Heather James Fine Art - Uncommon Commencement Exhibition Catalogue

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Heather James Fine Art - Uncommon Commencement Exhibition Catalogue


<ul><li><p>P u b l i s h e d o n t h e o c c a s i o n o f t h e e x h i b i t i o n U n c o m m o n C o m m e n c e m e n t a t H e a t h e r j a m e s F i n e A r t , P a l m D e s e r t </p><p>J u l y 2 9 - S e p t e m b e r 3 0 , 2 0 1 0</p></li><li><p>Uncommon Commencement showcases the unique and fresh work of recent MFA graduates from Yale University, Hunter College, </p><p>and the School of Visual Arts, as well as recent undergraduates of Otis </p><p>College of Art and Design. Co-curated by Chip Tom and John Friedman, </p><p>Heather James Fine Art is pleased to exhibit the work of this powerful </p><p>group of up-and-coming artists for the very first time. The selected artists </p><p>include Njideka Akunyili, Darcy Brennan, Sally Bruno, Matteo Callegari, </p><p>Matthew Craven, Abel Rodriguez, Naomi Safran-Hon, Edgar Serrano, </p><p>Felandus Thames, and Kristof Wickman. </p></li><li><p>Njideka Akunyili</p></li><li><p>Benin / British Wallpaper</p><p>cut board mounted on collage13 1/2 x 10 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Mimetic Gestures</p><p>oil, fabric and paper collage on canvas88 x 70 in.</p><p>2010</p></li><li><p>Bridge</p><p>cut board mounted on collage88 x 65 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Darcy Brennan</p></li><li><p>Untitled (Pet Radiator)</p><p>charcoal, plaster and ink on paper39 x 42 in.2009</p></li><li><p>Untitled (Child Radiator)</p><p>charcoal, plaster and ink on paper38 x 50 in.</p><p>2009</p></li><li><p>Sally Bruno</p></li><li><p>Striped Tree and Monkeys</p><p>oil on canvas96 x 72 in.2010</p></li><li><p>String Beans</p><p>oil on canvas20 x 16 in.</p><p>2010</p></li><li><p>Blueberry Fields</p><p>oil on canvas20 x 16 in.2010</p></li><li><p>The Garden</p><p>oil on canvas48 x 36 in.</p><p>2009</p></li><li><p>Matteo Callegari</p></li><li><p>Fast Backbone</p><p>acrylic, enamel and spray painton canvas68 x 52 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled (S)</p><p>acrylic, oil, spray paint and collage on canvas</p><p>68 x 52 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled (Dots)</p><p>acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas26 x 20 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled (Bulging)</p><p>acrylic, oil and collage on canvas20 x 18 in.</p><p>2009</p></li><li><p>Matthew Craven</p></li><li><p>Soldier</p><p>mixed media on paper17 1/8 x 13 1/8 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Sinister</p><p>mixed media on paper17 1/8 x 13 1/8 in.</p><p>2010</p></li><li><p>Totem</p><p>mixed media on paper27 x 20 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Abel Rodriguez</p></li><li><p>Untitled 1</p><p>acrylic, soft pastel, contactpaper and tape on paper39 3/4 x 35 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled 2</p><p>acrylic, soft pastel, contactpaper and tape on paper</p><p>39 3/4 x 35 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled 3</p><p>acrylic, soft pastel, contactpaper and tape on paper39 3/4 x 35 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Naomi Safran-Hon</p></li><li><p>Absent Home IV</p><p>ink jet print, cement and lace on canvas35 x 139 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Absent Home II</p><p>inkjet print, cement and lace on canvas28 x 21 in.2009</p></li><li><p>Palestinian Islands I</p><p>cement and lace on canvas61 x 54 in.</p><p>2009</p></li><li><p>Edgar Serrano</p></li><li><p>Staircase</p><p>acrylic, carpet pads, watercolorand wood on linen64 x 56 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Scatological Scene</p><p>acrylic and watercoloron linen</p><p>72 x 96 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Felandus Thames</p></li><li><p>A Salt</p><p>inkjet, rocksalt and acrylicinterferance paint on paper19 x 24 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Golden Octapus</p><p>inkjet on paper18 x 24 in.</p><p>2009</p></li><li><p>Gold Makes My Teeth White</p><p>inkjet and acrylic on paper18 x 24 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Gamtoos River</p><p>acrylic on canvas70 x 95 in.</p><p>2010</p></li><li><p>Kristof Wickman</p></li><li><p>Still Life with Bananas</p><p>cast Aquaresin, cast polyester resinand paint30 x 24 x 18 in.2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled</p><p>cast ceramic5 x 9 x 4 in.Edition of 52009-2010</p></li><li><p>Self Portrait</p><p>Neoprene exercise ball, cast siliconewith aluminum armature33 x 30 x 30 in.Edition of 32009-2010</p></li><li><p>Untitled</p><p>cast Aquaresin18 x 12 x 12 in.</p><p>Edition of 22010</p></li><li><p>Artist Biographies</p></li><li><p>Njideka AkunyiliBorn: 1983</p><p>Education:2010 MFA, Yale University, New Haven, CT.2009 Post Baccalaureate certificate, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philladelphia, PA2004 BFA, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA</p><p>Selected Exhibitions:2010 Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA2009 Yale University 1st Year Graduate Show, New Haven, CT Contemporary Voices: 69th Annual Juried Exhibition, Woodmere Art Museum, PA Annual Student Exhibition, PAFA2008 Fall Show, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA Annual Student Exhibition, PAFA Certificate Students Juried Show, PAFA All Campus Juried Show, PAFA2007 Students-only National Juried Exhibition, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA National Juried Competition Show, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY Mainline Arts Center Works on Paper Annual Student Exhibition, PAFA 144th Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings, Philadelphia Sketch Club2006 Certificate Students Juried Show, PAFA Pure Gallery Group Show, Harrisburg, PA All Campus Juried Show, PAFA2005 Graduate Students Juried Show, PAFA2004 Senior Exhibition, Swarthmore College, PA2002 One Man Student Show at the Kaori Kitao Gallery, Swarthmore College, PA</p><p>Awards and Grants:2010 Gamblin Paint Prize for an outstanding First year painting student, Yale University2009 The Mindel Capland Kleinbard Award, PAFA The Coverley-Smith Prize, Woodmere Art Museum Benjamin West prize for figure painting, PAFA2008 Frank C. Wright Jr. Scholarship, American Artists Professional League, NY Fellowship Juried Prize, PAFA Charles Toppan Curriculum drawing prize, PAFA Mabel Wilson Woodrow Award, PAFA Don Sabath Award Special Notice, PAFA2007 Mary-Rowe Memorial jury prize, Off The Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA Susan H. MacDowell Eakins painting prize, PAFA Robert T. Wickersham memorial purchase prize in lithography, PAFA Huldah Bender Kerner Scholarship, PAFA Benjamin West prize for figure painting, PAFA2006 Academy merit scholarship, PAFA, 2006-20092004 Deans Award 2004, Swarthmore College, PA2003 Jonathan Altman Art Grant, Swarthmore College, PA 2002-09 Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship</p><p>Collections:Community College of PhiladelphiaSwarthmore College Deans officeSwarthmore College Art DepartmentPAFA Print Department Archives</p><p>Bibliography:Tammaro, Tina, Turning Students into Artists at the Pennsylvania Academy of the FineArts, American Artist Drawing, Spring 2008, pgs. 20, 21, 24.</p><p>Njideka Akunyili creates art that mix collaged elements consisting of cut decorative pat-terns revealing narrative motifs based on her cultural experiences living in her home country of Nigeria.</p></li><li><p>Darcy Brennan</p><p>Education:2010 M.F.A. Hunter College, NY</p><p>Group exhibitions:2010 Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA</p><p>Darcy Brennans monochromatic mixed media works on paper invoke a sense of solitude and reflection with their representation of mundane objects that can be interpreted as figurative substitutes for the human presence. The artists states, the impetus for each of my projects is often found in the desire to understand how a once familiar space or object can be pushed off balance and severed from its home. The drawings and prints depict household fixtures, playground structures, imagined wastelands, childhood memories or dreams. These objects and spaces become personal relics and reflective vessels for a younger sibling, a toy, a private hideout, escape, or the memory of a parents comfort. The larger than life size portraits protect the interior spaces from the viewers scrutiny with stiff frames and imagined poise.</p><p>I approach drawing as an act of remembering and forgetting. Tearing away at the paper with construction tools and erasers, I discover light in the darkness and reveal shapes and underlyingdefinitions through each exposed layer. I find and lose, find and lose over and over again. Through this drawing process I divorce the objects from their specific identity and observe them as new, alone, independent and out of context. It is in the play between surface and depth, inside and outside, protection and vulnerability that I begin to negotiate areas of the psyche and the self that feel unknown, repressed, confined and curious.</p></li><li><p>Sally Bruno</p><p>Education:2010 B.F.A. Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA</p><p>Group Exhibitions:2010 Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA Business as Usual, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA 28th Annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show, The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA The Hallway Happening, Playa del Oro, Los Angeles, CA Anomie, Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA2009 Menageat, Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA</p><p>Awards:2007 - 2010 Otis Grant</p><p>Sally Bruno received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2010. Brunos paintings evoke her ideas about communication and the intersection of paint, ideas, and choice. The artist states I work from images in my environment and experiences that I interact with on a daily basis; the paintings are the relationships I chose to recall from daily memory translated into shapes that have to then make sense as art. The story I recall is more of an impression than a narrative, and I retell this through carefully considered and painted forms, pigments, organic and geometric shapes, color selection, the varying quality of lines, stripes, dots, and how thick and thin medium interact with each other. I am in charge of creatingdecision by decision---the visual language and the eventual impact or meaning of an imagined world. We can mold or create anything we want in life and nowhere is this more obvious to me than on the canvas of an abstract painter. I feel that my painting represents all the choices and opportunities we arrange, rearrange and harmonize to make our life whatever we want it to be. I think of my painting as invented land-scapesrealities even-- that exist in my mind where anything is possible.</p></li><li><p>Matteo CallegariBorn: 1979</p><p>Education:2011 M.F.A. Candidate, Hunter College, NY2003 Bachelor in Economics, Universita Ca Foscari Venezia</p><p>Group exhibitions:2010 Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA New York, Vaudeville Park, DANCE GHOST, (among the 30 artists :Bill Abdale, Peter Acheson, Katherine Bradford, Esther Klaes, Chris Martin, Phong Bui ) Curated by Elisa Soliven. London, Hannah Barry Gallery, NEW YORK NEW WORK, Abstract Painting from America, Matteo Callegari, Wyatt Kahn, Erik Lindman, Anton Zolotov. (catalogue)2009 New York, Envoy Enterprises, Forgotten in the Smile, Drew Beattie, Joe Bradley, Matteo Callegari, Chris Martin, Anton Zolotov, curated by Matteo Callegari. New York, OLD MAID Gallery, Mud in your eye, Drew Beattie, Matteo Callegari, Emily Noelle Lambert, Erik Lindman, Naomi Nevitt, Katie Torn, Anton Zolotov, curated by Anton Zolotov.</p><p>Matteo Callegari creates abstract paintings that explore the use of form and content via shaped canvas, spray paint, expressive paint drips and geometric silhouettes. The artist states, I am intrigued by space as an open field for different possibilities. I am interested in what kind of situations might develop between different elements in the picture plane. Abstraction with its potential of reduction becomes the perfect playground for a selected group of elements and for their interactions. The interactions between spills, smudges, pat-terns, shapes, bits of collage create the form and the structure of the painting. These marks are mostly made with tools, materials and mediums that are not proper of fine art painting (I use mostly hardware store materials). These marks have a more subtle presence, they are in-between being something and being nothing. To accentuate this I work mostly intuitively, relying on my instinct rather than my capacities of prestrategizing the painting. I try to leave my pieces open, and I avoid over-determining them; this pushes the paintings into providing more space for the viewer and for its subjectivity.</p></li><li><p>Matthew CravenBorn: 1981</p><p>Education:2010 M.F.A. School of Visual Arts, New York NY2004 B.F.A. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI</p><p>Solo exhibitions:2010 Future Myths, Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia, PA2005 New Work, Fine Arts Gallery, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI</p><p>Group exhibitions:2010 Plus One, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA American Iconography, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY Highly Decorated, Nudashank @ Fountain, New York, NY Thank You, But It is Actually on Purpose, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY Urban Shaman, Parlor Antics, Brooklyn, NY Lordz of the Flyze, Nudashank, Baltimore, MD (two-person show with Julian Duron)2009 Electric Kool-Aid, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY History Is Written By The Winners, Marvelli Gallery, New York, NY (solo show in viewing room)2008 A Friend Indeed, Katzen Center, American University, Washington D.C.2004 Administrative Show, Fine Arts Gallery, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI Hit to Death In the Future Head, Gallery 114, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI</p><p>Bibliography:Cult Patterns, Assembly Journal, June 2010Fine Line, TOKION magazine, May 2010Visual Arts Journal, May 2010</p><p>Matthew Craven uses found imagery combined with Native American decorative patterns to create works on paper that explore our nations history and the effects of Western expansion on the assimilation of cultures.</p></li><li><p>Abel RodriguezBorn: 1979</p><p>Education:2010 M.F.A. Painting Yale University, New Haven, CT.2007 B.F.A. Drawing and Painting California State University, Long Beach. Cum Laude2007 B.F.A. Graphic Design California State University, Long Beach. Cum Laude</p><p>Solo Exhibitions:2007 Hope of Progress, Dreams of Success, Gatov West Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach2005 Thats The Way It Is, Dutzi Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach</p><p>Group Exhibitions:2010 Uncommon Commencement, Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA New Insight, Curator: Susanne Ghez, Art Chicago: NEXT, Chicago, IL2009 A Proposito: Pan-Latino Dialogues, John Slade Eli House Center for Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT House Project, Westport Art Center, Westport, CT2008 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA2007 Change Please, Collaborative installation. Long Beach Park, Long Beach, CA Insights, University Art Museum. C.S.U. Long Beach Open Show, Curator: Howard Fox. Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA2006 Wasteland Dutzi Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach El Reflejo, Collaborative performance/installation. Residence. Los Angeles, CA El Reflejo II, Collaborative installation, Residence, Los Angeles, CA Tierra de Oro, Collaborative installation, Raza Resource Center, C.S.U. Long Beach Insights, University Art Museum, C.S.U. Long Beach Truth, Trust and Illusion, Collaborative installation, Werby Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach2005 Performance, Viento y Agua Gallery, Long Beach, CA Long Beach Art Walk, Gatsby Hotel, Long Beach, CA Essence, Co-curator and participant, Basswerks Gallery, Culver City, CA Rupture, Gatov West Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach Horizon, Gatov East Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach Recently, Werby Gallery, C.S.U. Long Beach Insights, University Art Museum, C.S.U. Long Beach Thats The Way We Roll, Co-curator and participant in U-Haul show, Chinatown. Los Angeles, CA Hide and Seek, Co-curator, Basswerks Gallery, Culver City, CA2004 Insights, University Art Museum, C.S.U. Long Beach</p><p>Awards:2010 Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship recipient2007 Award winner, Open Show2004, 2005, 2006 Dramatic Allied Guild Scholarship (Awarded at annual Insights show)</p><p>Abel Rodriguez was born in Fairfield California in 1979. He received his Masters of Fine Art from Yale University in 2010. Rodriguezs paintings communicate through mixed media how space is negotiated, delin...</p></li></ul>