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1. HELP DESK 2. How to create an customer account? http://helpdesk .gpsintegrated .com CLICK ON ADMINSTRATION PANEL 3. REGISTER PUT EMAIL ID PUT PASSWORD OF EMAIL ID PUT USER FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME PUT MOBIL NO: CLICK ON SUBMIT 4. NOTIFICATION ON REGISTERING CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR NOTIFICATION Click here for link notification 5. LOGIN PAGE PUT YOUR USER NAME PUT YOUR PASSWORD CLICK ON SUBMIT 6. After login page 7. Create an NEW Issue Click On Create an Issue 8. Subject Of issue Descriptio Of issue Customer details 9. Select trouble ticket Type of issue Customer can known Current Status of issue Date of completion Issued by customer Option for submit File related Issue STATUS OF COMPLETED PERCANTAGE OF ISSUE 10. SELECT PERSON TO ASSINGNED WORK SELECT CATEGORY OF ISSUE 11. View all Issue Click on View all issue 12. Inline add Put all details Of issue After putting details Of issue click on save all 13. DASHBOARD SHOW STATUS OF ISSUE ASSINGEDT O EMPLOYEE DETAILS AND STATUS OF LATEST ISSUE 14. Click on Others and click on status report Show status of all issue At current 15. Assigned employee task Current status all Issue to employee 16. Issue summary It represent date Last update issue It will Current Status of I issue 17. TRACKER CATEGORY TRACKER CATEGORY SECTIO SHOW ALL DETAILS LIKE 1> TASK CATEGORY 2>DESCRIPTION 3>ID 18. CATEGORIES CHART IT DENOTE COUNT OF DIFFERENT CATEGORY 19. FOLLOW UPS IT WILL DENOTE FOLLOW UPS OF ISSUE LIKE 1> STATUS 2>FOLLOW UPS DESCRIPTION 3>AND RATINGS OF DESCRIPTION 20. CATEGORIES CHART IT DENOTE COUNT OF DIFFERENT CATEGORY 21. STATUS CHART IT WILL CHART REPERSENTATION OF DIFFERENT CATEGORY 22. ISSUE SUMMARY IT WILL REPERSENT 1> LAST UPDATE ISSUE 2> PERSENT STATUS OF TASK 3> SHOW NAME CUSTOMER 23. MAXIMUM ASSIGNED TO IT WIIL SHOW MAXIMUM TASK ASSIGMENT TO EMPLOYEE 24. MAXIMUM OPENED ISSUE IT WILL DENOTE CHART REPERSENTATION OPENED ISSUE BY EMPLOYEE 25. Issue creator It will Be chart Repersentation Issue creator 26. Employee Task Statuses Day wise statuse repersenattion Of issue of each employee 27. Tracker Issue Show all details Of tracker issue 28. Project Tracker It will denote the status Of particular project 29. Tracker issue 30. Settings ( email setting) Put Email address Update message 31. sms Put mobile No: message 32. Ticket ID ON EMAIL SHOW DETAILS OF ISSUE AND TICKET ID CLICK HERE TO OVER VIEW ON ONLINE