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OBD interface

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  • Outils OBD Facile January 2015 All rights reserved



  • Outils OBD Facile January 2015 Tous droits rservs


    1 Installation _______________________________________________________________________________ 1 2 How to activate your software? ______________________________________________________________ 1 3 Overview ________________________________________________________________________________ 2 4 Connecting to the vehicle (USB and RS232) ____________________________________________________ 3 5 Connecting using a Bluetooth interface ________________________________________________________ 3 6 Connecting using a WiFi interface____________________________________________________________ 4 7 Configuring a new vehicle __________________________________________________________________ 5 8 Configuring the software ___________________________________________________________________ 5 9 The Diagnostic tab _______________________________________________________________________ 6 10 The Advanced Diagnostic tab ______________________________________________________________ 7 11 Sensors tab _____________________________________________________________________________ 8 12 The Oxygen sensors tab __________________________________________________________________ 9 13 Monitored system results tab _____________________________________________________________ 10 14 Vehicle Info tab ________________________________________________________________________ 11 15 Terminal tab __________________________________________________________________________ 12 16 The Graph and recording window _________________________________________________________ 13

    16.1 Display values _______________________________________________________________________ 13 16.2 Display/record options ________________________________________________________________ 13 16.3 Replay a recording ___________________________________________________________________ 14 16.4 Smart triggers _______________________________________________________________________ 15 16.5 Exporting recording to a spreadsheet ____________________________________________________ 15

    17 The Dashboard window _________________________________________________________________ 16 18 The CAN bus analyser window ___________________________________________________________ 17

    18.1 Display frames ______________________________________________________________________ 17 18.2 Filtering the CAN bus_________________________________________________________________ 17

    19 PID Decoder _____________________________________________________________________________ 18 20 Customisation ___________________________________________________________________________ 18

    20.1 How to add specific manufacturer codes __________________________________________________ 18 21 Error messages: __________________________________________________________________________ 18

    21.1 Errors from the ELM interface _________________________________________________________ 18 22 Frequent problems, tips ___________________________________________________________________ 19

    22.1 Connection problems with the vehicle ____________________________________________________ 19 22.2 Asynchronous socket error _____________________________________________________________ 19 22.3 Fault deletion problem ________________________________________________________________ 19 22.4 Renault "hands-free" kit ______________________________________________________________ 19 22.5 Repair tutorials ______________________________________________________________________ 19 22.6 Contacts ____________________________________________________________________________ 19

  • EOBD-Facile Manual

    Outils OBD Facile January 2015 1

    1 Installation Important: In order to use the software, you must first install the

    interface driver. If you are using a USB interface, download the driver the installation procedure from our website in the download section:

    Installation: Download the latest version of EOBD-Facile from our website and run the installer called Install EOBD-Facile.exe.

    The software requires no special installation and will not modify

    your registry. It is important to note that the software does not use:

    Registry key Hidden files Does not create any files or directories outside its

    installation directories Does not modify your Windows parameters (resolution,


    Update: After downloading the new version, re-install the

    software in the directory already containing it. All the old files will be replaced with the new ones. Above all, do not delete the EOBD-Facile directory in My Documents containing your settings and your saved data.

    Uninstallation: If you wish to uninstall the software, just delete

    the files and directories in the directory containing the application. Your personal connection and data files are in the directory My

    documents\EOBD-Facile. You may delete them if you will no longer need them.

    2 How to activate your software? Procedure:

    1. Connect to your vehicle and use the wizard present in the menu "Register" and "Create a registration file".

    2. Follow the instructions to create a file to be returned to us by email

    3. You will receive a reply with a login and activation key (within 24 hours maximum)

    4. Enter this information in the software via the menu "Register" then "register..."

    5. Restart the software

    Why should you register?

    Registration will activate additional functions in the software. The log file that you will provide to register will enable future users to benefit from your experience and create a list of EOBD compatible vehicles and the functions that they support.

    Registration is free of charge and only requires a few minutes.

    Can I install EOBD-Facile on another PC using my registration data?

    Unfortunately not, the registration data you receive is only valid for the PC used to generate the log file. If you have already registered and need a second key for another PC, please send us an email with your login and include a log file generated with this new PC (this file can be generated without connecting to a vehicle using the Demonstration mode and creating a file log-demo.txt, to attach to your email). Similarly, if you have lost your registration data following reformatting or deletion of EOBD-Facile, send us an email requesting them.

  • EOBD-Facile Manual

    Outils OBD Facile January 2015 2

    3 Overview The software is comprised of several principal zones described

    below Menus: contain the various main menus for the software:

    File containing the menu Parameters and PID Decoder.

    Language to choose the language used by the software Interface to view the interface parameters Calculators to select the calculator on which to run the

    diagnostics. Additional functions containing shortcuts to the

    graphic functions, dashboard and CAN bus analyser Register to create an activation file to activate the

    software. Help to run this help file and know the software

    version Tabs: represent the various tabs in the main window. The

    functions in these tabs are described in more detail in the following pages.

    Status bar: It displays the current status of the software.

    Displayed from left to right are The status of the connection with the ELM The status of the ELM The ECU undergoing diagnosis The make of vehicle selected The OBD protocol currently being used

    Vehicle make selection window In order to obtain as much data as possible on connection, the

    software will ask you to enter the make of vehicle on which you are doing a diagnosis.

    This choice will display the corresponding description of the manufacturers specific DTCs.

    If the make you want is not available, select Generic / Other Special cases: If your make does not appear but your vehicle is

    fitted with the engine of one of the makes listed, select this make.

  • EOBD-Facile Manual

    Outils OBD Facile January 2015 3

    4 Connecting to the vehicle (USB and RS232) First, when you open the application, connect to the vehicle using

    the interface. You can connect in several ways: Automatically: The software automatically detects the port

    number and communication speed of your ELM. Auto-detection is checked by default.

    Important: This option is only possible with USB ELMs. The USB driver for the interface must first be installed.

    Manually: The software tries to connect using the parameters

    you entered in the Setup window accessible from the File menu. (see image below).

    Important: In manual (Auto-detection unchecked), you can use ELM32x RS232 or Bluetooth interfaces by correctly configuring the port parameters and by connecting with an (ELM327 USB) interface in the connection tab.

    Configuring the initialisation time:

    The ELM requires time to initialise the connection with the vehicle. By default, the waiting time is set to 14 seconds. If you are having connection problems, it may be helpful to increase this parameter.

    Configuring the vehicle protocol: The ELM can automatically detect your vehicles protocol.

    Unless you are an expert, leave the option on automatic. It may happen that protocol auto-detection does not work for several reasons. Most often it is because there are several valid protocols for your vehicle. In this case, you can force the ELM to connect with the desired protocol.

    Confirm your parameters by clicking on OK, and proceed as

    follows: C