, opulent of ceremonies and practices

    which do suffocate the thought, no; it is a simple and pure cult, all of feeling, consisting of a direct relationship,without middleman, of the human conscience with God, who is his Father:

    Time has come in which the true worshipers should adore the Father in spirit and truth, for the Fatherseeketh such to worship him,. G