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Here comes DOCSIS 3.1

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    may/june 2013

    Here comes DOCSIS 3.1


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    Editors report:Spectrum, what is it good for (to paraphrase Springsteen)? However, rather than being good for absolutely nothing as The Boss sang, the battle lines are being increasingly drawn over this scarce and precious commodity between existing terrestrial TV services and emerging wireless broadband technologies who see it as very useful indeed. The dispute is not a new one but has recently reared its head again, albeit for different reasons, in the UK

    and Germany. In any case, these discussions ask profound questions about the long-term future of the DTT platform (see pages 24 and 27). Cable, meanwhile, realising that the future is IP-based, is to even greater degrees boosting the efficiency of its networks and plants to be ready for Gigabit speeds as more and more video is pushed down broadband pipes (see pages 14 and 16). Goran Nastic, editor


  • CSI Awards 2013

    1. Best outside broadcast or playout technology or service

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    7. Best workflow/asset management/automation solution

    8. Best content protection technology

    9. Best content-on-demand solution

    10. Best interactive TV technology or application

    11. Best IPTV technology or service

    12. Best mobile TV technology or service

    13. Best HDTV technology or project

    14. Best Web TV technology or service

    15. Best Ultra HD TV Technology or project - NEW

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    17. Best Social TV technology, service or application

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  • news in brief

    Amazon working on STB

    Amazon is developing its own set-

    top box to support its streaming

    video services. The device, due

    later this year, will connect to

    TVs and also provide access to

    Amazons expanding video

    services, including the companys

    VoD store, making use of its

    existing content and billing

    relationships to move even more

    into the living room. Amazon has

    introduced several original

    television pilots for customer

    feedback as it looks to expand its

    services. The STB is being

    developed by Amazons Lab126

    division. The move would pit the

    retail giant against the likes of

    Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox, as

    well as Intel, which is launching

    its own OTT STB this year.

    Canadian television network Bulb

    Television has become the first

    channel in North America, and

    one of the first in the world, to

    announce plans of a 4k ultra HD

    feed, with launch as early as next

    month, and 8k also in the pipeline

    before the end of next year.

    Bulb TV has been transmitting a

    4000 pixels feed for internal testing

    over the last several weeks and will

    be releasing the signal in 4k, 1080

    HD and standard definition formats

    when it launches in May. The ultra

    HD format is four times the

    resolution of a typical 1080 high def.

    Content will begin to be produced

    in-house and acquired in the 4k,

    while content airing that was filmed

    in 1080p will be up converted. The

    4000 pixel feed currently streams at

    around 50mbps.

    The company is also first

    broadcaster to announce plans to

    launch an 8k version of the channel

    when technology permits, namely

    once the H.265 codec and encoders

    become readily available, ideally as

    soon as fall 2014.

    According to its blurb, Bulb

    Television will be airing intellectual

    programming of conferences and

    shows with substance in a non-

    traditional format.

    The idea came up several months

    ago that if were building a new

    master control anyway, lets

    be the first to break ground

    with this new revolution

    technology as well, said

    founder Evan Kosiner.

    Bulb TV is set to launch

    in markets across Canada

    on cable, satellite and IPTV

    platforms in May and June.

    Operators who cannot immediately

    carry the new 4k format will have

    options to carry a 1080 signal or

    SD signal.

    SES has launched an Ultra

    HD Experience initiative to drive

    the development of the value chain.

    Content producers and

    broadcasters are invited to submit

    ultra HD footage via

    ultrahd-experience and will be

    given the opportunity to broadcast

    via an SES satellite.

    Bulb TV turns on 4k


  • news in brief

    Swisscom TV abroad

    Swisscom TV plus customers will

    be able to access and watch

    recorded programmes up to 30

    days old while abroad using their

    smartphones, tablets, laptops and

    PCs. More than 80% of the

    operators TV plus customers

    regularly record programmes and

    they will be able to watch these

    outside of Switzerland as of 29

    April. The company also said that

    iPhones and Android

    smartphones can now be used as

    TV remote controls. Forward

    EPG search functionality has also

    been added.