Here we go!!!

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Here we go!!!. The Journey. London to Paris Eurostar. Paris to interlaken. Interlaken to brienz. Romp around Switzerland. Interlaken to Naples. Naples to venice. Venice to budapest – Orient Express. budapest to krakow. Krakow to warsaw. Warsaw to Vilnius. Vilnius to riga. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Janes adieu

Here we go!!!The JourneyLondon to Paris Eurostar

2Paris to interlaken

3Interlaken to brienz

4Romp around Switzerland

5Interlaken to Naples

6Naples to venice

7Venice to budapest Orient Express

8budapest to krakow

9Krakow to warsaw

10Warsaw to Vilnius

11Vilnius to riga

12Riga to tallin

13Tallin to st petersburg

14st petersburg to BeijingTrans-Siberian Railway

15Beijing to Xian

16Xian to Shanghai

17Shanghai to Osaka

18Osaka to Taipei

19Taipei to Philippines

20Philippines to indonesia

21This is where the detail stops and the vague ideas begin!!General IdeaIndonesia to Papua New Guinea

23Papua New Guinea to New Zealand

24New Zealand to australia

25Australia to singapore and Malaysia

26Singapore and Malaysia to Vietnam

27Vietnam to Thailand

28Thailand to india

29India to south africa

30south africa to south america

31south america to USA

32USA to Canada

33Canada to Greenland

34Greenland to Iceland

35Iceland to home!!!!!