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HeD Pilots. Reportable Condition Knowledge Management System (RCKMS) CDC/CSTE/APHL. Pilot Team. Identify the members of your organization who will be supporting this pilot. If possible include the role he/she will play in the pilot and contact information. Goal of the Pilot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


HeD_Pilots_Documentation Template_PowerPoint_Jan_2013_RCKMS

HeD Pilots

Reportable Condition Knowledge Management System (RCKMS)CDC/CSTE/APHLS&I FrameworkOctober 11, 2011

1Pilot TeamIdentify the members of your organization who will be supporting this pilot. If possible include the role he/she will play in the pilot and contact information

10/11/20112NameRole EmailLaura ConnPilot Sponsorlconn@cdc.govRita AltamoreSMERita.Altamore@DOH.WA.GOVCatherine StaesSMEcatherine.staes@hsc.utah.eduShu McGarveyPrimary contactsmcgarvey@cdc.govRandheer GerhotArchitectrgi8@cdc.govGoal of the PilotThe Reportable Condition Knowledge Management project will act as an artifact provider. RCKMS will provide two HQMF files, both for San Diego Pertussis. One file will have information targeted for a laboratory, the other will have information targeted for a healthcare provider/hospital reporter. This pilot anticipates partnering with one to two artifact consumers who can assess if the content of the files provides the information necessary to ascertain if a report should be sent to public health, and if the structure of the files supports consumption into the partners EHR, LIMS, or LIS (or CDS component of those systems). Partners: 1-2 artifact consumersOutcomes:Assessment from Vendor/Integrator - does the structure of the information support consumption and presentation?Assessment from Clinician/Healthcare SME - does the content tell you if a report qualifies to be sent to public health, and include the ancillary information needed to provide the report?

10/11/20113San Diego County Pertussis

PH ReportersRCKMS HeD Pilot ScopeRCKMSAuthoring FrameworkDatabaseWho, What, When, Where, HowStructured OutputDesignHeD- Triggering Criteria- Reporting Actions- LinksHospital LabsLIMS

EHRPH ReportsData LoadNational, Clinical & Public Health Laboratories

LIMSAmbulatory CareEHR

HQMF- Triggering Criteria- Reporting Actions- LinksEvaluation of output file with ReceiversData collection fileTransformation into HQMF file formatTransmission of HQMF files to pilot partnersDatabase to HQMF mapping* Long term scope of RCKMS is included at end of presentation4What portions of the IG are you PilotingPlease use this section to document what parts of the IG your are intending to pilot. Please be as specific as possible. This should include any of the examples you intend to pilot (ECA Rules, Documentation Templates, Order Sets)10/11/20115Section of IGSpecifics to PilotNotes3.2 ECA RulesRCKMS will provide knowledge artifacts in HQMF that include the reporting specifications for San Diego County Pertussis.San Diego County Pertussis criteria for triggering a reporting event will be included in an HQMF file. Additional information will include:Reporting Actions where the report should be sentTimeframe for reportingReporting methods preferred and acceptable methods to send the reportIdentify the Use Case Actors Involved:The pilot will involve the following participants from the healthcare ecosystem:Vendors (LIMS, LIS, EHR, CDS)System IntegratorsStandards OrganizationsPhysicians/Provider SMEsLaboratory SMEsPublic Health content providers

10/11/20116Minimum ConfigurationWhat is your current set up? What will you be using to conduct the pilot? For example:An ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, A transport system being used in Production environments, A security system being used in Production environments, Standards (and any types of mappings you suspect you will need, a database (which one/type), Any type of interface between 2 different systems etc.

RCKMS has collected pertussis reporting specifications from San Diego County and 7 other jurisdictions. This data has been loaded into the RCKMS database. Initial efforts have been made to create a structured HQMF file for Healthcare Providers/Hospitals.This pilot includes completion of the HQMF formatted pertussis file for Healthcare Providers/Hospitals, and creation of the file for Laboratory reporters.San Diego County Pertussis HQMF file includes:Reporting criteria laboratory diagnostic, clinical, epidemiologicalLinks to key reference informationReporting actions and methodsOne file for Laboratory reportersOne file for Healthcare Provider/Hospital reporters

Any required transport protocols will be determined in conjunction with artifact consumer, however, for this pilot, the key is validation of the HQMF structure and content which does not rely on transport.This pilot requires partnership with vendor(s) supporting public health reporting from Laboratories and Healthcare Providers/Hospitals. In addition, clinical subject matter expertise is required to validate content.10/11/20117TimelineWe anticipate that the detailed timeline will be built in conjunction with our vendor partner(s) for this pilot, but some initial dates are suggested below:10/11/20118MilestoneTarget DateResponsible PartyKickoff and Build Timeline w/ Pilot PartnerMarch 8, 2013RCKMS TeamProvide HQMF files & BriefingMarch 31, 2013RCKMS TeamConclude PilotMay 15, 2013RCKMS Team and PartnerSuccess CriteriaAssessment from vendor(s) on structure of information provided in HQMF file:Is content in a machine-processable format that can be consumed by vendors system?Once consumed, can content be presented to the clinician?Assessment by public health reporter (laboratorian and clinician) on content included in files:Is this the right information for determining if a report qualifies for submission to public health?Is there information missing that would must/should be included?10/11/20119In Scope/Out of ScopeIn Scope Working with 1-2 Vendors/Healthcare SMEs Producing HQMF files for San Diego County PertussisHQMF file to contain reporting specifications for San Diego County Pertussis:Reporting criteria (Laboratory diagnostic, Clinical, Epidemiological)HQMF file content will be targeted at the following types of public health reporters: Laboratories Healthcare Provider/HospitalMapping from the database to HQMF to illustrate plan for automatic file generationOut of scope Producing artifacts that follow the HeD IGProducing artifacts for other conditions or jurisdictionsAutomatic generation of the HQMF file10/11/201110Questions/NeedsPlease include those items you wish to consider any questions you have or hope the pilot addresses. Additionally, please include those items you need in order to succeed.(we will try to accommodate as many of these needs as possible within the scope of ONC, S&I and HeD)10/11/201111Helpful ReferencesUse Case 1: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Use+Case

Implementation Guide for UC 1: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Harmonization+and+Standards+%28Implementation%29 (see the Final Consensus and Harmonization)

Pilots Wiki Page: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Pilots 10/11/201112Appendix A: timeline details10/11/201113Goal & Activities Week NumberTentative DatesDeliverablesKickoff /Establish Goals & Partnerships: - Review HeD Initiative Goals - Review Piloting Process & Resources - Define Value Statement - Define HeD Pilot Goals & Success Metrics - Establish & Approve Pilots - Develop Pilot Briefs

1-2(2wks)1/07-1/21 -Wiki Capturing Pilot Deliverables-Established Partnerships-Documented Value Statements and Success Metrics-Documented Pilot Briefs

Pilot Configuration: - Establish Pilot Test Environment & Resources - Establish Pilot Implementation & Testing Process - Develop & Review Pilot Configuration

3-4(2 wks)1/28- 2/11 Approved Pilot Briefs Committed Pilot ResourcesDocumented & Reviewed Pilot Configuration GuideWeekly Feedback on Use-Cases & IG AlignmentPilot Development : - Setup & Develop Pilot Prototypes - Review prototypes

5-10(6 wks or less depending on Pilot activity)2/11-3/25 Weekly Pilot Development Status UpdatesWeekly Feedback on Use-Cases & IG AlignmentUpdates to Pilot Configuration GuidesPrepare for HL7 UC 1 re-ballotPilot Testing & Showcase : - Complete Testing - Prepare Solution Showcase

11-12(2wks)4/1-4/15Weekly Pilot Testing Updates & KPIsShowcasePilot Wrap-up : - Develop Lessons Learned an ONC Feedback - Review Initiative Goal Alignment - Establish Next-Steps13-14(2 wks)4/15-4/29-Documented ONC Feedback- Next Steps Action PlanPublic Health State, Local, Territorial Agencies

PH ReportersRCKMS Long term ScopeRCKMSAuthoring FrameworkSubscription ManagementIncluding NotificationsDatabaseWho, What, When, Where, HowStructured OutputGeneratorHospital LabsLIMS

EHRPH ReportsQuery/ViewNational, Clinical & Public Health Laboratories

LIMSAmbulatory CareEHR

HeD Compliant format- Triggering Criteria- Reporting Ations- LinksWeb ServicesEvaluation of output file with Receivers14