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Helen Chan Portfolio (Short Version)

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B.Arch (UNSW) M.Arch (UNSW) A short sample of Helen Chan's 2014 Portfolio

Text of Helen Chan Portfolio (Short Version)

  • Helen ChanP O R T F O L I O



  • Cover:Campbells Cove, 2012The Rocks, SydneyPencil on paper, 29.7 x 42 cm

    2014 Helen ChanAll rights reserved

    Contact: [email protected]:

    Central Confluence

    Swiss Pavilion: Student Accomodation

    Art Gallery + Shop + House

    3 Mile Art Gallery + Studio

    Live Work HUB

    Diminuendo: Softening the Barrier in Communication

    PROJECTS // 4



  • 3DRAWINGS // Spatialisation Sketches

    Charcoal Drawings


    Work Documentation





    The full version of the portfolio can be viewed and downloaded from:

    NOTE:The greyed out parts are not included in this version. Please visit the full version of the portfolio to view these projects and works.

  • 4CENTRAL CONFLUENCEA masterplan proposal to revitalise Sydneys Central Station location where it is now sometimes referred to as the scar,

    MetropolisMeeting Place


    The location of Central Railway Sta-tion was once part of an Aboriginal camp site. This has been the case until the railway was built in the mid-1800s, displacing the Indigenous people liv-ing in the area. These people living in the Sydney coastal area spoke Darug/Dharuk and are refered to as theEora people.

    Eora people live in the Sydney coastal region. According to Sydneys Aborigi-nal Past, it has been observed that the

    shelters of Indigenous people living near the coast were mostly rockshel-ters. These rockshelters were often created naturally by the weathering of sandstone cliffs and outcrops.

    Inspired from the rich history of the area, this design is developed linking the place, time, and culture metaphori-cally through the expression of the urban form.

    This project was done working with people from different dis-ciplines from landscape archi-tectural students, urban plan-ning students, to architecture students. It was an invaluable experience in which I realised how much richer and detailed the design was after communi-cating and understanding de-sign decisions according to the expertise brought in from these different disciplines.

  • 5Design Development from idea to physical form

    Section through Walkways

    Long Section along length of Platform


    Residential 41 443m2

    Commercial 21 172m2

    Retail/Commercial 85 602m2

    Retail 36 700m2







  • 7SHELTER1. Aboriginal Cultural Center2. Aqua play3. Art store4. Children play & learning Center5. Book store/ Aboriginal design6. Cafe7. Workshop indigenous design / Art/ Music8. Music store9. Aboriginal customs10. Hostel/ student accommoda tion11. Retail/ Convenience store12. Play school child care13. Service center14. Aboriginal museum15. Restaurant/ Food court

    MEETING PLACE1. Cafe2. Gallery/ Performance Place3. Exhibition Place4. Temporary exhibition space5. Administration/ cafe6. Retail / cafe7. Retail handcraft8. Restaurant9. Book store10. Music store11. Theatre12. Tourist info point13. Travel agency14. Bank15. Real estate16. Hotel 17. Hostel18. Cafe/ Restaurant19. Retail20. Disco club/ performance stage21. Bank insurance22. Dessert cafe23. Retail indigenous design24. Art store indigenous design

    Shelter Plan Meeting Place Plan

  • 8Metropolis Plan

    METROPOLIS1. Coffee shop/ Restaurant/ Accommodation2. Cafe/Restaurant3. Administration4. Info Centre / News agent5. Museum History of Railway6. Tunnel entrance7. Residential tower8. Retail9. Retail

  • 9SWISS PAVILION: Student AccomodationRe-design of a chosen 20th Century building into a building suitable for 21st Century with consideration and focus on Inclusive Architecture.

    Pavillon Suisse, 1930 Paris, FranceArchitect: Le Corbusier

    The new student accomodation design focuses on accessibility and on the comfort of all users of the building. The access pathways were moved to the outside so that the ramps could serve as balconies and pleasant spaces to meet and talk to people besides be-ing just an accessible ramp for wheel-chairs. Details of the design from the kitchen designs to the handrails and door handles were designed for ease and comfort of use for the users (from the least to the most abled-bodied person).

  • 10

    Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan

    Section A

    PLAN LEGEND1. Entry2. Auditorium3. Accessible Toilet4. Cafeteria5. Rear Access for Caf6. Kitchen7. Fire stairs8. Courtyard9. Student Lounge/ Common Room10. Disabled Accommodation11. Single Room12. Ground Floor Toilet13. Landscaping14. Fire Stairs15. Laundry Room16. Storeroom17. Pavement18. Alternative Access19. Balcony20. Caf Void21. Library Entrance Floor22. Bridge23. Family Apartment24. Double Apartment







  • 11


    Second Floor Plan Basement Plan

    PLAN LEGEND25. Terrace26. Library Upper Floor27. Bridge28. Toilet and Shower Facilities29. Machine Room30. Loading Zone31. Bike Area

    Section B








  • 12

    Circulation moved to the perimeter allowing ramps to stay at 1:20 gradient for wheelchair accessibility.

    Southern Facade

  • 13

    Room Detail: Kitchenette Room Detail: Study

    Room Detail: Bathroom Notes regarding the kitchenette detail:

    - Drawers and cupboards under the sink are on wheels to be manoeuvred for ease of access and use

    - Handle to open top cupboards are lower for ease of access for the user and also serves as a place to hang towels

    - There is a handle (grab bar) around the edge of the kitchen table which can also be used to hang towels

    Notes regarding the study detail:

    - Drawers under the table are on wheels to be manoeuvred for ease of access and use

    Notes regarding the bathroom detail:

    - The basin can be moved up and down as comfortable for the user

    - Shower screen door can be opened electronically by pressing the button adjacent with an arrow

  • 14

    Timber panels



    Travertine panel

    Controls flow of water

    Controls temperature of water

    Curved like the shape of a hand resting; not supposed to be used as a grab rail

    No gap for entrapment to occur


    Night/ Lights Off Day/ Lights On

    Photoluminescent aluminium strip

    Drainage Detail Section

    Handrail Detail

    Door Handle Detail

    Notes regarding the drainage detail:

    - Two separate levers are used; one to control the amount of water and the other to control the temperature of the water.

    - Rubber is used on top of the stone panel underneath to prevent slipping in the shower.

    - It is designed so that the drainage of water is between the two gaps be-tween the stone panels to provide an even surface for the user.

  • 15



    Cafeteria Auditorium Hallway

  • 16

    SPATIALISATION SKETCHESSketch studies of the built environment with the aim to capture the sense of space and understand composition and relationships between built forms.

  • 17

    Suburban Street, Broadway Hyde Park

  • 18

    Coogee Pedestrian Pathway, St. Leonards

  • 19

  • 20

    CAD DRAFTINGSome drafting examples using AutoCAD

  • 21

  • 22

    WORK DOCUMENTATIONBallin and Associates selection of documentation for a project prepared in coordination with the architect

  • 23

  • 24Model of 3 Mile Art Gallery+Studios - For more on this project and other projects please visit


    The full version of the portfolio can be viewed and downloaded from:

  • 25


    Title PageContentsPart 1: ProjectsCentral ConfluenceSwiss Pavilion: Student Accomodation

    Part 2: DrawingsSpatialisation Sketches

    Part 3: DocumentationCAD DraftingWork Documentation

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