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  • 1. Hemorrhoids ( piles )By: Drug Information pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Drug-information/468006543282058?fref=tsDrug information page

2. What is Hemorrhoids ? Hemorrhoids are varicose veins (swollenveins) that appear in the rectal area condition in which the veins around theanus or lower rectum are swollen andinflamed Refer to abnormally large, bulging,dilated blood vessels hemorrhoids represent downwarddisplacement of anal cushions thatcontain arteriovenous anastomoses.Although hemorrhoids are considered aminor medical problemDrug information page 3. Types of Hemorrhoids1-Internal HemorrhoidsFirst degreeSecond degreeThird degreeFourth degree2-External Hemorrhoids3-Mixed HemorrhoidsDrug information page 4. 1-Internal Hemorrhoidsexaggerated vascular cushionslocated above the dentate line and covered with mucous membraneSecond degreeFirst degree descend with defecation but returnsspontaneously with relaxation mild discomfort and bleedingdoes not descend or prolapsed duringstraining on defecation.Painless bleeding is present.Fourth degreeThird degree is permanently prolapsed and cannotbe manipulated manually.Thrombosis often occur.requires manual replacement into therectum after prolapsed. Pain, bleeding, and discharge of mucusare present.Drug information page 5. 2-External Hemorrhoids is a dilated vein of the inferior hemorrhoid plexuslocated below the dentate line3-Mixed Hemorrhoids exhibit simultaneous characteristics of internaland external hemorrhoidsDrug information page 6. Dentate lineLine which divides the upper 2/3rds of the anal canalAnd lower 1/3rds of the anal canalInternal Hemorrhoid located above dentate lineExternal Hemorrhoid located below dentate lineDrug information page 7. Causes1-Common cases irregular bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea) Nutritional factors (low- Fibers diets) heavy lifting increased intra-abdominal pressure(prolonged straining , pregnancy ) increased pressure in the veins of your anus or rectum Genetics Aging Obesity Chronic coughDrug information page 8. 2-Diet that may cause Hemorrhoid-ALCOHOL-SALTY FOODSsuch as French fries, potato chips, pretzels, canned soups andsalted nuts-FATTY FOODSlike sausage, beef, fried chicken, ham and lamb-SUGARY FOODSsugary foods such as muffins, doughnuts, cakes, cookies,sodas, candy and ice cream-SPICY FOODSDrug information page 9. 3-Rare causesIn patients with liver disease, varices may occurbecause of the dual blood supply to therectum.When viewed Endoscopically, rectal varicesoccur in the rectum and hemorrhoids arelocated in the anus. In such cases, treatmentof the liver disease and portal systemdecompression is the primary goalDrug information page 10. Pregnancy & HemorrhoidsDuring pregnancy, pressure from the fetus on theabdomen and hormonal changes cause thehemorrhoidal vessels to enlarge. Delivery also leadsto increased intra-abdominal pressuresPregnant women rarely need surgical treatment, assymptoms usually resolve after delivery.Drug information page 11. Symptoms1. Painless bleeding (the most common sign/symptom).The blood is usually bright red an d may be visible on thestool2. Prolapsed(the second most common sign/symptom)3. Pain is unusual unless thrombosis involving externaltissue is present4. Discomfort, Pruritis, swellingDrug information page 12. Tests and diagnosisThe diagnosis of hemorrhoids isbased on a medicalhistory and physical exam.A digital rectalexam and anoscopy may bethe only tests needed at first.Your doctor will decide whichtests to use.Drug information page 13. To make sure nothing else (like colon cancer) iscausing your symptoms, you may need other tests,such as:Flexible sigmoidoscopy. This test allows a doctor tolook inside the anus,rectum, and lower part of thelarge intestine (colon) for abnormal growths orother signs of disease. Barium enema. Colonoscopy.Drug information page 14. Conditions like Hemorrhoids Proper diagnosis is important, because there are anumber of conditions that like hemorrhoids in symptomslike:1. An anal abscesses: usually staphylococcus infection2. An anal fissures :is an unnatural crack or tear in the skin ofthe anal canal3. An anal fistula :is an abnormal connection between theepithelialised surface of the anal canal and (usually) theperianal skinDrug information page 15. Conditions like Hemorrhoids4. Inflammatory bowel diseases5. Polyps: begnin tumor of the large intestine.6. Colorectal cancerDrug information page 16. Treatment1-Non-Pharmacological Most hemorrhoids can be treated with simplechanges to diet and bowel habits. Most do not requiresurgery or other treatment unlessthe hemorrhoids are very large and painful. Acquiring enough fiber is the first step inside yourhemorrhoid treatment. Fiber helps keep clean yourbowel and could make bowel movement less difficult carbonated drinks as we as alcohol. have a large quantity of water as your hemorrhoidtreatment.Drug information page 17. High Fibers DietThe American Dietetic Association recommends 20 to 35 grams of fiber eachday. Over 35 grams of fiber a day may cause excess bowel gasDrug information page 18. 1-Non-Pharmacological Drink a lot of fruit juice and after thatvegetable juice also, as each of these containVitamin C that can empower your immunesystem, that will aid inside your restoration.Drug information page 19. 1-Non-Pharmacological Take warm sitz-baths :a bath where the pelvic region is immersed in warm water. It isrecommended for 15 minute three or four times daily.prolonged bath should be avoidedDrug information page 20. 1-Non-Pharmacological Lastly, you possibly can begin using an ice packon top of the painful region for yourhemorrhoid treatment.The ice would probably cool-down theaggravation, forcing the puffiness to declineand relieving you of the pain and rawnessconnected with hemorrhoids.Drug information page 21. First & second-degree internalhemorrhoids treatmenta. Reduce straining and downward pressureb. Correction of constipationc. Sitz bathsd. OTC hemorrhoidal ointments, creams,foams, suppositoriesDrug information page 22. Higher degree internal hemorrhoidstreatmenta. Hemorrhoid banding: is a procedure in whichthe physician puts a tight band around thehemorrhoid to control bleedingDrug information page 23. Higher degree internal hemorrhoidstreatmentb. Infrared photocoagulation: infrared light isfocused at the base of hemorrhoids therebycutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoidsand destroying them.Video to show itttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aNTFMQrthEDrug information page 24. Higher degree internal hemorrhoidstreatmentc. Sclerotherapy: injection of a sclerosing agentinto the hemorrhoidsDrug information page 25. Higher degree internal hemorrhoidstreatmentd. Cryotherapy: freezing the hemorrhoidse. Surgical hemorrhoidectomy:(surgical remove of hemorrhoides)Drug information page 26. What to treat hemorrhoids duringpregnancy? Soak in warm water. Try witch hazel. Use ice. Keep anal area clean. Avoid sitting for long periods of time Drink plenty of liquids. Eat foods high in fiber. Dont gain too much weight.Drug information page 27. Medications to treat Hemorrhoids1-Local AnesthetisesLike: (benzocine , dibucaine , lidocaine , benzyl alcohol )Not to be used for more than 7 daysNot to be applied to broken skinShould be used for pain , itching & burning in the anal canal(not in the rectum because the rectum contains nosensory pain receptorsDrug information page 28. 2-Vasoconstrictors-For a temporary relief of itching and irritation, these agentshave a local anesthetic effect of unknown mechanism.-agents Like: (Ephedrine , Epinephrine , Phenylephrine )-Care should be taken to patients with cardiovascular disease,high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and prostateenlargement.-high doses may cause: nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness,nausea, and loss of appetite. Cardiac arrhythmias, irregularheart rate, and elevation of blood pressure are potentiallyserious effects, but less likely at recommended doses.Drug information page 29. 3-Protectants-Provide a protective coating over skin or mucous membranes.-They prevent irritation of anorectal tissue and prevent water loss from the stratumcorneum.-Agents like :aluminum hydroxide gelcocoa butterlanolinhard fatmineral oilshark liver oilcod liver oilwhite petrolatumglycerine( external use only)zinc oxideDrug information page 30. 4-Astringents-Protect underlying tissue through proteincoagulation.provide temporary relief of itching, discomfort,irritation, and burning.Agents like : (calamine & zinc oxide )5-KeratolyticsCause desquamation of the surface cells of theepidermisprovide temporary relief of discomfort and itching.Agents like : (Resorcinol )for external use only.Resorcinol should not be used on an open woundDrug information page 31. 6-analgesics , anesthetics& antipruitics ( inhibit itching )-temporary relief of burning, discomfort and pain.-The FDA classified them as counterirritants.-agent like : (menthol , juniper tar ,Camphor )- These agents should not be used to treat internal hemorrhoids7-Wound healing agents :-Live cell yeast derivative (LYCD: skin respiratory factor)- FDA removed them from the list of safe and effectiveingredientsDrug information page 32. 8-Hydrocortisone-used to reduce itching, inflammation and discomfort.- Adverse effects: it may mask bacterial and fungal infectionspromoting their progress.Drug information page 33. How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids| Self Healing Techniques SeriesFirst find most painful points on areascorresponding to the rectumaccording to figure 1.Now find a little stick with a not toosharp edge Press these points with amoderate effort and begin a slowrotation of the stick in twodirections. Carry out this massagefor several minutes. See figure 2.Drug information page 34. Hemorrhoids bleeding treatmentDiosmin and Hesperidin is used ( Daflon tab )For more information read this articlehttp://www.life-enhancement.com/magazine/article/472