Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. By the end of the next two lessons: You will understand the Christian beliefs of heaven, hell and purgatory You will know why Christians hold these beliefs You will learn what the Bible teaches about these places. Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo - Last Judgement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heaven, Hell and PurgatoryBy the end of the next two lessons:You will understand the Christian beliefs of heaven, hell and purgatory

You will know why Christians hold these beliefs

You will learn what the Bible teaches about these places

Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo - Last Judgement ONETask:Make sure you have completed your, what's the evidence sheet from last lesson.Draw a table in your books write in 3 arguments for/against life after death.PowerPoint slide 9. Write one point one explanation for each part.

ReasonWhy might it be convincing?Why might it not be convincing?Near-DeathExperiencesEvidence ofGhostsEvidence of MediumsEvidence of reincarnationLots of people who have had near-death experiences describe similar things, e.g. moving towards a light. They cant all be wrong or liars, so this suggests that there is life after death.Perhaps people who claim to have near-death experiences are hallucinating, and so the experience is just in their imagination.Some people claim to have seen spirits and ghosts. If ghosts exist, then it suggests that there must be life after death.It is possible that those who claim to have seen ghosts were mistaken they may have been frightened and thought they saw a ghost.Mediums claim to be able to contact the dead. If they really can do this then there must be life after death.There is no real proof that Mediums can contact the dead it may just be made up stories.Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation and have collected evidence for this. Clearly, if this is true then there is life after death.People cannot remember having a past life this shows that they did not have one and so reincarnation is not evidence for life after death.What's the evidence?Arguments for Life after DeathThere is a lot of evidence that the mind can affect the body. We must have a mind separate from our body. It is not material and so must survive the death of the body. All the religions teach that there is life after death, so there must be something. The evidence of religious experience and all the reasons to believe in God make it likely that there is life after death. Evidence of the paranormal: ghosts etc. Evidence from people who have had near death experiences. 5Death is the end of life. Therefore life after death is a logical contradiction Scientific evidence for the origins of humanity shows that our mind has developed from a material process. Physical evidence suggests that when your body dies everything about you dies. The medical condition of brain death shows that the brain can die before the body. We can only recognise each other because we have bodies. The universe is a vast material place, so where could life after death take place? Arguments against Life after Death6There is no other world after you die.Once you are dead there is nothing (annihilation).However, what truly matters is how you lived this life.The only afterlife is other peoples memories of you. To be remembered as a good person is as close to heaven as you can get. To be remembered as a bad person would be like hell.HumanistWonderfulHelpfulSpecialKind7SamsaraCollect karmaDeathRebirth - reincarnationBirthMokshaReincarnation8d) 'The paranormal proves there is life after death.'1) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion. 2) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you.

Sub heading: original sin Task: Summarise Genesis 3 6:12. Adam and Eve.What does Christianity teach about original sin?Where does original sin come from? (include quote)What did the resurrection of Jesus show? (include quotes).

TWOOriginal Sin(links to the soul)Christianity teaches that when Eve picked the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, she introduced original sin into the world. (Genesis 3: 6-12, 16-19)According to the Roman Catholic Church, original sin is the way in which humans are born with a lack of holiness about them. It is different from any actual sins that people commit themselves during their life.

Genesis 3:6-12


Adam was told that his work would be hard. It would become toilsome (hard work) (Genesis 3:17-19).

The Rest of the CurseGod told Adam and Eve in the beginning that they would die on the day they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One death was immediate. They were spiritually separated from God. However, their physical bodies continued to live. But they would not live forever as God apparently intended. They would become old, sick and die.

All three (Adam, Eve and the serpent) were put out of the garden and the curse came not only on them but on the whole world. They had to provide for themselves with their own hands. They no longer had a personal relationship with God. The Future for Adam and Eve

They had many children (Genesis 4). Sadly their firstborn son killed their second son. Their lives were so different than what God intended. Adam died at 930 years of age (Genesis 5:5).

Some people believe that being made in the image of God, humans would have been immortal but that they lost their immortality when they ate the fruit.

Where does original sin come from?It does not appear in the Biblebut (sin) appears in the writings of St Paul (New Testament):

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive (1 Corinthians 15: 22).

This explains Christian teaching about the importance of the crucifixion of Jesus (re-introduces a spiritual connection with God proves there is an afterlife).What did the resurrection of Jesus show?Death and sin have been conquered.That mankind could be forgiven of their sins.That the Kingdom of Heaven was open once again. People will not come back to life on earth but will find a new life in heaven. Shows that there is life after death. Jesus, as God, in human form died (crucified), was resurrected (back to life) after 3 days. This atoned (made up) for the original sin of Adam and Eve and overcame the power of death.

This meant that human souls were now able to survive death and reach heaven.

Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believe in me will live even though he dies; and who ever lives and believes in me will never die (John 11: 25-26). THREESub heading - Christian ideas about life after deathTask: Explain what Christians believe about life after death.Why do Catholic's believe in life after death? (use quotes highlight them)

The Christian idea about life after deathLife is not the endThere is a life after deathCannot explain fully what life after death will be likeChristians believe they will be reunited with GodSome believe reunited with loved ones.Jesus promised a place for anyone who believed in himDeath is not the end; the immortal soul has eternal life in heaven, hell or possibly purgatory

Ideas about the after-lifeChristian ideas about heaven and hell are ways of describing something that is very difficult to put into words.

Although some Christians believe that they are real places, most believe that those who have been faithful to God and lived good lives will be with Him in death and those who have not lived well will be punished and separated from God.Why do Catholics believe in Life After Death?The belief in life after death is based on the bible.

John14:1-2 here is life after death with God This passage teaches that God has a place for everyone after death.

1 Corinthians 15:42-44 The body is transformed at death This passage teaches that after death the body will be raised.

Matthew 25: 41-46 Christ will judge the living and the Dead This passage teaches that you must be prepared to love strangers as they are gods children too.

Revelation 20: 15 Hell If you do not go to Heaven, you will go to hell.

The Apostles Creed We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.Christian Beliefs about Life After DeathAll Christians believe that: The resurrection of Jesus proves that there is life after death. The Soul is immortal That physical death is the beginning of new life At the end of time God will raise everyone and judge them. Christians whose sins are forgiven will go to Heaven Those who sin and do not repent will go to Hell FOURSub heading: Heaven, Hell and PurgatoryTask:Divide a page into three; in each section describe heaven, hell OR draw a picture for each (how they may look).Copy the drawing and explanation of purgatory on slide 25Make sure that you have explained the protestant viewFind out about Dantes inferno.

Heaven?So when can you go to heaven?Some Christians believe you can go as soon as you die.Catholics believe you must spend time in purgatory for purification of their souls.Others Christians believe you must wait until Judgement day (the Parousis- the second coming of Jesus.

On this day the soul will be judged as to whether they will go to heaven or to hell. What is heaven?A Total Union with God in a loving relationship Peaceful Free from the limitations of this world A type of existence, not a geographical location A place where we are no longer subject to temptation or sin We will never die again Free from pain As the book of Revelation (21: 4) states there will be no more death of crying or pain.32PURGATORY

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that there is another place, called PURGATORY. People who have lived mostly good lives, but have also sinned, must go to PURGATORY in order to cleanse their souls. It is a common belief that almost everyone will go to purgatory before being allowed into heaven.


Copy out the diagram below under the heading PurgatoryPurgatory only applies to people who will be admitted into heaven. It is not part of hell, nor is it some kind of intermediate state between heaven and hell. It is in a sense th

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